There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Just To Let You Know...

Each week, to keep you informed, I'll just post a few little things on my mind :)
Well, thanks to Cliky Minty for telling me that someone had copied my icon on twitter. It's a shame really, because I like to be unique, and other penguins should be themselves and not copy, but once it's done, it's done. There's no going back. Anyway, because of that, I was looking around in some of my old folders, and I found this icon! I'm going to turn up the contrast on it, add more powerful black edges and set it as my profile picture!
Do you like it? Give me your feedback in the comments! Also, be sure to grab the silver award at the awards show today, as it is only available on the 23rd, before penguins receive their gold award! Plus, I'd like to tell you about some penguins that I know. One of them is called Sallyshort, and she has a brother called Ferdberd. There's more called Zowey, Bubsey, Pingywin and so on - they're all part of a big family called the Penguin Pages and I've decided to leave the pages for now :) Plus, Polo Field commented on the blog! Last, but certainly not least, Penguiin23 (the penguin who makes this blog what it is) has been doing a fantastic job of doing the coding and all sorts, and he never really gets a thank you - because he's always behind the scenes :) That's everything for this week!

What's Happening?

Hey there penguins!

Some hours ago Club Penguin uploaded a new video titled ???? . The video was quite mysterious...until you saw it. It appears to be a small 8 second sneak peek about Card-Jitsu Snow! See it for yourself:
This is super exciting! I screamed a little when I saw it and everybody was like what was it...:P Anyway what are your thoughts about this video? Do you wish it was longer? (Because I do) Leave your comments below! :]

A Hollywood Reviewed By You

Hey there Penguins!
The Awards Show has begun at the Stage. Superstars are getting their moment in the spotlight as they accept their awards. It’s all pretty exciting!

Last week, we asked you what your favorite part of the Hollywood Party was so far. Lenny Thai had an awesome answer:
I Love the CP Limo! Why you ask? Well, first of all there's the DUBSTEP Puffle!! Dub Dub Dub.... DUBSTEP PUFFLE! Second of all I always wanted to ride in a Limo! Third of all, theirs an Awesome Swimming Pool, a DJ station and last but not least..... the awesome driving area! I also drove the most famous Penguins in Club Penguin history! I drove Sensei, with the most wisest words, I drove Cadence, with the most awesome music I've heard, and Aunt Arctic interviewing me on the spot! It was a GREAT experience!

Thanks for that, Lenny Thai! The team loves hearing what you think of new party stuff.

By now, you’ve had a chance to perform on all three stages. So we want to know: Which was your favorite and why? Was it Club Penguin High 3? High-Speed Getaway? Return of the Space Squid?

Leave a comment with your answer for a chance to win 10,000 coins. Then check back next week for the winning answer and another question.

Some Safety Tips!

 To the penguins out there, who ruin the fun and try to make you sad or upset. DON'T listen to them, and follow these rules :)
The internet is a deadly place. There are lots of mean penguins out there who will try and do anything to hurt you - so it's important that you stay safe! Here's a few rules that I made up:
1. Don't go on any social networking sites unless you're over 13.
2. Don't argue with other penguins or call them bad names and say that you hate them, or anything negative.
3. Try to be friendly! Don't let other penguins cyber-bully you by calling you nasty things - tell somebody, immediatly!
4. If all else goes wrong, ignore them. There's a button on Club Penguin that you can click so you can ignore them, however on the internet elsewhere, there isn't, so be very careful!
5. Trust nobody. That sounds very negative, but unless you truly know them - don't let them have your password or anything personal. A real friend could simply turn against you very quickly and say bad things about you and then try to ban you on Club Penguin!
6. Keep calm and don't post bad things with lots of capital letters.
Cyber-bullying happens very often, but don't let it happen to you! There are TONS of mean penguins out there that can call you anything they wish, but don't let them. If they are stronger than you, don't say anything back and ignore them and leave immediately. The internet is more powerful than you think so be warned of the penguins who are out there.

Superstar ~ Becoming Famous

To read part one, click here. From that post, you can click on the link at the end of part 1 to be taken to part 2, which takes you to the next part and so on...
23rd Feb - Filming as usual. It was great fun, and there seemed to be more cameras flashing as I stepped out of the limo, and entered CP Studios. We did a few other scenes, where I have a few other lines and then we had a break. I decided to hit the Pizza Parlor today in the break. I took the limo and again, when I found myself at the Plaza, there were more penguins flashing cameras. Then I looked up in disbelief. There was an awards show. It wasn't open yet, but I could see posters everyone with famous penguins. I even found one with me on! How could penguins know about me? The movie hadn't even been released yet! I decided to forget about it - I might ask the director later about it. As I entered the Pizza Parlor, I was shocked as another blast of cameras flashed at me. I was even asked to sign some autographs! I managed to get a seat, without being crowded and I ordered a hot spicy pizza.
...I'm mesmerised by the sparkling lights, and the ocean-blue river which runs down and through the pizza place. It's amazing. I'm stopped by another few penguins, and even the waitor for an autograph. I can't understand what's happening, but I go with it anyway. I decide that I've had enough, and head back inside to the limo. On the way out, I notice a giant sign with my name on it and a picture of me! In the description it reads "Echo006 - the latest superstar!" I'm really proud, and I hurry over to Set B and everybody applauds. I ask the director why I'm so famous, and he just winks. Then he asks me if I'd like to be in another movie! I'm shocked, but since I love it so much, I said yes. He said that filming starts on the 24th, and that I might even get my very own award after, on the 26th, when all the movies finish up for the month and start to be produced. I've finished filming the high speed getaway, so I go back to my igloo and breath slowly. I'm famous, I'm going to be in another movie, and I'm going to get an award!

How to Win EVERY Award!

Thanks everybody for viewing my blog! It started out very small, and has grown so much that we have reached 70,000 pageviews. I couldn't of done it without you!
Are you struggling to get an award at the award show? Do you want to win every award? Then, here's how! It's actually very simple - previously, I posted on how to win lots of awards, but this will give you ALMOST every award! So, first, be the last inside the award show and you'll get the award. Remember to be last, when the count is reaching 1! Once you have received your award and the 15 seconds are up, you will be flashed by blue blinding light by the entrance to the stage...
...Then very quickly waddle out into the Plaza and quickly get back in again! The next award should be given to you, if you get there in time :) Then you can keep on repeating it and you will carry on getting the awards! Many penguins were very annoyed that they were never getting an award, but now you can do it simply by following the instructions above!

Superstar ~ High Speed Getaway

To read part one, click here. From that post, you can click on the link at the end of part 1 to be taken to part 2, which takes you to the next part and so on...22nd Feb ~ I find myself surrounded by penguins, in Studio B. It's not as fun as you think, standing around, waiting for your scene to start. Acting is a whole different life to being a normal Club Penguin citizen. But when was I ever normal? I've still got the autograph from Cadence in my right pocket. It's the best gift I could've hoped for. This is my birthday. But nobody got me a present. Nobody noticed a thing. It was like being forgotten. Not even Zowey, Pingywin, Bubsey or Woddylan gave me anything. Everybody was rushing around, getting into position, rehearsing what seemed like a million lines and arguing with others. Eventually, it was stopped as all the extras were in place. It was my scene. At last. This was the building jump scene. The hardest scene anyone has ever attempted. I'm with some other penguins and I say a few lines to them, like "I don't need to do paperwork, I've got other things to do." You can most likely guess that this is where I work. I end up getting so frustrated that I fall out of the window. It's crazy, I know, but I still find it exciting! Then a thought flashes through my mind. A terrible thought...
...What if I drop Cadence's photograph she gave me? I'll have to put it somewhere safe. I put it down on the side, and get ready to jump down onto the mat. I sit on the chair, and suddenly fall to my right and I smash through the glass, landing on...the mat. I bounce up, and jump with joy! I'd actually done it properly. No mistakes, or anything like that! After that, it was time to leave. I rushed back up to the set and grabbed the photograph of Cadence. But it wasn't there. It had been stolen! My heart pounded and I physically felt sick. Who would of done such a mean thing? I told myself to forget about it. The memories matter more.
To read part five, click here!

How To Get Lots of Awards!

Are you at the Awards Show, waiting for ages for your name to be called out? Wait no longer, with this simple trick! When the penguin who is currently on the stage gets to about 7 seconds left in their speech, go out of the stage and into the plaza. Then wait a few seconds, making sure you are the last penguin to get back in the Awards Show, but not too late for the next penguin to get the next award!
When you're in, you should be the next penguin to get the award, however this trick can go wrong quite often. Maybe someone else comes in last too or sometimes it just won't work depending on who is in the room. Also, when you enter the room, don't click anything, just stand there - that should help!
WARNING: Hehe, I have been doing this lots for every other award as you can't do it in a row, and penguins have been shouting at me lots saying "AGAIN?" One guy thought it was because I was wearing the Bling Bling Necklace that I got advantages!

Card-Jitsu Power Cards


As you know, the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test is coming soon! Until now, we haven't put up any details about the game - we don't want to ruin the surprise!

But we DO want you to be ready for battle. So here's a hint: you're going to want Power Cards.

In fact, Power Cards will be the ONLY cards you're using in Card-Jitsu Snow.

How do you think the game's going to work? Leave a comment below.

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Awesome! This will be really good (especially because power cards are only worth 9,10,11 or 12) and I have lots of them. But how will we defeat these snowmen?

The Newspaper

The Club Penguin Newspaper has arrived! Let's check out the two featured stories, the upcoming events and a secret!
The Awards Show has started and penguins are busy walking down the red carpet...
 ...Here's the reviews of the movies we made over the past week!
 ...Here's whats coming up at the stage! Bronze awards, silver awards, gold awards and a golden puffle! Don't forget to find the Golden Award Pin, hidden at the Mountain.
...Here's a hidden secret from Cadence about DJ3K...
That's all for the Hollywood Newspaper this year. Will there be another hollywood party next year?

Golden Award Pin

Even though it isn't available at the awards show yet, the Golden Award as been hidden on the island as a pin! I always think that bronze and gold are very similar in colour. Here it is at the Mountain...
It appears that Ridge Run is now called Golden Award Run! I think Club Penguin should of put the pin slightly to the right, so it doesn't block the sign. But I love the fact that we don't have to waddle up to the pin, because sometimes that can be hard depending on the crowds.

The Bling Bling Necklace

When Daniel, from the Club Penguin support team, gave me the Bling Bling Necklace from the Club Penguin "The Party Starts Now" EP, I entered it as soon as I could! I opened up the Treasure Chest and found the necklace inside...
 ...Then I hurried onto my favourite server and tried on the necklace! Wow :) I guess this is why I was awarded best dance moves at the Awards Show!
Thanks Club Penguin for getting me the code so quickly! I love this necklace, and I will wear it instead of my smiley face tie at the awards show!

The Awards Show

The Awards Show is now open and penguins can walk along the red carpet, and into the awards show...
 ...There are lots and lots of different awards to be given out, every twenty seconds. That's three penguins in a minute, roughly! Here I am getting the best leading performer award! Here's a few tips: Don't bring your puffles along, otherwise they'll get sent back home when you receive your award! Don't wear any hand items at the start of the show - when you get your award, any hand items will be put in your inventory and replaced with either the bronze, silver or gold award depending on what day it is!
 When you first enter the awards show, get all the free gifts quickly!
 Just in case, if you're not sure, just take a look at the simple guide below!
It's really simple - nobody can walk on the stage itself. To get on there, you will have to be randomly picked. The less penguins there are in the room, the more chance you have of getting an award. Remember, you only have 15 seconds to make your speech, and when you're on the stage, you can't leave it! If you're scared of the spotlight, this is not the place to be :)

Awards Show Sneak Peeks

Polo Field commented on the blog, and he will be in my story in March :D
As you know, the awards show starts very soon! Here are just a few sneak peeks to get you pumped up and ready to win the bronze award and whatever other prize there is! This is a small section of the stage...
Here we have you getting your gold award at the front of the stage...
Here's a bit more of the whole Awards Show, from Polo Field!
Just a few small details: The stage lights in the first and third picture are blue, but in the second (in game play) they are not! There is a time limit, starting from 15 - is this how long you have to make your speech?

Superstar ~ The Limo

To read part one, click here. From that post, you can click on the link at the end of part 1 to be taken to part 2, which takes you to the next part and so on...
20th Feb ~ I've got the part. The movie doesn't start until the 22nd of February, and filming only lasts for about three days. Earlier today, I sat in the limo on the comfortable couch and waited. I did nothing as the driver drove all around Club Penguin, taking different famous penguins to different places. It was wild outside. The Hollywood Party was in full swing, and I've never seen Club Penguin so full! I had a headache, so I tried to sleep for a bit, but I couldn't, not with all the screaming fans. I decide to get into the limo pool. Its warm and very calm. The penguin I'm sitting next to is Cadence! She must be taking a break from filming whatever movie she was currently doing. This limo was only for celebrity penguins who are starring in a film, or have done at the Hollywood Party. You can't just have a part that's only three lines, you've gotta have a big part. Security is tight in the limo, and I couldn't believe that nobody was crowding her in the pool. But that's because celebrities know each other, right?
Either way, a penguin slides into the pool and sits next to me. It's just another penguin filming another film. I decided to ask Cadence a question, even though her eyes were closed and she was relaxed.
"Hey Cadence! Have you heard of me?" I said quietly to her. She glances my way, as if hearing her name, and then closes her eyes again. She didn't hear me! I ask her again, this time in my normal voice. She looks up and then stares at me intensly.
"Aren't you that guy who saved the island from utter terror last month?" She asked, surprised.
"Yeah, how did you know?" I reply.
"Oh, I was watching you all the time, like an eagle." The words screamed inside my mind. Eagle. My father's code name when he came to the past with me. I even think Gary set the whole thing up. But that doesn't matter. I think to myself that I need something to remember this moment by.
"Can I have a photo with you, and your autograph, please?" I say, trying not to sound desperate.
"Sure, why not?" She replies with and snaps a photo, and signs a peice of paper on the desk behind her. I turn my head away and stare at the autograph. I close my eyes, deep in thought of what has happened to me over the past few months. The mysterious ninja. The robot. My father. Time travelling. Now this. Becoming a Hollywood Star was awesome. But what would happen when it came to filming?
To read part four, click here!

Just To Let You Know...

Here's a few things about what's happening! Currently, I have finished making the Hollywood Party Story and it will be posted over the next few days :) If you'd like to be in my EPF Story in March, just comment with your name and I'll put you in it! I've got the Party Starts Now EP and the receipt came for it yestarday, so we forwarded it to Club Penguin and soon I should have the Bling Bling Necklace!
I love listening to the music, it's awesome! In other news, I've got 4 new puffle hats (Purple Puffle Helmet, Yellow Puffle Viking Helmet, White Puffle Sleeping Hat and Green Puffle's wig)! I haven't used the codes for them yet, because I'm waiting for a good treasure book. I've also got lots of Magazine Codes, but still, I am waiting for the new treasure book! I won't be posting until Thursday, the awards show, (apart from the next part to my story) and so have fun :) Also, do you like this icon?

Hollywood Fever

Federflink1 has Hollywood Fever. Here's what he got up to this week with his buddies. They explored the Hollywood Party, and then went to some cool movie set igloos below...
I wish that Polo Field, Businesmoose or Spike Hike would post their fun on the blog, and tell all the penguins what time and what server they will be on, like they did for the album party! Thanks Perapin for telling me about this :)

Snow Dojo

Hey ninjas,
Alright! You know the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test is coming. You know Snow Ninjas will be teaming up with Fire Ninjas and Water Ninjas. And you know that together, you'll be going up against dangerous villains: Scrap, Tank, and Sly.
So now the question is: where's the battle going to be?

Tell us where YOU think the Snow Dojo will be and what it'll be like!

Waddle On!
- Club Penguin Team

I think that the Card-Jitsu Snow Dojo will be to the right of the Ninja Hideout, in a mountain. It will be exactly the same flooring as the fire and water dojo, and it will have ice statues and it will all be frozen :)

Superstar ~ My Audition

To read part one, click here.
18th Feb ~ I've stopped filming for Penguin High 3. Everyone was really nice there, and they said farewell, including Zowey! She's totally awesome. Anyway, I waddled over to the audition room for Set B at about ten o'clock in the morning. I had to do a scene with somebody, and it was Zowey! It turns out she's also auditioning for another part as one of the penguins who get chased by the police car in Scene 3.
I waddled up to her and said "Hey Zowey! Are you auditioning for this movie too? I had no idea!"
She replied with, "Yeah, I heard Bubsey, Pingywin and Woddylan are auditioning too. It's really popular, this movie. I'm sure you'll get the part." I was interrupted by the director who paired me and Zowey together, in the helicopter scene. I'd rehearsed this scene hundreds of times yesterday evening, but I hadn't done it with the other penguins in the scene. Luckily, I knew when to say my lines. In this movie, I have about twenty lines! I'm the pilot of the helicopter, the one who causes it to explode! But will I get the part? I really hope so. Stunts are my thing! I love jumping out of crazy explosions. Did you know that I even get to jump through glass of a second floor window and onto the floor out in the streets. I get badly injured, but it's still worth it!
...The audition starts, and I'm on the helicopter. I ask Zowey if she's ok, and she just nods. This is the hard part. I have to pretend to steer the helicopter sideways and then the power goes out and an explosion takes place. I jump up in shock, then tell Zowey to grab a parachute. This is the final scene that I'm doing my audition for. Zowey jumps out, landing perfectly. Now it's my turn. The worst part yet to come. I have to get this right. It must be perfect. The sirens blink. My first reaction was to just jump, but I couldn't. There was something wrong - something dangerous. The explosions were going off, quickly and almost destroying the set. What was happening? Was this my fault? I tried to calm myself down. Just get out of the helicopter, and everything will be fine. I stepped out, and the director was already shouting words that meant nothing to my brain which was crawling mad with questions. The whole helicopter exploded. I dived for the mat used to break my fall in Scene 3, when I fall from the building, and I'm safe. There wasn't much damage. The director shouts cut and comes over to me.
"That was perfect! You did exactly as you were meant to. Great work! You got the part, Echo."
"But that wasn't what was meant to happen! The helicopter shouldn't of exploded, that was all wrong. Look here," I shuddered, opening the script, "It says nothing about that giant explosion! I would've been killed, if I hadn't of jumped quickly enough. There was only meant to be little sparks."
"Oh don't worry about that. It was all part of the plan," continued the director, "We were just testing your skills. We wouldn't of done it if we knew that you couldn't escape from the explosion!
I ask for my limo, and I head out to the Snow Forts, getting in, avoiding the flashing cameras behind me.
To read part three, click here!

Featured Igloos

Hi there penguin buddies!

This month’s igloo nominations were truly AMAZING! I’m just glad I was able to narrow down my list of favourites to the three wonderful Chinese New Year inspired igloos below:

"Clover7373 has an awesome Dojo igloo! It has a fire on the left, water on the right and snow in the middle! There are pillows at each so you can pretend to be Sensei of the element, but I prefer to be the fire ninja over water, or snow. Of course, I usually just visit to play card-jitsu on Clover7373’s card-jitsu mats. Waddle On!"

"Check out Hiccup659’s Chinese Restaurant igloo, or P197601441’s iggy, or Season124’s pop stage. Waddle On, Penny9265.”

"WHOA! These igloos are soooooo EPIC! And I do know a penguin (her name is Sikorka2000) that has a Chinese-like igloo. It is an igloo which looks like the Fire AND Water Dojos being COMBINED! Each of them has also a veryyy special mascot… Two of the THREE HYDRAS FROM THE MEDIEVAL PARTY OF COURSE! And like the Dojo, it is located on the Highest Mountain.”

Looking through all the nominations from this past month, I now feel inspired to do some redecorating myself! Seeing as the Hollywood Party is now in full swing, I was thinking it’d be great to see some Hollywood themed igloos! So if you know a friend who has a Hollywood inspired igloo filled with lots of glitz and glam, let us know their penguin name and why you think their igloo should be featured in the comments below. Check back to see which igloos we choose next!

Waddle On! cool
-Club Penguin Team

My Favourite Mascots ~ Rookie, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper

My favourite mascots on Club Penguin are Rookie, Aunt Arctic and Rockhopper. I have to choose three, no matter what, because it’s really hard to make up my mind between them! I’ll give you my reasons on why I like each of them:
Rockhopper – He’s a likeable character. He is always coming to Club Penguin, even if it isn’t a special occasion. I love how he brings back rare items from his explorations and awesome things like the plants for the Adventure Party. He was the one who created the Fair, which is on my top list of parties! I’ve met Rockhopper, and he’s different. He isn’t just a normal penguin – he’s the one who has the cream soda, stinky cheese, and the red puffles. I love the way he talks, as in a pirate way with “Ahoy” and what not. Also, he’s the first mascot to ever have their own puffle walk with them while running around the island, and I find that especially cool, as well as having a beard and building a whole ship by himself :)
Aunt Arctic – Now I have to describe Aunt Arctic in two different ways: her normal everyday life and her hidden identity. If she wasn’t the director, she’d be a little more peculiar, and she was always giving lots of secrets away in the Club Penguin Times. That’s what I like about her. She is always so secretive about things, yet she manages to give out messages to the EPF through the newspaper! The first time I met her was at the Penguin Play Awards. She was ever so lovely, there wasn’t a crowd, and we gave her tea, and she was so happy and nice. Then I met her again at the Anniversary Party! I met her about 5 times then, and she was always sweet even though there were tons of crowds. The director is different. I always thought of her as a he, obviously we didn’t know who she was back then, but still. I can remember her in the EPF DS Game: I didn’t have a clue where or when she had come from! It was still very cool, getting orders and being praised from a hidden identity. That’s what makes Aunt Arctic so special.
Rookie – Basically, Rookie is stupid. Rookie is the name of a new person who has just joined, however he still has that name today. Is it his real name? What I like about Rookie is the way he acts. He is always pulling jokes and pranks, especially in the old PSA Missions and System Defender! He is always doing things differently to everybody else, and that’s what makes him unique. He isn’t just a normal mascot, who has a specialty like dancing (Cadence), or ninjas (Sensei), or puffles (PH), he is just a normal penguin struggling to get along in the penguin life! He’s the most realistic mascot, even though he acts really stupid and has stupid ideas – but that’s what’s so good about him!

Superstar ~ Penguin High 3

17th Feb ~ It's quarter past seven. I'm so scared. Believe me, you wouldn't want to know what's happened to me before. I'm Echo006, but you can call me Echo. I'm just a normal penguin, you could say, but really, I'm a penguin who's always on the lookout in the face of danger. I've had three missions. On my first one, I saw the Mysterious Ninja, a strange, yet mysterious ninja. Bacially, what the name says. Then I met him again, in the future and the past. That was really confusing! My father disappeared a few years ago, strange at first, but I understand why. He left to get a job over at Penguin City, another island where my friend Bubsey was born. Nice place, actually. Turns out he was just planning to get me back. He worked with me on my third mission when I faced going back in time. I didn't know who he was, but he was in on it with the mysterious ninja - my number one enemy. But I won't be seeing him anymore after he was taken away. He planned to make Club Penguin into a robot, and he did! But I managed to save the day, with the help of a few other penguins. My island has been repaired now, in fact, it's looking better than ever! New rooms, new looks, everybody is changing their styles now! Even the catalogues and newspapers have changed their models, shaping them into coloured humans. Anyway, now I've got a job. I'm starring in a movie. It's called Penguin High 3, but I'm only in one scene. I might even audition for the High Speed Getaway, after I shoot this movie. It's not the same life anymore. Club Penguin has changed, for good. But people who can put up with the changes, are the ones who succeed in life. But I'm really frightened now. I have to get all my lines perfect, although I've only got about three. I'm just a penguin at the school who runs into the star of the movie, and they get cross about it. So far, we've had to do this scene over ten times! But I love it, even if it is as hard as opening a can (which I'm not very good at)!
I bump into Zowey (the star of the movie) in the hallway. She's really good at acting, but apparently she hasn't got a lot of experience! I couldn't believe that when I saw her. I've made a few friends on this set. They're called Bubsey and Pingywin. Apparently, they're both secretly EPF agents and they helped to destroy Herbert in Operation: Blackout - whatever that was. I must of missed it when I was visiting my dad in Penguin City. Either way, here I am, day by day filming the scenes over and over again. I hope I've done enough to be popular enough to actually get a good part, in the other movie that penguins are auditioning for! Maybe I won't get it, but secretly, I hate filming Penguin High 3. I really want to do some stunts. Either way, I'm leaving the set after today and the movie should be ready in a few months! The audition is tommorow, I really hope that I can do it!
Click here to view Part 2!

Return Of The Space Squid ~ Set C

It's the 17th, and that means a new set! It's the Return Of The Space Squid at Set C! Head over there, then grab your alien costume, and freak out the penguins :) Don't forget to crash land...

You'll have to make an emote in each room: the planet, the spaceship and the control room. Then you can pick up your free background, and your golf cart. Now you're a superstar! But, before that, you'll have to be a director too in order to get to the Awards Show on the 12st. Be quick :)