There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

EXCLUSIVE Speed Boat Available With Membership Card

If you happen to see a certain membership card, be sure to grab it quick! This three-month card does not only unlock you membership, it also unlocks a FREE Speed Boat ONLY Available with this card!
This is awesome! I wish Club Penguin added more virtual items to EVERY single membership card! Then, everybody could get an exclusive item! Credit to Saraapril

Puffle Trouble Sneak Peek on Youtube

As promised, here's a sneak peek of the brand new Club Penguin animated short, Puffle Trouble! Have you wondered what Herbert's been up to since the big escape in January? Looks like he's up to no good once again...
Stay tuned for the full-length version of Puffle Trouble, coming to YouTube and Club Penguin on May 2nd!
 It’s finally time to end these useless these penguins!
 In my Giant Bomb: Soda destruction!
And you need to hit to activate the detonator!
klutzy! Stay away from that button, go there and those who are go!
Go answer the door
-White Puffle
What? Take this puffle here!
 klutzy, I already said I do not want no more interruptions and Puffles!
Oh? the detonator, the detonator firing klutzy do it
 I want everyone stopped!
hehehe, be active in the detonator!
ooooooh, where is he, where is he, where is it?
Oh? Nooo

Music Jam Season ~ Game Day

Today, I searched for some music related to Game Day, the Club Penguin Wii game! I found a cool tune, which is played in some of the mini-games that you can play. Click the link below to listen to it :D It sounds really cool, and is one of my favorites! You can earn lots of stamps by playing this game... 
Tune Of The Day 14: Game Day

Puffle Trouble

Later on today, Club Penguin will release a new short. It will be called Puffle Trouble and will involve Kluzty, Herbert and Puffles! Here is a sneak peek.
Club Penguin have now uploaded the sneak peek video to youtube. View the post to watch it!

Disney Club Penguin Puffle Plushes Series 12

As Billybob posted, Club Penguin have released a Puffle Plush Series 12 which will be available to buy soon! Each puffle is unique and has a different colour and hat. Face dramatic quests together with this Yellow Puffle Plush. These puffle plushes all have a special coin code that unlocks this exclusive hat online! Look at those fabulous hats...

Puffle Whisperer PH's Puffle Handbook

Ever wanted to become a Puffle guru? Now you can, as PH - Club Penguin's number one authority on all things Puffle - leads you through the incredible world of every penguin's favourite companion. Club Penguin are soon releasing a new book called Puffle Whisperer!
jacket image for Club Penguin: Puffle Whisperer - large version
With this book, you can Unlock Items Online by finding the word in the book. I can't wait for this book to be out in stores, as I have most of the Club Penguin books already!

Music Jam Season ~ Another Igloo Tune + EXCLUSIVE Unlockable Items

Since I didn't post any music yestarday, I'm posting TWO tunes today! Before you listen to the tune, make sure to login to Club Penguin and click Unlock Items Online! You will unlock two items with these two codes. UFOANZUG and UFOMASKE. Those words are both german, and you can unlock two awesome items! Make sure to tell your friends and others about these free codes! They work for Non-Members, too! Click the link below to listen to an amazing igloo tune. Credit to Trainman1405
Tune Of The Day 13: Another Igloo Tune

Club Penguin Spanish Books

This is another message from Happy77:

I have good news! In Argentina two books are now available in Spanish Club Penguin ...Iupi! One is "The Incredible Club Penguin Official Guide," which teaches them everything they need to know about the island and also brings a surprise ...To unlock exclusive items online! Take a look:
La Increíble Guía Oficial de Club Penguin.png

Music Jam Season ~ Old Igloo Music

Yestarday, I was searching for music but I couldn't find anything that sounded good! But today, luck struck me as I found some old igloo music that sounds AWESOME! I would love for this tune to be played at my igloo, it's perfect for a party! I'm still searching for some Shadow Ninja things to put in my next story so I can start planning it. Here's the outfit that I'm wearing (But of course, it will be different colours). Click the link below to listen to the music!
Tune Of The Day 12: Old Igloo Music

Club Penguin Featured Igloo: Wade Star

Over at the Community Page, Wade Star's awesome igloo has been featured!
This igloo ship looks lovely, with the waves and puffle tubes and decorations it makes it seem like a lovely place to live!

Club Penguin Featured Igloos

Happy77 talking. And it's time to show some fabulous and creative igloos here on the blog! Jujuca69783 commented: "I really like the igloos! I have a friend who calls Julindinha who left the cp, but broke down and ran off to play! Cp is too much! Kisses"

Spy Phone Message From Rookie

Since we've had a big Cream Soda shortage, I decided to head over to the Candy Dimension to stock up on some Ice Cream. It's just as good as Cream Soda! Look, a Spy Phone Message! (If you want to know how I ended up here, it's a long story!)

Club Penguin Membership What's New May 2012

Club Penguin have updated the What's New Membership page with new things for this May 2012! (Click to enlarge to see a bigger version)
Sounds good, but I'm not too sure about saving and destorying the city in June! I wonder what that could mean? A new party, a new Stage Play? There are so many possibilities...

Club Penguin Logout Screens

After logging off today, I did not find myself at the normal home screen, but I found three different logout pictures. Get the latest, news, tips and behind the scenes info!

Club Penguin Times Issue!

...I look like a Zombie, especially with my Frankenpuffle! Let's read the Club Penguin Times...

Field-Op #79

All EPF Agents, report to the Command Room! G has your orders...

Ruby and The Ruby Costume Trunk Catalog

As well as acting, you will need some costumes to make it look real, so head over to the Costume Trunk to find the costume that matches your character. Don't be afraid to mix and match and use other outfits and costumes from different plays and catalogs...

Ruby and The Ruby at The Stage

Ruby and The Ruby has returned and tickets are available at the Stage. Follow the instructions below on how to get the Round Ruby pin...

Stuck In The Past with Shadow Ninjas Part 1 ~ My Stories and Adventures

I've been doing some research, and ever since I got a new outfit, weird things started to happen.  It seemed very strange and suspicious, so I started to investigate. The Ski Lodge was a place where I would sit and think, and I did until I came across a very strange looking mirror. It had a shadow in it, but nobody else was in the room. Was this penguin invisable? Was it even invisable?
 ...I decided not to bother about the shadow, and instead go for a stroll out onto the Beach and inside the Lighthouse for a rest. As I got in, I looked behind the crates to see if there was anything useful I could use on my camping trip. But you'd never believe, that I saw ANOTHER shadow! I was very freaked out and I didn't know WHAT to do! But then I remembered something. The Mysterious Ninja. This story is top secret and exclusive, all about Shadow Ninjas...

Music Jam Season ~ Ninja Tune

Right now, I'm planning a story with an evil ninja in it who has changed the colours of Club Penguin, but the twist is that I'm in the past as I used one of his old machines from back in a Club Penguin story I read. This ninja, I call the Mysterious Ninja. He started his plan in January 2012 and now has begun to change the world of Club Penguin in April 2008. This tune is to do with ninjas, I thought of it being scary and mysterious which is just what my story is about! Thanks to Penguiin23 for guessing yestarday's tune. The sweet surprise will be arriving soon. Club Penguin updates tonight with a new Field-Op, Club Penguin Times and a few other bits and bobs. My super secret ninja story will be ready soon! Credit to Monchocho.
Tune Of The Day 11: Ninja Tune

Feeding Puffles BUG!

My friend, Penguiin23, was having problems with feeding his puffles. I decided to find out if this was true and how he could get more food. I used my test penguin, and tried to buy some apples, cheese, and cake but when I clicked the buy button and yes nothing happened and no coins were used. However, I could buy cookies and bubble gum!

Sneak Peek!

Music Jam Season ~ A Funky Tune

Today, while exploring for new music, I came across a tune which I heard quite recently, but I just couldn't remember where it was from! So I decided to use this tune for today's peice of music but I just can't seem to figure out what it is.  I love this music and it seems really up beat and exciting, drop your comment below and if you jog my memory, there'll be a sweet surprise! Previously, on Day 10, I did an unknown peice of music and penguins had to make up a name for it. Tommorow, there'll be Ninjas about!
 Tune Of The Day 10: A Funky Tune

Reviewed By You: Helping Animals

This is a message from Happy77:


Thanks for all of the silly jokes from last time's Reviewed By You! I liked Purplepal43's April Fools prank: 

"This is a good trick for someone to be easily fooled :- Scrape the cream out of an oreo cookie and put toothpaste instead! The next person who eats the oreo 
cookie gets a minty surprise!"

Sounds... delicious? :)

As you know, there's just a few more days to show your support for the planet at the Earth Day event! 

I've seen so many of you dressed up like endangered animals online. So this week I'd like to know about how you've shown your support for endangered animals in real life. 

Have you done something special to help endangered animals? Let us know how you've helped out in the comments below! 

I'll randomly select one of your comments in our next Reviewed By You post. If your comment is picked, you'll even receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Music Jam Season ~ Wildlife Habitat

Are you an endangered animal who loves to hang out at the Snow Forts? Do you love the music that plays there? If you do, this tune is certainly for you! The wildlife habitat contains Rockhopper Penguins, Snow Leapords, Lions and many many more animals. When the music disappears tommorow, you can listen to it for however long you want as I have the track right here! Click the link below to listen to the Earth Day Party Music at the Wildlife Habitat. By the way, are you liking the new updates to the blog? New and Improved background, different widths making it easier to read and lots of more updates coming soon!
Tune Of The Day 9: Wildlife Habitat

Music Jam Season ~ April Fools Party

As requested by Snoop500, the old April Fools Party music is being played today on the blog! Just click the link below the image to listen to this old groovy tune! If you'd like to request a type of Club Penguin Music, just comment with the name of the tune or describe which party it is from and I'll try my best to find it!
Tune Of The Day 8: April Fools Party

Spring is Blooming!

Finally, April Showers have brought May Flowers! Rockhopper's Flowerplants are now blooming for Spring, but the tree seems to of got LESS leaves and changed to autumn colour. How strange...
Thanks Snoop500 for reminding me about these lovely plants! Hopefully, more flowers will soon grow in my garden and turn into a Jungle like last year!