There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Looking for Bugs

I haven't seen any bugs recently, so I decided to look around the island to see what I could find...

Music Jam Season ~ Penguin Band Boogie

Over at DJ3K, I love to mix different tunes :D At the Dance Contest, I show off my moves with my Disco Diva, purple puffle. I really like the funky music that plays at the Dance Contest, so I looked for a tune from it and I found one! The Penguin Band Boogie is sure to be one of my favorites...
Tune Of The Day 7: Penguin Band Boogie

Earth Day Event 2012

Over at the Global Citizenship, Club Penguin have updated the Coins For Change 2011, with Earth Day Event 2012. It tells us that 700,000 of the 2Million Club Penguin donated, goes to the enviromental projects which includes endangered animals. (click to enlarge)

Club Penguin Earth Day Tour Guide (Invert Colours)

Earth Week is here and Club Penguin are celebrating by helping Endangered Animals with the coins we donated from Coins for Change. Earth Day helps the enviroment, by using less water, car sharing and other topics. Here is the complete Tour Guide (Invert Colours) on this event. Let's start at the Plaza :D Welcome to the Plaza! Here we have the Pet Shop, Stage and the Pizza Parlor. And if you waddle through that Jungle Gate you'll find a special earth day habit. Make sure to pick up your free Safari Hat!

New Penguin Colour Coming Soon!

As I posted a few weeks ago, Club Penguin updated their files with a new colour called Arctic White. Recently, penguins have been spotted on the island in White, which is probablly hacking as the colour has not yet been released. But now, Billybob is in on the scoop:
The word is out... There's been a lot of talk about a new penguin color coming to Club Penguin. It's a color that many of you have been asking for since the beginning -- White!

We've got a brand new experience coming in the next few months where you can unlock the new color! I can't say any more than that right now, but I'll let you know more as soon as I can.

What do you think of the new penguin color? What new color would you like to see in the future? We'd love to hear what you think!

Until then... Waddle On!

Music Jam Season ~ Medival Party

Since yestarday I posted some Earth Day Music, the next event coming up soon is the Medival Party so I found some quest music from last years party. I hope that this year there will be more epic music. I think this music sounds a bit adventourous, I remember the Adventure Party so I'll post some music about that too. I was one of the first to discover the rare blue crab, and then I told Saraapril about it and she spread the word (because I couldn't post it as I didn't have a blog yet) and I made this photo with all the pins and crabs and different adventures I found. I put all the photos together like with the puzzle peices yestarday and it looked fabulous! This was again, one of my favorite parties. Click to enlarge and then listen to the Quest Music...

Spy Phone Message from Dot

I was over at the Desert Dimension, when all of a sudden my Spy Phone started flashing! I decided to click on it and find out who the message was from...

Earth Day Safe Chat Messages

For those penguins who have Safe Chat, Club Penguin have updated the list with Earth Day Messages! You can ask what your favorite animal is, and reply with an answer!
...I love all the animals and the safe chat messages too! Together, we can change the world!

Improving CP Rooms - Penguin Poll

Over at the Community page there's a new penguin poll...

Music Jam Season ~ Earth Day

Comparing music to Earth Day, I found very hard. Nothing seemed to match up and go with that beautiful scenery, until I came across a tune of igloo music. I didn't really know what it was called or when it was available but I can imagine it with that wonderful scenery. That is of course, my opinion. I've decided that if you want to win a Coin Code, you don't just have to comment often, you need to participate in events. You need to tell me your penguin age, a bit about your penguin and why you like or dislike Earth Day. Enjoy the tunes! I'll be asking more questions, and if you answer correct (which is very unlikely) you could win a coin code!
Tune of the Day 5: Earth Day Music

Snow Forts Inverted Colours Puffletastic Puzzle Peice

Over at the Snow Forts, you can find many different things. I have inverted the colours and made puzzle peices out of this very special room. By the end of the post, you can see the whole picture inverted together. What part of the Snow Forts is this volcanic river near?

Club Penguin Times Issue #339

The Club Penguin Times Issue is out packed full of facts about endangered animals...

Club Penguin Endangerd Animals

With the Coins that WE donated for Coins for Change, Club Penguin are helping endangered animals. Below are a few of the animals that they are helping. If you can't read the image, just click to enlarge it.

Field-Op #78

The Earth Day Party is here, but EPF Agents never stop on the job! Click on your Spy Phone and head over to the Command Room...

Club Penguin Forest Pin

A new pin has been hidden on the island. Is it high up in the mountains or deep down below the ground? It's at the Underground Pool and is called a Forest Pin, from the icon at Coins For Change...
This will look lovely with my Coins For Change background! Let's save the endangered animals...

Earth Day Party 2012 Guide

The Club Penguin Earth Day Party 2012 is here! This is a complete guide packed with information you need to know about this years party. Head over to the Town to get your free Safari Hat...
 ...Or you can also find one at the Plaza

Music Jam Season ~ Day 4

I'm still sticking to the same theme of music until tommorow when I've planned some Earth Day and Recycling music. But for now, tell me what kind of music is your favorite and we'll be sure to get something very similar to play here live on the blog! By the way, recently my penguin turned 4 years old! Now that's surely something to celebrate, but I don't think enough people would of come to the party so I didn't bother.
Tune of The Day 4: Music Jam Season ROCKS

Membership Cards in Brazil

Over in Brazil, Club Penguin have added new Membership Cards as before, penguins had to pay with credit cards whereas now they can buy membership cards!
Those prices do look high! Thanks Billybob for spreading membership across the globe...

White Penguins EXCLUSIVE

As I said before, with the help of Trainman1405, Club Penguin would be releasing a new colour called Arctic White. Hoever, it is not available in the Gift Shop yet, but apparently there was a rumour that on the server Sleet, white penguins had appeared. I thought about this and went to check it out...

Behind The Scenes Video EXCLUSIVE

Check out this awesome video with EXCLUSIVES of the Upcoming Event, Earth Day Party! At the moment, the designers are planning the Medival Party. Watch this video below to find out more...
Sounds AWESOME! I can't wait to get together to try and defeat this evil villain at the Medival Party. The Earth Day rooms sure will look PUFFLETASTIC in inverted colours!

Club Penguin Treasure Book Items EXCLUSIVE

It seems like ages since I've done a post with pictures and more! Since I have stocked up all my Club Penguin Coin Codes (and still have tons left) I decided that I would unlock all the items I liked in the Treasure Book! Along with that, I unlocked three different Puffle Hats :D Here is the Hot Sauce Ninja Outfit...

Earth Day Login Screen

I don't really post much of the Login Screens anymore, I find them a bit boring. Just a picture of the latest event doesn't really catch my eye and make me want to blog about it. But this Earth Day Login Screen, looks FABULOUS! With all the endangered animals in inverted colours, I must say...
PUFFLETASTIC LOGIN SCREEN :D So, what are you going to do to support Earth Day? I'm going to dress up as a different animal every single day while the event lasts. Drop a comment below and somebody with the most creative answer could win a Coin Code. I have lots of them up for grabs!

Music Jam Season ~ Day 3

This Music Jam Season is going to blow your mind away, listen to this awesome tune and you'll be totally freaked out! This is one of my favorites, you might of heard it somewhere on Club Penguin recently. If anybody can guess what the name of this tune is called, they will win a Coin Code Prize (I still have lots left to give away) But if the right answer isn't guessed, then the Coin Code is mine to keep! I really think this is some AWESOME music!

Puffletastic Fan Art!

There's some awesome Puffletastic Fan Art over at the Community Page, as well as at the Book Room! Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger version of the image.
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art

Club Penguin BBC Newsround

Disney Club Penguin Studios is shown in this episode of BBC Newsround :D Click the video below to watch some secret ideas that may be coming soon to Club Penguin...
Sounds AWESOME! Thanks Newsround for letting us in on the scoop and behind the scenes work of Club Penguin.

New Series 12 Puffle Plush Toys

This is a mesage from Happy77 to some penguins in various parts of the world...
Hello Penguins! 

I'm excited to tell you about some new plush puffle toys coming to stores in North America, the UK and Australia! They'll be available to purchase very soon. 

Here's a sneak peek:

Series 12 Puffles.jpg
In case you didn't know, each Series 12 Puffle comes with a free code to unlock items online! Here's what you get with every plush:

  • Puffle
  • Puffle Hat
  • 1 Treasure Book item
  • 1500 Coins
As always, we want to know what you think. Which new puffle toy is your favorite? What Club Penguin toys would you like to see in the future? 
Let us know in the comments below!

Music Jam Season ~ Day 2

The next day of the Music Jam Season has arrived, this time I wanted to have a peice of music that would blow your minds away! I'm not really sure what type of Club Penguin Music this is, I thought it might be from Music Jam but maybe not. Click the link below to listen to this epic win! Below is a picture made by Miki5258. It looks awesome and I think it goes really well with the tune. Thanks for listening!
Tune Of The Day 2: Music Jam

Artistic Fan Art!

Yesterday FABULOUS Fan Art was featured over at the Book Room!
This way to Puffle College...

Dubstep Puffle Wallpaper

Seems like Echo006 is busy this week, two days ago Club Penguin released a NEW Wallpaper after a month or so, anyway it has to do with the Dubstep Puffle Video Echo006 showed earlier.
Click HERE to get this wallpaper! This wallpaper looks fabulous and I really like the Dubstep Puffle with the different colours around it.

Perapin's Earth Day Party!

The party is now over :) Earth Day is here and my friend Perapin is having a party! Anybody is welcome, below are the details to the party.
Mine Shack, Abominable, 12:15 PM PST, April 16 2012
If you can't make it, that is fine :) Just let your friends know about this awesome party! Waddle on...
UPDATE: Party has been moved to Big Surf