There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

My Mailbox

Currently, my Mailbox is full with postcards from friends, Puffles and Club Penguin. I have 54 postcards and sadly cannot take anymore! I am sorry if you wanted to send me a postcard, but I can always send you one!

FREE Giveaway!

UPDATE: Round 1 is not over! All penguins who have particapated in Round 1 answer the questions for Round 2!
When Echo006 In Club Penguin reaches 10,000 hits their will be a FREE giveaway! You could win an item from the Treasure Book or a FREE 7 Day Membership by completing the quiz below. Just comment with your answers and if you are the first to get them all right, (or the one to get the most answers right) you will win! The competition will close sometime in March.

1. When was Club Penguin first open to the public?
2. What was the first play showed on Club Penguin?
3. Name 4 Club Penguin moderators
4. What is the newest Club Penguin minigame? (NOT Bits and Bolts)
5. What was Hydro-Hopper originally called before it was renamed?
6. What colour penguin is Sensei?
7. Who wrote the Club Penguin newspaper?
8. How many penguin colours are there?
9. What is the sled race that can hold up to 4 players called?
Good Luck! Anybody can win if you have a lot of knowledge about Club Penguin. If you don't know an answer to a question just leave it blank in the Comment Form.

Fashion Fan Art

The Fashion Show has been really busy lately, so some penguins have decided to draw the Fashion Show! Click these awesome art work pictures to view a bigger version of them...
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art
Wow! Those models look fabulous in their groovy outfits! I love the styles that these penguins have drawn. Well Done!

Featured Igloo - Gingi56414

On the Community page you will find more Featured Igloos! This week the igloo belongs to Gigi56414
This igloo is very modern and is an awesome Fashion Show. I love the way you have designed the backstage with a hair salon and benches for the runway. Congratulations!

Club Penguin Music

Thanks to all the penguins who supported me along the way, I've now got over 555 posts! Let's celebrate by getting groovy! There's nothing much going on around Club Penguin lately, so I decided to find some Club Penguin music! Just click the links below to listen to them, these tunes all are or have been on Club Penguin! Here are a few of my favourites:

Dance Mix
Coffee Shop
Night Club
Old Agent Music
New Agent Music
Game Day
Alien Invasion

But there's still loads more funky tunes to listen to...

Rockhopper's Flowerplants Blooming...

Winter is almost over and Half Term is here, so Rockhopper's Flowerplants have ripened up a bit for the arrivial of the almighty pirate!
I love the green covered tree and hope it grows more soon...

Unlocking Official Club Penguin Magazine Items

I just bought the first EVER issue of the Club Penguin Magazine and I have to say it is AWESOME! You can receive 1500 coins altogether by cracking clues and puzzles!

Featured Igloos - February 10

This is a message from Happy77:

Check out some of the fabulous igloos you nominated! 
Cooldude989 said: I think Oceandragon1's igloo is AMAZING it always is, even though it changes almost every week it's always so cool !!!


Club Penguin Magazine Sneak Peek

If you take a closer look you might be able to see another Sneak Peek of Comics in the book! AWESOME!
I can see Cadence helping the other penguins to learn to dance! Rockhopper and puffles are involved too!

Club Penguin Membership Page - Rockhopper's Quest

Last month, Club Penguin updated the Membership page with Fashion Show things! Now they have updated it for the latest quest...
  • Brave the seas in exclusive pirate costumes from Rockhopper's Ship
  • Earn the rare Explorer Stamp for your Stamp Book (not actually rare)
  • Explore the mysterious hall of the Viking Lords, Dinosaur island and Shipwreck Island
  • Uncover ancient Viking Armour

Club Penguin Official Magazine Now Available VIDEO

The Official Club Penguin UK Magazine is out now in stores! Here's Scott from Club Penguin who tells us all about it!
I can't wait to buy this magazine! It sounds very good with awesome exclusives and giveaways...

The Vikings That Time Forgot Catalog

What would be a play without any costumes? Read on to find out where the hidden items are and more...

The Vikings That Time Forgot

The new Club Penguin play is here! This time, it's a mixture of two different plays because Club Penguin couldn't be bothered to make a new one! The Vikings That Time Forgot. Seem familiar?

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy

A Spy Phone Message! I wonder who this is from...

Field-Op #68

No more bugs yet, so I relaxed and started to do the Field-Op...

Searching for Bugs and Camera Pin

I'm still looking for clues around the island, there seems to be hardly any bugs around...

Club Penguin Times #329

The Club Penguin Times is out, and I'm searching for clues...

Rockhopper's Quest Login Screen

If you login to Club Penguin, you might see this cool Rockhopper's Quest login screen (which I helped prepare!)
Members can brave the Viking Cave, Shipwreck Island, Dinosaur Island... I've said too much! Rockhopper's Quest February, 23-6 March

Fan Art - Penguin Poll

The latest poll has been released! Go over to the Community page and vote for yourself! You can find Penguin Art in the Book Room above the Coffee Shop. What's your favourite thing about Penguin Art?
 I love seeing everyone's cool drawings! This is how the votes look now:
I have never sent a Fan Art picture before but on the last option, shouldn't "Fanart" have a space? Typo alert!

Underwater Party Colouring Page

The Underwater Party may be over, but you can still colour the penguins in! I wonder why Club Penguin added this colouring page after the party finished.
Click the image to print.
I think we should have a Fashion Show colouring page or even a Rockhopper's Quest colouring page! Thanks anyway Club Penguin!

New Party Coming Soon!

This is another message from Happy77:


Happy77 here. Thanks for all your comments about the Fashion Show! This is the first time we've ever hosted an event in one room, so we've loved hearing what you think about it. 
Some of you asked if this was the only special event in February... Guess what? There's a brand new party happening later this month! I'm excited about this one and can't wait to hear what you think of it. We'll have some sneak peeks for you very soon. Stay tuned! :)
But first... we're just about ready to launch a play at the Stage! It's two plays combined called "The Vikings That Time Forgot":

What plays would you like to see at the Stage in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Featured Fashions - Feb 8

This is a message from Happy77:


Happy77 here. It's time to share some sweet outfits you've seen other penguins sporting at the Fashion Show! 

Z Kamora said: "I've seen a penguin named Sunoco721 who wears the COOLEST fashions! Like a cool blue dress, sunglasses, and when she's EPF, she wears agent clothes and other cool stuff!"

Sunoco721 (edited).jpg

Club Penguin Lane Merrifield Safer Internet Day

Lane (Billybob) has made a Video Blog about Safer Internet day! Click the video below to watch it:
That treehouse sounds awesome! Thanks for helping us stay safe on the Internet Billybob!

February Paychecks!

On the 1st February, Club Penguin sent out paychecks for the hard working EPF Agents and Tour Guides! I didn't recieve mine until I noticed that when I came back to the island, my mailbox was FULL!

Club Penguin Plushes Series 13

Hello Penguins! I swam from a strange dark island today and I'm back to show you some awesome Series 13 plushes! Rockhopper was filling in for me and did a brilliant job! Thanks to everyone who helped me! Check out this prom girl who is certainly ready for the Fashion Show:

Rockhopper's Quest 2012 EXCLUSIVE

Shiver me timbers! Echo006 be swimming back to Club Penguin! He should be back soon, so in the meantime I be here to show you some sneak peeks o' me old migrator!

Fashion Show Commercial

Arr! While I be out at sea, ye all be having a Fashion Show! This advertisement shows a penguin getting ready for ye Fashion Show. The other penguins help her out and she looks beautiful!
What are ye at this Fashion Show? I'd love to be a photographer if I were there, but I'm getting ready for something big! Be ready...


Video Blog: Lauren

Arr! It be a fine day out at sea and on Club Penguin too! If ye seen Club Penguin's ol' youtube channel then ye might of noticed this fine video:
She be talking about the Fashion Show that be going on in Club Penguin. Own The Runway!


Rockhopper - Fact File

It seems ages since Echo006 posted a Fact File, so today I be planning one all about me. I be a Pirate Penguin born in Club Penguin. One day, I started to build me mighty migrator! I bet ye didnt' know that I built the thing with my own flippers!

Rockhopper's Flowerplants

Shiver me timbers! I took a look in Echo006's garden today and I was amazed! Those flowerplants he bought a few years ago have really shot up...
Those watermelons be really tasty! I hope ye old tree grows back soon!


Club Penguin Parent Update February 2012

Arr! Echo006 be somewhere out at sea! I be filling in for him. Can ye guess who I am? I be Rockhopper of course! I be blogging on Echo006's account for this tremendous blog! Club Penguin have sent an e-mail to all ye parents of penguins on the Club Penguin island! Have ye received your email yet?
It be a windy day out at sea! Inspire Imagination over at the Gift Shop and get ready to encourage safety on February 7. It be Safer Internet Day soon all over the globe!