There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Haunting of The Viking Opera

Thanks to Perapin, an INCREDIBLE director of an upcoming movie for these pictures :) He also owns a neat site!
Guess what? Yes, there's a new stage play at the Stage! Start acting, because the audience are waiting for YOU!
 ...Inside, the costumes are out and the stage is set! There's only one thing left!
 The Director! It's a secret hidden item, so you might have to click around to find it ;)

Club Penguin Home Screen, Login Screens and Log off screens!

Thanks to Perapin for the pictures! Visit his blog now!
Hello there! If you haven't heard already, there's some new things that have come to Club Penguin this week! How do you know? Check the homepage, login page and the logout screens! Woah! A new Boba Fett costume for iPad players!
 Look! Puffles can dig for treasure now :D
 And members can get 20 COSTUMES! Wow, that's awesome!
 Don't forget, puffles can dig for treasure and coins too!
Wow! I can't wait for the Star Wars Party, and it's time to get digging!

The Club Penguin Pin

Hello there everyone! I heard that a polar bear had taken over my blog! But don't worry, I fixed that eventually. However, my blog isn't safe! The polar bear could be back at any moment, so keep your eyes peeled! I'm hidden up in my Tree Fort, playing games and blogging while listening to music on my iPod. Life couldn't get better than this! Anyway, it's time to give you the latest updates on the island! Sadly, I can't get out of my treehouse because I have a cold. So, Perapin has kindly provided me with some pictures! His site is awesome - you should really go and check it out ;) 
Here's the latest Club Penguin pin! My puffles have gone out to get it, and I heard they got more than just a pin when they were bouncing around. Here's the pin. It looks something to do with a school.

Awesome! Thanks Perapin for the photo! Can you find this pin?


The Story of a Polar Bear's Life - Part 1

I was born long before penguins took over the island you stand on today. Back then, there were lots of polar bears. Short and tall, fat and thin. I was just one of many polar bears. But I was different. I strangely didn't like the cold. My fur just couldn't cope and it began to sink in - I wasn't one for living on a freezing cold island. And because of this, we moved islands. However, once we reached the other island (on a huge iceberg of course) we met more Polar bears. Together we joined groups, and became a polar bear group. At last, I found a polar bear, like me, who didn't like the cold. He was much older than me and had suffered worse than I had. He desperately needed somewhere warm to stay. One night, he crept out. He and I had become great friends. He wasn't the brightest polar bear, and didn't really know what he was doing. After a while, he had hopped onto an iceberg nearby and was now moving away. Suddenly, he panicked. There was nothing I could do except come with him. I leaped over our island's edge and climbed up onto the iceberg. He was glad to have me with him. Suddenly, we were stopped in our tracks by a huge storm. Quickly, we rowed the iceberg down to a nearby island. But before long, we realised that this wasn't any old island. This was the island of Club Penguin. Then the polar bear told me his name. He hadn't done yet, as he didn't completely trust me. But he did now. He was scared and frightened. His name was Daniel P. Bear. I wanted him to become my father. I had never had a full name, so I became Echo P. Bear, and together we stepped off the iceberg and onto the island of Club Penguin. Even colder than where we were before. This island seemed familiar to me. Yes - this was where I was born. But my parents were far away now. We'd never get back to them again. We were stuck here, with millions of crazy penguins who had parties every day. But we would get our revenge...

Echo006's Puffle Tree Fort Igloo

Due to technical difficulties on my computer, what I type is limited. But here's an intresting photo I found from your little friend, Echo006.
He's got a Puffle Tree Fort! Well, fancy that! I'd love to have one of those. But come on, a tree fort? I thought you pesky penguins had igloos! Ugh. Don't worry. In our next operation, we'll get rid of EVERY IGLOO ON THE ISLAND! MWAHAHAHAAHA! But pretty nice decorations, right? I think he used a code to get all that. Wait, didn't I capture Echo006? Now who set him free?
~Echo P. Bear

100,000 Pageviews

Mwahaha! It's a shame that my old computer has a virus, but anyway...
This pesky penguin blog has reached 100,000 pageviews! HA! See for yourself...
You ask how I'm going to celebrate? I'm not, because this isn't my blog and until that pesky penguin named Echo gets back, I'm in control!
~Echo P. Bear