There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Adventure Party: Become Fruit!

Ahoy tropical pirates! Today is the big day where we go on adventure searching stuff around the island! Kind of funny we don't know what's around our island, anyway today the BIG BIG HAKUNA VOLCANO HAS WOKEN UP and is ready to get the island on FIIIIRE! Its your chance to stop it and become a fruit hero....
After you have completed the Scavenger Hunt you need to enter the Fruit Temple located at the Snow Forts that randomly came out of nowhere xD
If you want to stop the volcano you have to enter the BIG room that is divided between FOUR stages, BEWARE the first one! There are TRAPS AND STICKS AND STONES THAT WILL BREAK YOUR BONES! 
The second stage is pretty easy, nothing but waddling LOL TIP: To avoid the BIG CAGE waddle over fruits, NOT VEGETABLES. Thanks Saraapril!
The next stage, DARKNESS took over this one, you have to hit the snowball to light up a cauldron one by one!
After you have gotten your way out of that place...let me tell you something...YOU LUCKY PENGUIN! IT took me some time to finish it at first:3
Yay! You did it, now you have to feed up the statue, appease it and prizes will come out...
And these freaky puffle statues will wake up and reward you for your tough job! I already got my prize LOL Well done! Also remember to come back on August 25 and 29 for even MORE prizes!

Echo006 A Small Exclusive

Here's how the Coffee Shop's gonna look like next week. The Grand-Opening Sign is up, and the Coffee Shop may be redesigned like the Library. Doesn't the coffee shop look so dull? It needs to be upgraded ~ in fact all of the rooms do! The Smoothie Smash game is going to be AWESOME! You can copy this picture, just don't try and get rid of the watermark.
Here's how the Town looks now. If you've seen the Club Penguin videos, you'll know how the Smoothie Smash game will look like. Plus, in my predictions ~ I predicted something wrong, so I searched the island and found the tree right by the coffee shop! I think I'll take that when Rockhopper leaves...

Just to let you know...

Hello Penguins! On Friday Night, I'm travelling to Spain for a whole week! I'll miss lots of the Temple Of Fruit Party, but Penguiin23 is sure to post something about it ;) There has been lots of talk about McStamper. He sadly quit for reasons and if anybody would like to join please just leave your email and you will be onboard ;) If you are fired, which is very unlikely since you can only make posts, we will tell you and the reasons why. Plus, those innocent smoothies make me feel sick. Have a wonderful week

Post 1078 ~ Club Penguin Books

Here you can view all the books from my Club Penguin Library! It features a total of 20 books to read and find out more of adventures around Club Penguin such as Christmas stories, Tour Guide book, Penguin Tales, Yearbooks and more! The links to the books are below the images :) They are in order of the pictures.


Post 1077 ~ Another Fruity Sneak Peek

Here we get a quick sneak peek of the rooms at this fruity party. Make sure to pause the video to catch more details as it is only 45 seconds and a lot is shown in the video...
Looks good, and we found out what the first sneak peek of the post that Billybob made, if you didn't see what it was take a look again. Now we just have to figure out what Herbert is up to, could this really be operation blackout? As I said before, in the 2012 List, August was listed as EPF Missions. Hmm...