There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Club Penguin Times

It seems that "The Club Penguin Times" (which I subscribe for) has finally arrived in my mailbox! I wonder what took them so long to deliver it. Anyway, here's the big news: RAINBOW PUFFLES!
 Meanwhile, everybody is getting very excited for the Puffle Hotel!
...Here's the upcoming events!
 And last, but not least, here's a secret that you most likely already know!

Just To Let You Know...

Here's this weeks news on Club Penguin! EPF Construction is still on, and it may still be on during the Puffle Party. The Puffle Hotel is almost built, and it will stay forever! There's going to be a lobby, a gym, a spa and the rooftop. Plus, there's a cloud room where we can get our rainbow puffles. So, there's going to be a lot going on next week - but something tells me it won't be like a normal puffle party. For a start, there's no coloured boxes around the island anymore and the only construction is the Puffle Hotel. A bit strange, but that's just it. Plus, if you haven't seen yet, find the post where I tell you how to get mascots and other penguins into your igloo!
Now, I'll be going on holiday very shortly and Penguiin23 (the awesome designer) will maybe post a few posts, but nothing major. I've reached 75,000 pageviews this month, and I'm very proud! Thanks all for reading my blog - I would have a party, however because of the different time zones between myself and across the world, it never really would work. Also, if you look at the scrolling text (above the sliders and under the header) you can click on the link to read my latest story so far! It will be updated every three days, when the next part of my story comes out, so you won't have to keep going back and forth reading the different parts. The story will also continue through until April as there are kind of big sections to it. March is the puffles, April is the EPF, and I might continue if all goes well. Everything is pretty calm, and there's nothing much going on this week. Maybe next time I'll give you a few Club Penguin blog addresses to visit! That's all for now!
~Echo006 (Future Rainbow Puffle Owner)

Club Penguin Log Off Screen

Club Penguin have added a new log off screen. It shows us what we will be able to get at the Puffle Party! Oh wow, what a surprise!
In fact, I even knew that we'd have a bag of o-berries, because I saw it in one of the videos! Not even a surprise at all anymore. Oh well, I guess that's just how things are from now. I won't ever be able to do a "My Predictions" post ever again!

Penguins In Your Igloo - Trick!

Before I start, thanks to Perapin and Barta8 for telling me about this cool trick!
Here's a really cool glitch! If you have an old friend who you haven't seen for ages, or you're just looking to fool your friends by taking a picture of a mascot in your igloo, now you can! It's really simple, and the instructions are easy to follow :)

  1. Add the penguin you would like to put in your igloo! HINT: If you are trying to put a mascot in your igloo, you will need to meet them on the island, then add them before you can do this trick!
  2. Go to your igloo (You must have atleast 2 igloos, not just 1, so non-members can't do this) and click on your friends list.
  3. Next, pick any friend you would like to see in your igloo.
  4. Click the X on their playercard and the friends list (so you can see the screen better) and then click on the igloo button and change your igloo to another igloo you already own (Don't change the igloo on the igloo you're already using, go to a different one!)
  5. Once your other igloo has loaded, the mascot/whoever you have picked will be in your igloo. They can't move or speak, and they can't see you at all. It won't effect them - but it's nice to see their outfits ;)

I love this cool glitch as it's really fun and it will help me heaps to get penguins in my igloo for my latest story! This is awesome, and I love it - I hope Club Penguin don't fix it!

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Another Penguin

A voice shouted at us from behind. It was, of course, a penguin atleast. But were they bad or good? She waddled over to us and told us her name. Since we were all boys, on the mission, it was strange to find a girl penguin wondering about in the wilderness.
"Are you lost?" asked Perapin, kindly.
"Um, well, I was looking for my bracelet," she started," when I fell down that tall mountain and now I'm here. I don't really know where I am, and I don't know what I'm going to do!"
"Ok then, what's your name?" I asked her.
She said she was called Cliky Minty, but we could call her Minty.
"Hi Minty!" said Polo Field, greeting her with a warm smile. "Have you seen any strange puffles about?"
"No, I haven't been here for long. But I love puffles! Oh dear, what about my puffles? They must be so scared without me - they need feeding! How will I ever get back?"
"Well," began Brownie, "Someone is spying on us. We have to figure out who it is, but we think we might of found that out now." There were some more noises - the same as before, but this time they were coming from some tall trees. We waddled over to the noises, only to find more trees and a lake. I instantly knew where we were - the part nobody has ever explored. The part outside where the ninjas live.

To get here, you had to waddle through the trees in the snow forts and behind the tower clock, and you'd eventually come to the volcano. It was truly amazing, the sight. But we were on a mission. Pizzapuffy carefully stepped through the trees and gestured us all to come forward. Pen Que went first and we all followed in a single file line, including Cliky Minty. Bubsey froze. He had stepped on a thorn! If he screamed out loud then the puffles would be gone. He managed to hold his breath and take out the thorn, quietly. Any sound of movements and they would notice us. These were rare species and they didn't want to be disturbed. Polo jumped down and gasped quietly. Minty followed. I thought it was quite ironic, the two names, Polo and Mint but I couldn't think about that now. The mission continued and we all passed through the trees. Worse still, the puffles were on the other side of the lake! If we made sounds in the water, they would surely notice us. The robot had followed us and on the screen, it showed exactly what we saw in front of us. Five rainbow puffles jumping around in a circle. With no owners and nobody to look after them, these were wild puffles and could be very dangerous. None of us noticed the quiet shy rainbow puffle stop and jump quietly through the trees. They all followed, and we moved quicker and faster then ever before. We couldn't loose them now, not after so much hard work...

Daffo's Daily Visits: Red Nose Day!


Today is the last of my daily visits! Your support has been so brill! Thank you to everybody who has helped me raise awareness for Red Nose Day. Guess what…? It’s TODAY!!

To celebrate, let’s have a huge fundraising concert at The Lighthouse! Who wants to be in my band? I’m going to need drummers, guitarists and even tuba players! But most importantly I’d love you all to be RED!

I’ll see you on the server Blizzard at 4pm GMT smiley

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Rainbow Puffles Spotted!

It's actually much easier to spot a brand new puffle now, then it was a few years back. The majority of them always come around the same time, at the puffle party! The white puffle would only appear at the Dojo Courtyard, and not for very long at all! The yellow puffle was hidden in a forest, and hardly ever came out. The orange puffle came out at the Ski Lodge and the Box Dimension, but only ever half an hour. The brown puffle was never seen - apart from in a cave. Look at this...
It's a rainbow puffle. Why we didn't spot it seven years ago, I have no idea. Maybe they came from a different island. Maybe they don't like the snow, and prefer clouds. But why do they come down now? Strange, really. They come every two minutes - in three different rooms! 
 Yes, they visit the Dock, Ski Village and the Forest. They're quit strange, and very different to how the rumours used to spread. For a start, their stripes go down, not across. That was the first big mistake we thought. We didn't think that it would live in the clouds, obviously.
But that doesn't matter. What matters is, that we get this puffle as soon as possible! It's just missing a few colours - brown, pink, white and black! But I guess those colours don't appear in the rainbow...

Puffle Hotel Construction: Part 2

Quick! Grab a hard hat from the Ski Village or the Mine Cave, wear it without any other items and dance at the Plaza! Congratulations, you've just earned a stamp (unless you didn't do that, or have already earnt it)! Anyway, puffles are joining in - hard to tell which colour, but the construction is nearly complete! This hotel is going to be huge, and rainbow puffles are going to join in with us!
...It's nearly ready. Just a little bit higher, and when we reach the clouds, we'll be there. Yes, here at the Pet Shop there is going to be an elevator up to the Rooftop! I actually don't know how this is going to work, as Club Penguin have never had an elevator or buildings higher than two floors. This one will be huge, so it's not going to have any stairs - but how will it work?
Sorry to those penguins who are afraid of elevators or heights - this isn't the place for you! How about you head over to that old Puffle Spa at the Ski Village? Will that still be there? Oh wait, it's been moved to the Puffle Hotel! Wait, it's only a virtual world - no worries.

The Stadium

It's that time of year - Spring! The flowers are coming out, and the new animals are arriving. The ice is slowly melting, therefore the Ice Rink has been replaced with a Soccer Pitch (or Football Pitch).
...Looks good! A new Snow and Sports catalog has also arrived, however it's just the same as last year, so we won't bother with that.

March 2013 Furniture Catalog

I haven't posted much recently, apart from blog posts from Polo and Daffo - mainly because I've been quite busy, but that doesn't matter! Here's the new Furniture Catalog...
 HINT: There are no hidden items in the new section of the catalog! I think Club Penguin might be scrapping them altogether - I like it without them because it's easier to find the items! Here we've got three new items: a skating rink, a puffle carrier and an arcade game. I'd like it if you were able to change the colour of the arcade game, and what's on the screen - then I could make a huge arcade room.
 Next up, we've got some puffle things - all new! Unicycle tightrope, puffle stage, rainbow bridge, Puffle Shop shelf and a Puffle Shop till are the new items for the Puffle Party!
 Next up, we've got the lanterns and the couchs. The lanterns can be changed to any colour you want, however the couchs can't sadly. These are all OLD items!
 Plus, we see the return of some older furniture: April Fools themed! So, Club Penguin hasn't completely forgot about this party - however, I think it would be nice if they had a hidden item on this page for the Box Dimension! In addition to this, the RARE pinata and pink flamingo have returned! Lots of old items are returning now, so Club Penguin have kept their promise that they used to say on the back of the catalogs: all old items will return one day.
That's it for this month - sadly. there's no puffle igloo this time - but get the preparations ready for your rainbow puffle. I'd make the location in the mountains if I were you, because they like the clouds. That's all the advice I have - because we don't know what they're like at all, yet...

EPF Crime Scene Sneak Peek

 Yup, that's right! There's going to be a Crime Scene and I think you can guess where: The Pizza Parlor. EPF Agents will have to solve the crime - could this be a new mission, but different to the ones we have seen before?

 Looks interesting - someone has tried to smash the glass doors, bent a pipe and also some orange goo of some sort - pizza! I can't wait...

Daffo's Daily Visits: Day 3!


Yesterday’s puffle dance party was super fun wasn’t it? Blossom had a brill time too meeting all your fluffy friends!

For today’s visit, let’s have a fancy dress party for Red Nose Day! ‘Show you care with wacky hair…’ that works right? smiley

I’ll be on the server abominable TODAY at 4PM GMT, see ya there!

BTW, tomorrow will be the last of my Red Nose Day daily visits and be prepared… it’s going to be epic!

Waddle on!

-  Club Penguin Team


The EPF is the secret agency which watches over Club Penguin and tries to keep it safe. EPF Agents receive 350 coins every month, totalling up to 4,200 coins per year! The EPF is located at the "Everyday Phoning Facility" (in the Ski Village). The EPF hasn't always been on Club Penguin. It's first appearance arrived with the first ever DS Game, which my sister and I shared. It took me ages to complete all the missions, and alot of reading, but eventually I found myself at the end of them. Back in those days, the PSA was the only secret agency to be known on Club Penguin, until the DS game arrived. Penguins could get into the EPF Command Room, hidden in a wardrobe, and enter a brand new room. That all changed in the last mission of the PSA.

...When the Sports Shop (located at the Ski Village, and the PSA base) was exploded with popcorn, the PSA stopped and the EPF took over. I can remember first meeting Dot with Bouncer in Mission 1 of the EPF DS Game (back then, she had long hair - I think she cut it to help with her disguises) and then seeing her again in the PSA. Now, the EPF has many agents including;
  • Gary The Gadget Guy (Used to work for PSA - creates all gadgets)
  • The Director/Aunt Arctic (Writes newspaper, works for secret agencies)
  • Dot (Used to have long hair, then cut it short - excellent at disguises)
  • Rookie (First seen in Mission 3 of PSA, nickname because he is new to the team)
  • Jet Pack Guy (worked for PSA, and now EPF - has a jetpack)
  • Me (Done every single mission possible and ready for the EPF to rebuild)

Back in the EPF DS game, we were up against a robot called the Protobot (Gary created three robots before, hoping they would help him with work, then they turned evil, found his blueprints and built the Protobot, the ultimate robot leader who last appeared in May 2012). In the early PSA missions, we were learning about Herbert and his sidekick. Eventually, we almost captured them, until they exploded the Sports Shop. Since then, we had two unsuccesful missions: We tried to capture Herbert while in hibernation, but he escaped! More recently, he tried created Operation Blackout, and escaped - again. The main bad guy currently is Herbert. He's a polar bear who likes the sun - a brilliant original idea. Now, ever since the blackout, the EPF has been destroyed and we're currently repairing it. So far, Field-Ops are offline, and maybe soon we will get some new EPF missions. We'll just have to wait and see.
~Echo006 (Former PSA agent and currently EPF agent)

Puffle Party Trailer Video!

Hey Penguins,

Hope you're ready to pamper your puffles, because the Puffle Party is coming March 21st! This year we're opening a super-awesome new room... the Puffle Hotel! And let's not forget that members will be able to adopt a Rainbow Puffle for the very first time!

Check it out:

A puffle gym! Rooftop pool! RAINBOW PUFFLES! What are you looking forward to the most?

Until then, puffle fans... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Daffo's Daily Vists: Day 2!


Thanks to everyone who came to my bake sale yesterday - it was epic! Don’t worry if you didn’t make it because I’ll be visiting the Island again a little later on!

You’re all so brill at getting in the Red Nose Day spirit so I thought today we could get our puffles involved too!

Meet me on the server Ice Berg at 4pm GMT for a giant puffle dance off! I can’t wait for you to meet my pink puffle, Blossom!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Unexpected Visitor

The puffle was in fact, a puffle who was spying on us, as a machine. Pizzapuffy was trying to track down where the puffle was communicating to, but so far we hadn't found where. We were sitting in our warm cave, lit by a fire made by Perapin, when some more unusual sounds came from outside. Polo Field rushed out and he burst back inside shutting the door tightly. Bubsey Good asked what was wrong. Polo didn't even reply. Something was wrong! The fire had been blown out and we were now standing in complete darkness. Nobody said anything. Suddenly, the door opened and a figure stepped forward. Not just any penguin figure, but another machine. It was moving slowly towards us all, and we were backing away to the edge of the cave. Nobody knew why or what was happening. I stopped. Everybody was in the cave, and we all knew what we had to do. Pen Que opened the emergency exit door and we all jumped down onto the soft snow below. The machine followed and the cave was left deserted...
...The machine was gaining on us. Despite the fact there was only one machine, it was very tricky to get away from it. I sensed something was wrong and told the team to stop. The machine stopped. Then, we all carried on running and the machine quickly followed by. It had been programmed to follow us! Polo Field was great with gadgets and he quickly re-wired the machine so we could see who was on the other end. It wasn't just a penguin, it wasn't Herbert, it wasn't anybody like that! It was the group of rainbow puffles! They must of sent the yellow long haired puffle, as a disguise, and when that failed they made another machine, however they didn't have enough time to disguise it well as a tree or a rock. Airplane, Bubsey and Brownie slowly waddled forwards, confronting the puffles on the screen. As soon as they noticed us, they jumped up in shock. Perapin was the first to react, trying to be calm and to communicate with the puffles. Was this what Aunt Arctic had sent us here to find? A group of rainbow puffles?

Daffo's Daily Visits


So, because you were all so great last time, I’ve had a brill idea! In the lead up to Red Nose Day (this Friday in case you’ve forgotten) I’m going to go online every day! Let’s call it Daffo’s Daily Visits - see what I did there? Hehe, to give you all some ideas for cool fundraising activities that you can do with your friends and family this week for Red Nose Day, I thought we could try out some different ones around the island.

So, for today’s visit I will be on the server Crystal at 2pm GMT and I’ll be holding a Bake Sale in my igloo… Mmmm cake! XD

Hope you can make it!

Waddle on!

- Club Penguin Team

Featured Fashions


I hope you’re all brill! I’m super excited to tell you that I’ve adopted a new pink puffle named ‘Blossom’! She’s fluffy and bouncy and I can’t wait to show her off at the Puffle Party :). This edition of Featured Fashions is dedicated to all you puffle super-fans who like to show the world how much you love your pets!

I think Arhan20 looks so ace with his blue hair, shades, and guitar! I’m sure he loves to rock out with his blue puffle; the red cape looks super cool too!


Brookestar54 must love her pink puffle as much as I love mine! The ‘The Twilight Sky’ hair goes so lovely with the pink boa and t-shirt. Pink pink pink – looks brill!


Pink and yellow- my two favourite colours! Ghada 898, I really like your boa and checked shoes! I have to ask though… Is that candy floss for me or your yellow puffle? YUM! XD


Make way for some super-cool -ness! Megan74850 looks epic in the green ‘Pattys Hat!’ and matching green puffle T-shirt. Are you listening to ‘Gotta Have a Wingman' on that iPod? :p LOL


Thanks for being puffle-tastic! I’m off to give Blossom a tour of the Island :) Don’t forget to leave your nominations for Featured Fashions in the comments below; I’d also love to know the names of your puffles, and what you get up to together!

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Finding The Puffle

The team woke up very early in the morning. The sun hadn't risen and we could hear faint sounds in the distance. We decided to go check it out. Our job was to search for any signs of wildlife or any other peculiar things. Aunt Arctic never mentioned what things, but she knew something was wrong. She wouldn't of just sent out a bunch of famous penguins for nothing. She knew something that we didn't! But that didn't matter. After a few minutes of searching and climbing up to the highest mountains, we came to an open space and quickly tried to hide because of what we had seen. In the corner, with some old catalogues, we found some puffles. Not just any old puffles, but a group of rainbow puffles! They were mysteriously colourful and they were all happily dancing. Nobody spoke. If we did, then they might run away and we'd loose them. I stared at them intensely, and stood next to Polo Field. He was just as shocked as I was. Suddenly, they sensed something was wrong, and they all ran away, without a trace. No photographs or anything to prove their existence  Suddenly, a yellow long haired puffle came over to us. We were hiding in the bushes and behind the rocks behind, and the puffle looked puzzled, as if sensing something was wrong, but he couldn't understand what...

...Brownie was the first to move. He jumped up and grabbed the puffle and picked it up, feeling how heavy it was. Airplane asked what he was doing, but Brownie didn't reply. Eventually he said,
"This puffle has strange DNA samples. It isn't just an ordinary yellow long haired puffle, it has something peculiar about it."
"What would that be?" Perapin asked, staring at the strange puffle.
"It appears to me that it isn't a regular puffle. It's a puffle that has been made through a machine. In fact, if we just took off this long fur, it appears to be a wig! Underneath this," he said, cutting away some of the fur with his scissors, "is a mechanical robot!" Bubsey looked at Brownie in disbelief.
"You've really just gone and found a strange puffle and it turns out to be a robot?" exclaimed Bubsey.
"There wouldn't just be a robot puffle in the wilderness. It must be spying on us." said Polo Field.
"I agree, we have to get rid of it", Pizzapuffy said, "It could be listening to everything that we've been saying. We'll take it back to the base and find out what's really inside, and if it's communicating to something else."
Brownie held the robot tightly and we all walked back to our base, in a nearby cave. But what I couldn't understand most was that there really were rainbow puffles on the island! And who would be spying on us?