There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Latest Report

This report was created by the News Reporter, who is now a Super Villain...
Super Villains and Super Heroes are fighting downtown. All this chaos is crazy! The destructobot is destroying everything in its path, Club Penguin needs more superheroes. Stay safe, citizens. Club Penguin is in danger, yet a few penguins are running around like it is the end of the world. We advise you to stay in your igloo. The Club Penguin Police Officers have caught lots of Villains and a few robbers! The Pizza Parlor Manager says "All the money has been stolen! I don't know how this happened, I was washing the dishes when I heard a loud noise. I rushed out of the Kitchen to the safe, but all the money was gone!"A few penguins have said that they hate the war and wish for penguins to stop fighting, if you do not like this you are able to take a ride to Dinosaur Island. Everything is peaceful there...

The Dragons Have Returned...

I thought all those dragons exploded at the Medieval Party! I can't believe that they have returned, they are hiding up in the mountains waiting to attack :)
...How did it grow so big? Wait, isn't that a GIANT penguin dressed up as a dragon? I'm sure I can see that the penguin is a brown colour and it has flippers! I guess the Giant Penguins have returned :)

Be Right Back Login Screen

Club Penguin are doing some major updates! The new igloo experience will change everything for igloos, at the moment we are still waiting for the updates to be complete...

The News Reporter ~ My Stories and Adventures

...I woke up in my treehouse on an early Wednesday morning. Tommorow, the next issue of the Club Penguin Times would be posted! I needed to find some news, and quick! I slowly got dressed into my work clothes and took my camera down town...

No Updates...but can something BIGGER come tonight?

So chances are you all are disappointed at Club Penguin because they didn't update, you kept waiting for the new Field-Op and the new Club Penguin Times..but don't be! Remember that video on the new igloo feature? On a Twitter account used by a Club Penguin moderator called Polo Field (I am luckily his friend!) said that the new igloo feature will hopefully be tonight:D
But since today is the update day and nothing happened, this might mean that it might take some more time to finish..
Im still so excited about this! What about you? Leave your comments and let me know:)

More Marvel Takeover Fan Art

The citizens of Club Penguin have seen amazing sights! They have drew the pictures of superheroes and supervillains! Check out the Community page full of artwork :) Remember ~ click to enlarge the image!
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art
Those are really good drawings! I love the Iron Man picture, look at the details on the costume and in the background :)

Featured Fashions


Happy77 here. We know many of you are busy saving the island, or causing mayhem as a villain during the Marvel Super Hero Takeover! Hopefully you have time to check out some of the amazing fashions these penguins have been wearing:

Squidy2008 is showing their epic style with this gold viking helmet and crystal staff:


Major Updates Finished!

You have seen and lived all the changes I made to this blog, now the end of it has come...YAY! Now time to officially open the redesigned Echo006 in Club Penguin Blogger blog :) Now time to post all the things needed and I hope I will post every single day...every single post:D But I feel something is missing...

Marvel Superhero Logout Screen

After I logged out of Club Penguin, a brand new logout screen came to my attention :) Marvel Superhero Takeover ~ Suit Up!

My Stories and Adventures ~ The End Of It All

The legend said that the Shadow Ninjas would rise with their Rainbow Puffles. When everything came to an end, there was only one way out. The teleporter! There were tons of secret EPF gadgets around the island, it would be easy to get out of the dojo. Look, a field-op...

Aunt Arctic's Background

If you are lucky enough to meet Aunt Arctic, you will receive a background! If you already have her on your friends list, just click on her and claim the background without even having to meet her :)
I have met Aunt Arctic tons of times! I have her first ever background, I found her at the Penguin Play Awards. At Club Penguin's Anniversary Party, I met her about four or five times :) Have you spotted her yet?

Awesome Igloos

Wow! Here are some super cool igloos, one of them is mine!

Night with Miki5258

Earlier this year, I was invited to join my friend, Miki5258 at his igloo. I was interviewed by Miki and we had lots of fun. I hope you enjoy all these videos :)
This video was made when Rookie accidentally tilted the island!

Kristie and Echo...

In this small Club Penguin video, Echo and Kristie go on a trip to the Coffee Shop in disguise. This video was made one year ago, and isn't the best quality. Echo finds the magic bell, watch more to find out what happens next...
This video was made while Music Jam was going on. We had a lot of fun making the video :)

CP News Episode 5

Earlier in the series, there was a storm at the Dojo! In this episode, the friends forget about the news. Instead, there is something very serious. Explosions, bangs, storms, floods and lots more...
The boiler leaked, and the undergrounds flooded. Only one person (or fish) was happy! Fluff, the fish that lives underground. What happened to weel? Find out in the next episode...

The City ~ A Short Story

I love to waddle down the streets of Town. There are so many sights to see, lots of different smells and hundreds of penguins waddling about. Sometimes it can get a little bit crowded, the city is full of pollution! Spilt oil, trash and much more...

Club Penguin News

A few years back, I remember this video called "Club Penguin News." It is very funny :) Eel46, Online99 and Echo006 star in this short episode...
We accidently exposed the EPF secret, and lots of crazy things happened! Remember ~ stay safe in the city!

Club Penguin Superhero Fan Art

Over at the Community Page, Club Penguin have updated the Fan Art section. Let's have a look...

The Villains Strike Back ~ My Stories and Adventures

The Villains Strike Back!

After a long time of waiting, it was soon time for the Villains to attack. We were all ready, and when the destructobot came, we threw as many snowballs as possible...

Sneak Peek: New Igloo Experience Coming Soon!

Happy77 has made a video about the upcoming new igloo features! This brand new igloo experience will change everything! You will be able to like igloos, have up to three igloos, easier finding items and lots more. Click the video below to watch it and find out...
I cannot wait for these new updates! Now I will be able to save my lovely treehouse igloo, it will always be there :) I have saved many of my igloos over the years, now I will be able to look back at them and then decorate them again. I have wanted this feature for ages, and now my dream will come true...

Brand New Summer Theme...

Hey guys! So on this blog me, Echo006 and Woddylan are putting the finishing touches on this blog to make it look PUFFLETASTIC! Just as I was going to leave it Woddylan came in with a GREAT idea...what if we make a Summer vacation theme? I have tons of ideas for this but Woddylan isnt the one running this blog! So its up to you, would you guys like a Summer vacation theme? Comment on to let us know :D

New Header

Hey penguin pals! Today I uploaded a new header to the blog. I hope you all like it! Remember that me and Penguiin23 are updating this site to look brand new! Meanwhile, it is very hard but I am trying to stay home in a lodge I built. Anyone who agrees that they don't like war is welcome.
I hope you liked the header! Have a nice summer :)


Yummy Cookies

No matter how tempting they look, do not eat the cookies. I completed the Field-Op, but then I got tempted. I ate one and now I am a Super Villain! Please, reverse this horrible spell! I do not wish to be evil, I want PEACE!
Do not eat the cookies. The Super Villains may win, just close your eyes when doing the Field-Op :)

The Field Op

As I arrived at Dinosaur Island. I realised that I had forgotten to do the Field-Op! I immediatly teleported back to the Club Penguin island...

Finding Safety ~ My Stories and Adventures

This battle has gone on for too long! It seemed fun at first, but now it is just chaos. The destructobot is destroying everything! The Club Penguin that I used to know has been turned into a city. Everyone is fighting, so I needed a place to get away from all the noise. I teleported to the Iceberg, it is very quiet there. I must find safety, and quick :)