There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Puffle And The Headphones Video

Club penguin have added a new video to their youtube channel!
Awesome tunes little puffle! Keep rolling!

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Party 2011 Items EXCLUSIVE

The card-jitsu party is coming soon and I have found some exclusive items!

Body Items:
  • Ancient Dragon for 600 coins
  • Sage Fish for 400 coins
  • Snow Monkey for 550 coins
  • Fire Training Plates for free
  • Water Training Plates for free
Head Items:
  • Fire Headband (free, for everybody)
  • Water Headband (free, for everybody)
Feet Items:
  • Ancient Dragon Feet for 150 coins
  • Snow Monkey Feet for 150 coins
AWESOME! I can't wait to get the new items! Some will be available to members only and will need a required membership! FULL Credit to Trainman1405.

Club Penguin November Furniture Items EXCLUSIVE

BIG NEWS! I have found some of the November Furniture items!
  • Ninja Gate for 700 coins
  • Green Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Ninja Cauldron (Glowing pot thing) for 150 coins
  • Bamboo Stalks for 175 coins
  • Noodle Stand for 300 coins
  • Paper Screen for 475 coins
  • Bonsai Tree for 350 coins
  • Training Dummy for 500 coins
  • Blue Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Red Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Yellow Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Purple Paper Lantern for 30 coins
  • Card-Jitsu Mat for 700 coins
Full credit to Trainman1405 who told me about this! Wow! I can't wait to buy these items!

Club Penguin Collectable Erasers

Club penguin have made new erasers to collect!

Light Blue penguin and Yellow Puffle
Disney Club Penguin Eraser Light Blue Penguin & Random Puffle
Dark Blue penguin with Red Puffle
Disney Club Penguin Eraser Dark Blue Penguin & Random Puffle

Purple Penguin and Black Puffle
Disney Club Penguin Eraser Purple Penguin & Random Puffle
Theres lots more to check out! Have you seen them?

Club Penguin Times Issue #314

Aunt Arctic has written the next issue of the Club Penguin Times. Here are the headlines.

New Pufflescape Game Out Now!

Card-Jitsu celebration and no Card-Jitsu Snow!

Check out this years winners for the Igloo Contest!

The Upcoming Events

Wow! I can't believe there is no card-jitsu snow! But non-members will be able to play the game for a certain amount of time! :D

Club Penguin Fan Art

Wow! This weeks fan art are amazing!

Great work! I love all the details! See earlier Fan Art

Penguins Around The World

Wow! The penguins have been busy playing games this week!

Wow! Must of been some awesome adventures going on! See earlier Penguins Around The World


This months edition of TOP SECRET Links is about the Halloween Party. Many of you know, the halloween party is now over but you can still get there with a link!
To get the haunted house and secret lab you must click this link: Halloween Party

Now you can get to back to the party! AWESOME!

These links are exclusive to Echo006 In Club Penguin and you will have to comment and I might give you the link under various conditions. These links also get updated every month so they are always changing.
See Earlier TOP SECRET Links

Club Penguin Colouring Page

Club penguin have made a new colouring page! This is a member of the Penguin Band!
Click the image to print.

Have you coloured it in? Best Fishes!

Puffle Hats - Penguin Poll

Club penguin have changed their poll! This time, it is about Puffle Hats!

  • I’ve bought one!
  • I’m saving up my coins so I can get one
  • I don’t want a hat for my puffle
  • Puffles can wear hats? No one told me!

What did you decide to vote for? I've bought one!

New Message From G

I was taking a break from Pufflescape when i noticed there was a new message from G!

After agents have completed this week's Field-Op, you may take the rest of the week off to play the new Pufflescape game. Enjoy!

Thats exactly what I'm doing G!

Hot Sauce Pin

There is a new pin on Club Penguin! It is called the hot sauce pin.
If you look in your stampbook, the pin will have the wrong date! BUG!


After a few weeks, Club Penguin has finally added Pufflescape in the pet shop! There are lots of levels to complete and some need required membership!
Club Penguin Pufflescape in the Pet Shop
These are the instructions. AWESOME! Have you played it?
Club Penguin Pufflescape in the Pet Shop
We tested this in Beta Team and its origanal name was Rollerscape! I guess they decided to change it.

New Login Screens

Pufflescape is the newest game to Club Penguin and there is now a login screen about it!

Also there is another login screen about a Card Jitsu Party!

Even non-members can go inside the fire dojo and water dojo! AWESOME!

Pufflescape Stamps

Club penguin have added pufflescape stamps! Awesome!
Club Penguin Pufflescape Stamps
Have you got any yet? I haven't so far...

Penguins At Work - Sushi Master

The Sushi Master is now available to buy! Penguins at work will be making sushis very soon...

This item has a special dance!

AWESOME! The sushi tastes really nice! Why don't you try some?

Club Penguin November 2011 Penguin Style Catalog

There is a new pengin style catalog!
Club Penguin Style November 2011 Cheats
New Backgrounds!

Awesome new items!

And this months Penguins At Work is Sushi Master!

AWESOME! There are a few hidden items too... Can you find them?

Club Penguin Field-Op #54

All EPF Agents check your spy phone! Its time for a new field-op!

It is at the mine near the Puffle Rescue! INCOMING TARGETS

Gary will tell us it is now safe!

AWESOME! I can't wait to play Pufflescape

November 2011 Pay Day

Today penguins got paid for their hard work as either a Tour Guide, an EPF Agent or even both!
I'm going to spend mine on the Penguin Style.

Penguins Around The World

After Aunt Arctic left the Anniversary Party she decided to show us some pictures of the penguins waddling around the world! I wonder where they will go...

Calving Pumpkins!

This one looks like it has eyes inside it or is that just a puffle?


On the beach with Herbert and Kluzty!

Happy Birthday White Puffle!

The pink puffle decided to go on Club Penguin!

Then the orange and purple puffle got in a car and drove away

The white puffle got a party hat too!

The puffles and their owner dressed as a fairy.

Club penguin hair salon! Look at the puffles hairstyles! Great work Cadence!

Then Aunt Arctic made a new friend, a parrot!

And the red and white puffle played DJ3K.

Wow! It sounds like they had a fun time! I wish I went too!