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My Penguin 1.2 Update!

Hey penguins! Yes, it's me, Echo posting from the iPad. Summer's almost over so I'm getting back on track! Here's an exclusive post about all the cool new features of the FREE My Penguin app :D 

Let's start with the home page. It used to look like this:

But now...

Most of the things are just the same like sushi drop, and dressing up your penguin. A few noticeable features are the new map which shows you what games you can play and also Igloo Village and editing your igloo! Let's start with the games...

Click on the map or the games icon on the new chat bar feature. This map will show up! 

There's lots of games you can play! There are three new games. Bean Counters is just the same as on the computer, but with a few extra details and of course, using your fingers to touch instead of a mouse to move! Jetpack Boost is an all new game...

If you've ever played Jetpack Joyride you would understand how this game works! Tap to go higher and if you don't tap you'll stay low near the ground. Keep your finger on the iPad to stay up high! It's very simple! 

Make sure not to hit the obstacles!

Hit the jetpack to get your bar full! When it's full tap on the jetpack at the bottom and you'll get a huge boost and can fly through obstacles! 

The robot penguin will help you! If you crash into an obstacle, it will keep you going and the robot penguin will disappear! 

This is a great game! It can be quite hard, but easy when you get the hang of it! 

There are also goals to complete which give you more coins! That's all for this game!

Igloo Village is great fun! You can visit your friend's igloos, popular igloos or everyone who is on Igloo Village currently! 

Pick an igloo to visit...

The best part about igloo village is the 3D penguins and interacting with each other!

You can also chat with each other!

Decorating your igloo is easy! Just click on the igloo edit button in the corner, and drag the item you want to put in your igloo onto the screen! This is how my igloo looks!

The igloo above is an exclusive My Penguin igloo! There are now 5 catalogs to choose from too! Furniture Catalog...

Igloo catalog!

Snow and Sports

Martial Artworks and as always, the Penguin Style!

You can also view your settings on the homepage in the top left hand corner! View your amount of freinds, your ignore list and how old ou are! 

That's it for the 1.2 update :D My favorite feature has to be the igloo village and decorating your igloo on the go!