There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Latest Updates

Right now, I'm somewhere in the middle of no where and I need help! All I can see is nothing! I'm so far away from Club Penguin...

More Underwater Fan Art

The Underwater Party just passed and lots of penguins drew exciting adventures. Rockhopper has kindly let me borrow his laptop, but some things don't really work, so this week I will post the whole image! A wonderful mermaid exploring the deep with her pink puffle...

UNRELEASED March Penguin Style Catalog Items EXCLUSIVE

February has only just begun, but Club Penguin updated their files with loads of new items for the Puffle Party!

Body Items:

  • White Electro Shirt for 250 coins
  • Purple Polka-dot Dress for 350 coins
Head Items:
  • The Strawberry for 250 coins
  • The Blueberry for 250 coins
  • The Watermelon for 250 coins
  • The Blackberry for 250 coins
  • The Lime for 250 coins
  • The Banana for 250 coins
  • The Grape for 250 coins
  • The Coconut for 250 coins
  • The Orange for 250 coins
  • The Pear for 250 coins
  • The Red Licorice for 250 coins

Club Penguin Hoodie with Red Puffle

Club Penguin have made a new awesome hoodie with a Red Puffle on it!

Helping Rockhopper and Spy Phone Message

At the moment, I'm helping Rockhopper get ready for something big! I won't be blogging as much as I used to because there is not good Internet Connection out at sea...

Fashion Show Homepage

The homepage for the Club Penguin Fashion Show has been decorated with lots of designers, photographers, models and more!
The animation is really cool! You should check it out...

Fashion Show Login Screen

When logging into Club Penguin for the second time, I noticed a new Login Screen! This screen will tell you how many days you have left to own the runway:
Be sure to find Cadence, the party ends soon...

Featured Igloo - Niamhat32

Check out the latest Featured Igloo, Niamhat32! I love all the different rooms inside this igloo. Well Done!

Unreleased Furniture Items EXCLUSIVE

The Furniture Catalog of February 2012 is coming up soon, here are some exclusives of what the items will be:

  • Cavern Couch for 450 coins
  • Cavern Chair for 350 coins
  • Dinosaur Skull for 500 coins
  • Dinosaur Bones for 250 coins
  • Sewing Table for 450 coins
  • Mannequin for 200 coins
  • Catwalk for 575 coins
  • Violet Velt Rope for 195 coins
  • Judge’s Tables for 300 coins
  • Judge’s Chair for 200 coins
  • Fashion Box Boxes for 350 coins
(Thanks Trainman1405)

Fashion Show Login Screen

Club Penguin have added a new Login Screen to replace the old Underwater Expedition screens. This login screen advertises how membership means more:
Members get perfect runway styles! Fashion Show Feb. 1-14

The Fashion Show Is Here!

This is a message from Happy77:


The Fashion Show has arrived at the Gift Shop! Check out all the penguins dressed up in the latest styles:

Let us know what you like best about the Fashion Show! What was your favorite item, and what would you like to see in the future? 

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team
Those penguins certainly have a SWEET Fashion Show! Check out that penguin with the BETA hat! Get Groovy now at the Gift Shop. Only 13 days left...

Fashion Show Details

The Fashion Show has a range of different details at the Gift Shop. Firstly, if you waddle over to the sewing machine in the corner it will make a bigger material!

My Playercards

The Fashion Show is here and I'd thought I'd show you some of my awesome outfits! The playercards below will be featured on the Sidebar and show you what I'm wearing! Take a look at some of my sweet outfits:

Club Penguin Times #328

The first ever Club Penguin Fashion Show is on now! Read more from the Club Penguin Times...

Field-Op #67

If you are not an EPF Agent do not read this post! Your Spy Phone is on RED Alert! All EPF Agents to the Command Room!

Fashion Show - Penguin Poll BUG

Over at the Community Page you can vote on the latest Penguin Poll! The first ever Fashion Show is going on in the Gift Shop! What will you be? I picked a photographer but sadly...

Penguin Style Catalog February - March 2012

Own the Runway at the first ever Club Penguin Fashion Show! Firstly, you will need to get some outfits from the latest Penguin Style Catalog. Check it out:

Fashion Show Banners Animated

The Fashion Show is now here! Club Penguin have updated their banners and this is how they look animated:

Fashion Show Coming Soon!


The new clothing catalog and Fashion Show are almost ready! For those of you that asked, the event will launch by tomorrow morning, Penguin Standard Time. Thanks for your patience, everyone!

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the runway:

The Fashion Show will be happening at the Gift Shop, and everyone will be able to take part in it! We can't wait to see everyone dressed up for the event. 

In other news... Have you seen someone wearing an amazing outfit worth mentioning? Let us know their penguin name and what you liked best about their outfit! We'll pick a few fabulous fashionistas from your comments to feature here on the blog. 

Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

Featured Igloos - February 1

This is a message from Happy77:

You picked some amazing igloos last week! Here are a few of my favorites:

Luke89960 said: "I think my friend Juliette 3, her igloo is amazing it's like the Underwater Expedition it's really really cool you should check it out!!!" Here it is:

Juliette 3_edit.jpg

UK EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Magazine

This is a message from Billybob:

Hello Penguins!

I'm happy to announce that we're releasing our first ever Club Penguin magazine in the UK! The first issue hits newsagents this February, and I think you'll love it. 

The magazine is full of activities, puzzles, jokes and artwork. If you've ever wondered what my igloo looks like, be sure to pick up a copy...

Here's a sneak peek:


1 Day Left!

There is only 1 day left to explore the Underwater Maze and meet Rookie! Be quick!

Official Club Penguin Magazine

On February 9th 2012, Club Penguin will have their very own magazine!

Club Penguin Videos

This video was made a long time ago yet it is still very funny! Instead of Nyan Cat, Club Penguin have made a Nyan Puffle! Click the video below to watch it...

Club Penguin Comics

Today I'd thought I'd show you some awesome Club Penguin Comics. If you want to see a bigger version of the funny comics, just click them to enlarge them!
 Club Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin ComicsClub Penguin Comics
To view more funny comics just take a visit to the Community Page by clicking on Comics underneath the header!

The Deep Safe Chat Messages

If you use Safe Chat, you might of noticed some new messages! Club Penguin usually put them near the top, but this time they're at the bottom. Check it out:
There are loads of cool messages for penguins on Ultimate Safe Chat to choose from! Let's clean up this mess!

Club Penguin Notebooks

Credeal has found some new Club Penguin Notebooks! Check out this cool one with Puffles playing about:

Authour Applications

BIG NEWS! My other blog is now called Echo006 CP and will be taking Authour Applications! Just comment below telling me your name and answer these questions:

E-Mail (required to send application form)
Why you want to be an Authour
How will you improve the blog

Remember - this blog has just begun on January 1st 2012 so is not very popular yet. I'm sure with all my authours you will do a really good job! If your form is really good, then you will be able to become an authour of the other blog! There will be a maximum of 10 authours allowed, so be quick! Click here to comment with your form. (Comments will NOT be published)

New Funny Pictures

As the Underwater Expedition is almost finished, I've decided to make some Funny Pictures!

Echo was so shocked when he saw that Herbert had gone, he fell in the Recycle Bin!