There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Holiday Party and Coins For Change Videos

Here's two awesome videos about Coins For Change and the Holiday Party!

Wow! Do you think we'll get the colour Arctic White? Take a look at the next video...

Wow! I can't believe we've made such a difference! Come on, we have to keep on giving. Let's keep donating!

Information about the holiday party!

This a short message from Polo Field about what to expect from the super cool holiday party!

Hope you're as excited about the upcoming party as we are! We've heard lots of different questions from you, so I thought we'd answer a few of them here on the blog.

When does the party start?
Next week - December 20!

Which mascot will be visiting? Will Aunt Arctic be here this year?
Rockhopper will be here on his own this year to give more people the chance to meet him! You can bet he'll be telling fantastical, festive stories and causing a ruckus with snowball fights at the Dock and the Beach. He may even be giving out a new free background...

Where do I get the new Cookie, Blue Music Notes and Frozen Smiley emotes?
The new emotes are going to be added to the Emote menu in everyone's chat bar December 20 to January 2! Here's what you'll see:

Use 'em like crazy, because they'll only be available during the Holiday Party!

How do I win the holiday Igloo Contest?
The Holly Jolly Igloo Contest starts TODAY! Judges will be looking for creativity, originality, and tons of holiday cheer. For more details, check this week's Club Penguin Times.

And if you see a igloo that YOU think deserves attention, post it in the comments below! We'll make sure the judges see it (smile)

New Igloos and Furniture!

There's going to be a few little changes on my posts. For a start, I'm not going to be posting boring updates such as bugs and community updates like a poll. I'm sure you've all heard of it before you read my blog. Also, the pictures will be larger because I can fit them in now thanks to my new design from Penguiin23! There won't currently be any authours, and the reason for not posting was actually because there was nothing interesting to post about :) Plus, we'll try to be a little bit happier rather than saying negative things! This also means more smiley faces :)
Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays! But it wouldn't be a holiday if your igloo wasn't decorated, would it? Come on down to the igloo catalog and we'll find the perfect holiday igloo just for you...
 The Snowy Backyard is awesome! I wish they'd bring the turf back though. I loved that igloo! Plus, we've got another gingerbread house. This one's freshly baked!
 But who would buy an igloo with no furniture in it? We've got to decorate that tree, and get all the presents wrapped up ready for Christmas Day! To the furniture catalog...
 Wow, you can buy the tinker train engine and car to wrap up as a present and place it under the holly jolly tree! Grab a stocking for santa to see and put some holiday lights up too :)
 ...If you're sick of that old picket fence in your garden, then buy a candy fence! It's perfect for keeping your puffles safe ~ unless they bite their way through it! It's going to get very frosty outside, so you can build an ultimate frost kingdom with icicles, snowflakes, a throne and pillar!
 And if you still haven't found what you wanted, you can get a house set! There's a cozy blue door and a red house with a green house! Don't forget your holiday fireplace to hang up your stockings on!
Seems like everyone's igloos are now fully decorated! But wait, we're missing some items? Remember to move your mouse around the catalog page until you find some sparks! Then click on it and you can find a secret hidden item! Sadly, this year there won't be much snowball throwing as there are no snow forts and walls. There's always next year :)

The Belt ~ Fact File

Have you noticed a tiny detail at the Ski Village? There's a belt on the Ski Lift. But why? It's time to find out more about this mysterious belt...
 ...Back in August 2007, there was an avalanche caused by Herbert. This also caused the ski lift to stop working, so penguins couldn't get up. This included dancing penguin, who usually hangs around Club Penguin in different missions. He asked us to fix the Ski Lift, so you've got to find something, but where?
 Back in those days, the Sports Shop hadn't been destroyed. Again, another thing caused by Herbert. So, by grabbing a belt of a penguin statue, it would cause his trousers to fall down! Apparently, it was fun!
 ...Then, penguins placed it onto the ski lift. It was one, very strong belt. It should do the trick, until G can fix it. So, this means that G never fixed it! Or did he?
 For at the old Ski Village, there was no belt to be found. So, either this belt is different or it just got lost in the snow and wind during the blackout.
Luckily, Rory and his workers fixed it again, by adding the belt. Gary should really fix this soon!

Holiday Party Room Sneak Peek

Spike Hike sure does post tons of sneak peeks on his twitter account. Check out this picture of the dock, in the Holiday Party! It looks awesome...
I can't wait for the Holiday Party! Seems like this holiday party will be better than any before.