There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Short Blog Break

I won't be posting from today onwards until Monday ;) Have a lovely weekend! Trick-Or-Treat ;)

The Field-Op

To help contribute to the Halloween Party, go check your Spy Phone. It should look something like this. Click on it and teleport to the Command Room to get your orders. Herbert said he'd attack when we were least expecting it right, well...Since Gary is so caught up in this mystery he might not notice what Herbert is planning. If Gary actually has twitter, he'd have tons of tweets and we'd foil Herbert's plans tommorow. But no, that's not how it goes so let's just play along, expecting Operation Blackout to come next week or the week after. Be on top guard...
 ...Those notes that we found last week say that Gary's Uncle was researching some strange thing ~ similar to Gary's monster maker. So to rephrase this: Garlwald created an invention to do with ghosts, goblins, creatures of the nights and then the ghosts came along and he disappeared. The ghosts took him away and turned him into a ghost? Well, the mansion with 9 rooms will obviously be at the Forest...
 ...Right here, there will be an entrance to the mansion ~ but why does it get here? We'll find out soon enough for sure. Gary's gone totally crazy on this and this could cause the whole island to be destroyed ~ but he doesn't read my blog and there's no way he can communicate with us so what's the point.
 You're gonna have to use a passcode to get into the trees. I'd just push my way through ~ but this is EPF Style. Sensible, and boring.
 Yeah yeah, click the rectangle. Ok, click the circle. DONE!
 So what you've just done means that ghosts can now get through into the island. They've told us already that they're coming ~ but why is it that they only appear in October?

Halloween Background

Below is the background I will be wearing to the Halloween Party. Why? Because it is rare, it's got a moon and pumpkins and a fence. Seems pretty cool to me.
Do ye like it? What background are YOU going to wear at the party?

Big News ~ My Predictions

Herbert has his own twitter account! He's now talking to penguins around the island, just tweet him and he'll be sure to give you a reply like this. "Silence little Trainman, or I shall ensure you go off the rails" LOL The person who is really sending all these tweets is most likely a moderator, but get this: Herbert's told everybody now that Operation Blackout is coming next month when we least expect it. Here's a picture from Lane Merrifield (Also known as Billybob)

A Message From Gary

Gary has put some signs up around the island. At the plaza, forest and the Town you can see a board with a picture on it. There are ghosts that hover around it, it seems very spooky!
Have you seen this inventor? Oh my, next week there's going to be a mystery! It involves ghosts, a storm, a mansion with 9 rooms, lots of decorated places and scary costumes! Get ready, this year, the halloween party is going to be the biggest, the baddest and the best of all time (hopefully if it doesn't have any bugs)

Igloo Catalog October 2012 ~ Creepy Cavern

Now, if you've got all your items, you're going to need somewhere to put them, right? You can't just have any old igloo ~ you'll have to have a creepy igloo. Don't worry, the ghosts won't haunt you ~ yet!
 ...If you're a super villain (that includes you, Herbert) or a dragon (yes, even statues) you need somewhere to hoard your treasures. Creatures of the night (is that vampires?) this cavern is for you! Nah, try the cozy cottage, it's a more natural setting!
Good luck with decorating!

Furniture Catalog October 2012 ~ Halloween

Of course, if you're going to enter the scary igloo contest, you're going to need some upgrades. Let's check out what new items you can decorate your igloo with! Look at the spooky cover, that doll creeps me out.
 ...Wow! Check out these creepy new arrivals. There's going to be werefwolfs about with that full moon, and if you sit on that seat ~ you never know, it might just get up and walk around. Be careful with these items! Light a cande le with the gothic candle holder and read a story with the cursed volume. You'll need a shady lamp though, and a batty chaise lounge to lie down on.
 Had any deaths recently? No problem! Get this tombstone to bury your loved ones in ;) Add a black widow window to brighten up your room and a nightmare vortex to swallow you hole.
 ...Seen these items before? Yup! The perched puffle statue changes faces! Look into the future with the crystal ball and lock up your property with the iron gates.
 Need a cut-out to live in? Get the haunted mansion and all some spooky Jack-O-Lanterns to brighten up your village. Why not use some old igloos, like the Trick-Or-Treat igloo to add effect.

Enter The Scary Igloo Contest!

Every few months, Club Penguin holds an igloo decorating contest. The winner gets lots of coins, featured in the newspaper and some rare items ;) That's how it usually works. So, this time ~ the theme is obviously Halloween. If you're an extreme decorator (like me) then you will have tons of items over the years you've been collecting. If so, you'll have an advantage as you may have the Jack-O-Lantern igloo, the old pumpkins, the old graveyards, and other things like that. Those are great for making your igloo look better. You'll have to add a few new items too from the catalog.
...Once you have completed decorating your igloo click the yellow igloo sign in the bottom corner of your igloo ;) Then, click yes. If you have any changes, then remember to submit your igloo again once you have changed it. The previous igloo will be deleted and the judges will not see the old igloo. That's pretty much all you need to know, so get decorating :)

The Dark Night: The Storm ~ Part 2

This is the second part of my story: The Dark Night ;) Thanks to Bubsey Good for helping me with the storm features. This is the next day in our story. Ghosts and ghouls are coming soon...
I walk across to where I spotted the octopus. No sign of him. I just can't stop thinkin' about him. He's gotta be somewhere around here, but there's a feeling that he's only me imagination. I don't care what anybody else thinks, I have to find him. There's something that rings a bell about him ~ maybe I've seen him in a book or somewhere but me mind just don't know where. It's then that it happens. I look out at the sea, then up at the sky. Is it just me? No, can't be, the whole sky is filled with clouds ~ storm clouds.

 ...I look around me ~ they're everywhere. Must of crept up on me without me noticing. I only had me eyes on the sea, looking for that octopus. Still can't see him. Wonder what's happened with the sky. This has never happened in the snowy land before. We've never had lightning, rain, sun or even snow. Club Penguin's weather has always been the same. Don't know where the light comes from. I gotta get a better look at this storm. I enter the Lighthouse, not stopping to listen to the band playing on the stage. Up the stairs, to the beacon. The light's shining brightly ~ as it should be. Gives me a clear view up ahead. It's real.
 ...I have to get closer. If I was the first penguin on this island to discover why and what the clouds were doing here ~ I'd be rich, and famous! Out of the corner of me eye, I spot something. It's kinda like a shooting star but I know it's not. It's more than that. Maybe a meteor or something heading towards another island nearby Club Penguin. It can't harm me. It ain't gonna do nothing to harm me. So without thinking, I grab a jetpack and take off into the clouds of mist above the island.

Awesome Penguins ~ Bubsey Good

Bubsey Good has been very helpful, caring and kind. He has helped me to create my latest story using the storm technique ;) He posts lovely comments on my blog and loves all my stories! Great work, Bubsey :) He also has his own blog where he posts awesome things about Club Penguin. This is his fantastic, creative moose costume! I'm loving those boots ;)
 ...Wave to the camera! Blow the whistle ;) Congratulations, Bubsey Good

The Dark Night: The Octopus ~ Part 1

This is a short preview of my next story. It's only the introduction, mind since the rest will be made at the Halloween Party. Yup, so just enjoy now and read on... It's meant to be scary, but I don't think it will until later on in the story ;) There's many more parts to this story and each part will come over the next few weeks.
Do you remember that day? I bet you don't. Nobody knows except for me. The night he came was the night that everything changed ;) This is my story ~ it began in April 2008 :) The year China held the Olympics. It wasn't that long ago if you think about it, but most penguins weren't alive then. I created my penguin shortly after the April Fools Party finished. I think it might of been April the 3rd, don't ya think? Yeah, I missed the best April Fools Party in Club Penguin history. Anyway, there I was sitting down fishing with my rod when I notice something strange, ye see? So I look out at the shore and guess what I see?

 I goes up and gets my binoculors and look out as far as I can. It's a dark night, the stars are shining and there's clouds over the coast. I look down a bit then see a floatin' octopus with a wig on! My, I think, I must be seeing things! Wonder if there's any news about this floatin' thing.
 Its April 10, 2008 yes that's the date now that I think about it. Aunt Arctic's just been promoted to Head Writer! If only you know who she really was. Yes, but I don't see no octopus news so it must only be me eyes. I look back, but nothing. Nothing. The sea was blank ~ not an octopus to be seen. Yeah, I thought somebody was playing tricks on me. But no. It had to be me imagination. I'm always doing things like that. So I just think nothing of it until the next year, when the dreadful news arrives...

New Blog and Bloggers!

Most of you should of heard of Polo Field and Businesmoose. If you haven't, then you obviously are very new to Club Penguin and may need to explore the internet to find out more about Club Penguin's history. The Club Penguin Times Office is a great place to start ;)
Greetings Penguins! 

Happy77 here. Remember that sneak peek I posted of the New Blog we've been working on? Guess what? We're planning to launch it next week!

Along with the new blog, I have some other exciting news... We'll have two new official bloggers posting news and updates here on the What's New blog. Some of you may already know them... Polo Field and Businesmoose!

Polo Field 350px.pngBusinesmoose 350px.png

What you probably didn't know is that they've have been helping me since I first started blogging and making videos! They're both very nice guys, so be sure to introduce yourself. :)

Please join me in welcoming Polo Field and Businesmoose to the What's New Blog! 

In other news... we'll be shutting down comments on the blog at 4pm Penguin Standard Time today. We'll enable comments once the new blog has been launched next week!

Waddle On! :)

Penguin Style October 2012 ~ Halloween Styles

Oooh! It's very scary at the Gift Shop. I've just seen a nice penguin turn into a scary werewolf! There's a guy who has got a grave digger! I hope penguins are being careful ;) Halloween has crept upon myself this year as I can remember when, last year, I was posting about the Halloween Party. A whole year has sneaked up on me! Wow, that's like 1000 posts in one year ~ yikes! Anyway, seems like I'm the odd one out. I better get some styles on, would you care to join me?
 First stop ~ the backgrounds for your player card! Ooh, I'll take those new ones but not the old ones. I've already got them and it won't let me buy them twice.
 ...Mmm that costume is delicious! I'll take that and eat it at the movies ;) Not too sure about that bat...
 ...This is more my style! Less Halloween, except for that skull on his t-shirt. Nah, too scary...
 This reminds me of a doll. A scary one that kills at night. Oh and a pirate costume? Now that's just what Rockhopper would love to see in a catalog.
 Didn't that mummy come from the Quest for the Golden Puffle? Oh, that trick or treating thing ~ you get sweets? Wow, that would be cool. But I have a better Jack-O-Lantern...
 Seriously, you wouldn't be able to see where you were going with that costume! Hey, I saw that last year. Oh well, guess we'll have a load of headless penguins wondering arond now. Great ;)
 ...Oh my! That's one scary werewolf. Don't even think about digging up graves ~ I guess that's where the ghosts come from. Just make sure you don't bury anyone alive!
That's alot of items for one catalog. Seems like my photographs look pretty good, hey? Anyway, make sure not too eat too many sweets! They give you bad teeth ;)

Halloween Sneak Peeks ~ SPOILER ALERT!

Wow! There have been tons of sneak peeks of the upcoming Halloween party. Seems like this party is going to be the biggest, the baddest and the best party yet! It has a super cool mansion ~ no third party advertising (hopefully!) and a super big mystery! We'll be turned into ghosts, go back to the past, the sky will change once again (100% chance according to the newspaper) Seems like everything is kicking off this October. Polo Field has posted quite a few sneak peeks ~ him outside the Haunted Mansion and inside some weird place. You will of seen those if you have been looking at Wiki and Twitter ;)

Here's a photo before we begin, sorry that the image is blurry. It was either a blurry picture or a tiny picture that you could barely see. I've brightened the image so you get a good idea of what items are in the room. Seems like this is the fortune teller room ~ also known as the Attic which usually doesn't get decorated for rooms at all...
 Welcome, foolish mortals … or should that be, foolish penguins?
The folks over at Disney’s Club Penguin are planning a Halloween Party that will begin at the social-media site on Oct. 18. But you can get a sneak peek of all the frightening festivities by entering a special code found over on the Disney Parks Blog.
If you hop into your Doom Buggy and head over to the Club Penguin site for an advance look at some of the holiday fun, you’ll find a special haunted mansion that has been inspired by the iconic dark ride found at Disney parks. Disney says it’s the first time that its theme-park content has been incorporated into Club Penguin.
At the party, Club Penguin denizens can explore the nine-room mansion and find a frightful fill of familiar sights seen inside the Haunted Mansion here and at other Disney parks.
Also as part of the festivities, Club Penguin participants can check out the mansion’s ballroom, complete with feasting table and floating instruments. There they can interact with a fortune teller (see photo above) who also can be seen on the Haunted Mansion ride. Plus they can see another familiar sight of fright: a horseless hearse.
In addition, Club Penguin participants can dress up their penguins in maid and butler costumes familiar to anyone who dares enter the haunted houses in Disneyland, here or in other parks.
According to Disney, more than 6 million people took part in last year’s Club Penguin Halloween Party, making it one of the biggest online events for kids.
The party will run from Oct. 18 to Nov. 1, during which time a lot more surprises will be revealed.
Seems like there's even more surprise to come! Now we can confirm that the anniversary hat this year, as in the picture of the Yearbook Game Cards only available in the UK ~ Blue and Gold. I always like the hat to be a surprise ~ I've never had any clue of what the hat would be like before, but blue and gold are way better than last year's hat ~ it was dark and horrible and pointy. Yuck! I prefer the 3rd Anniversary. Anyway, all that will happen on the 24th while the Halloween Party goes on. Gary will be around on the island and Aunt Arctic should be reporting on the news at the Coffee Shop like she always does.
If you’re a Haunted Mansion fan, you’ll want to drop in on this year’s Club Penguin Halloween Party with a special code just for Disney Parks Blog readers.
The 2012 Club Penguin Halloween Party
Our friends at Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek inside their online haunted mansion before the party begins on October 18 and no “foolish mortal” can miss the nods to the real thing. You’ll instantly recognize a familiar pipe organ in the ballroom and a few other items.
  • Fortune Teller: The fortune teller station in the Attic of’s haunted mansion was inspired by the Disneyland Haunted Mansion ride.
  • Horseless Hearse: In the Club Penguin Forest, there’s a Horseless Hearse similar to the one at Disneyland park.
  • Maid and Butler Costumes: The Club Penguin team tried to replicate cast members with some of their Halloween Party costumes, giving the maid and butler costumes dark eye shadows.
Club Penguin Halloween Party - Maid CostumeClub Penguin Halloween Party - Butler CostumeClub Penguin Halloween Party - Ghost Sheet Costume, Free for Disney Parks Blog Readers

Of course there’s more, but you’ll need to discover those items for yourself on October 18. To hold you over, we’re offering a free Ghost Sheet Costume for Disney Parks Blog readers. Visit and enter code CHILLING beginning today.

The Field-Op

Finally, I've been able to access the Field-Op :) Time to find out what Gary wants. He has been acting very strangely lately ~ Something about his history isn't it? Yeah, well lets get going! First of all, you will need to teleport to the Command Room. If you aren't an EPF Agent yet, then you'll need to figure out how to become one ;) Only skilled penguins are in this force (That's like 90% of the population, and the other 10% don't play Club Penguin anymore) Gary, don't interfer with mysterious. You'll end up getting a time machine, right? All bcause of your lost grandad. Well, seems like an adventure to me....
 ...Look! There's something in here ~ but it's locked. We have to find a way in...
 ...Aha! Cracking locks ~ it's an educational way of doing a field-op but it's teaching children to go near things and break into things that shouldn't be opened. Who knows, this could release a ghost! Oh well...
 ...Yup! We found it, didn't we? Ok lemme get this straight ~ your uncle was searching for ghosts and then he went into the haunted mansion and became a ghost. Now, you build a time machine and turn up on October the 18th and everything will be normal. Decorate the island, make sure penguins are all ready for halloween and oh my ~ HALLOWEEN ALREADY?
Looks like Gary has a lot of work to do. Check this...
It's top secret! Gary's lab ~ he's got a treasure chest, a candle, a hidden something (is that the time machine?) Hmm, looks like we better keep an eye on Gary, he is going to get us all twisted up in ghost stories and then Herbert will pounce! Yeah, I saw him outside the haunted mansion the other day, with a top secret plan. Lemme look into that...