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The Dark Night: The Storm ~ Part 2

This is the second part of my story: The Dark Night ;) Thanks to Bubsey Good for helping me with the storm features. This is the next day in our story. Ghosts and ghouls are coming soon...
I walk across to where I spotted the octopus. No sign of him. I just can't stop thinkin' about him. He's gotta be somewhere around here, but there's a feeling that he's only me imagination. I don't care what anybody else thinks, I have to find him. There's something that rings a bell about him ~ maybe I've seen him in a book or somewhere but me mind just don't know where. It's then that it happens. I look out at the sea, then up at the sky. Is it just me? No, can't be, the whole sky is filled with clouds ~ storm clouds.

 ...I look around me ~ they're everywhere. Must of crept up on me without me noticing. I only had me eyes on the sea, looking for that octopus. Still can't see him. Wonder what's happened with the sky. This has never happened in the snowy land before. We've never had lightning, rain, sun or even snow. Club Penguin's weather has always been the same. Don't know where the light comes from. I gotta get a better look at this storm. I enter the Lighthouse, not stopping to listen to the band playing on the stage. Up the stairs, to the beacon. The light's shining brightly ~ as it should be. Gives me a clear view up ahead. It's real.
 ...I have to get closer. If I was the first penguin on this island to discover why and what the clouds were doing here ~ I'd be rich, and famous! Out of the corner of me eye, I spot something. It's kinda like a shooting star but I know it's not. It's more than that. Maybe a meteor or something heading towards another island nearby Club Penguin. It can't harm me. It ain't gonna do nothing to harm me. So without thinking, I grab a jetpack and take off into the clouds of mist above the island.

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