There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

How to stand on walls in Club Penguin

This isn't a cheat, it's a glitch!
Have you ever wanted to stand on walls? I can remember that time in the April Fools Party when my sister saw a penguin on the dojo walls. This was because that penguin had stayed there since the April Fools Party. However, it had just ended and it appeared that the penguin was standing on walls. Now, we can do exactly that with this awesome glitch!
Walking on the Dojo!
...To do this head to a quiet room (you can do it any room) It's best to start in a quiet room and progress. Even before that, you'll have to buy a membership and then dig for the flying dinosaur egg. Any of the 4 flying dinosaurs will do. Then, transform!
...Now you are ready. Fly to the bottom of the room (near the chat bar) and open your playercard. Move it to the side opposite where you want to stand. Now click on the wall you would like to stand on.
Get ready...
...While your dinosaur is moving, quickly turn into a penguin! You should look like you are just waddling, however you will now climb up the walls!
Almost there...
...Now you will be standing on the walls :) This is just another Prehistoric glitch!
I'm in the mountains!
It works in every room, as long as you do it correcty. Sadly, you can't waddle around on the walls without turning into a dinosaur.

More Dinosaur Species!

Ugg! You penguins turn into dinos. That impossible. You penguins only turn into 3 dino species. Good. I have a friend who is dino. He comes out every so often. He very shy. I keep him comfort. I be dinosaur. I fly up to him. Dinos rule! This dino bigger than T-Rex in game.
My dino
Caveguins explore. Dino eat caveguin. You watch out. Or you be dead meat.

Dinosaur Glitches!

Thanks to all who entered my contest. It was randomly picked by a number generator and there were 10 penguins in it. Pingywin8's number was picked. The number was if you entered the contest first (1) or last (10)
Anyway, me found glitch. With help from Cliky Minty. You go visit her blog. It awesome. Pingywin, me and Minty were on same server. I saw her. This is old halloween bug. You go spread the word now.
You start simple. Put on tour guide hat. Then wave. Now you go into dinosaur. Then you get glitch.

Me eat tour guide!
...Look. Now you go do it again. Be penguin again. Change what you wearing to dig helmet. Then dance. Then transform back into dinosaur...
...Then do hula dance. Get it from penguins that time forgot. Then you be lots of penguins.
And dinos will eat you. Watch out. Have "fun" with the usual glitches.

A Prehistoric Island

...If you'd kindly like to step this way, through the Time Trekker and out the other side then you'll find yourself in a place very familiar to you! However, this is very different to the time when penguins have inhabited the island. Did you know that this very island used to belong to dinosaurs? Yep, so let's take a look at some of the amazing prehistoric sights that you can see :)
Time Travel!
...Welcome to this Prehistoric Island! As you can see, there's no snow here currently. Watch out for that dinosaur! Anyway, grab some items (the total cost of around 8000 coins) and let's explore!
...Now, you're going to have to dig for dino eggs. Yes, just click over there in the corner and you'll find yourself playing a game of Treasure Hunt only on your own and you don't get any stamps!
...Let's head into the restaurant! Even in Prehistoric times, the food was quite tasty! Just not cooked as well..
Yum, yum!
...Now, keep roaring in different places on this island to win a very special prize ~ LAVA! It's pretty much the same as at the Halloween Party, only with dinosaurs :)
...Here is the best place to dig for dino eggs! Collect all 12 to win a special prize and you'll also get to be any of the 12 dinosaurs. 4 different colours of each dinosaur!
Dino Eggs!
...Here you can warm up by the campfire, and also sail in a boat! I didn't know dinosaurs had boats :)
Dinosaurs have boats!
...Wow, this place is quite interesting! Back to the restaurant for more yummy food :)
More food!
...Here is the T-Rex Deadlands! It's pretty spooky, so you might want to turn into a dinosaur.
T-Rex Deadlands
...Woah, check out this amazing forest! There's even a waterfall too :) Keep digging for eggs!
...Here is the flying dinosaur's cove. (The name which I cannot pronounce!) You can soar through the sky, and through each hoop. But bear in mind that it's only for flying dinosaurs! You'll have to dig for that egg...
Flying Dinosaur
...And last but certainly not least, the iceberg's amazing secret! Yes, I thought that the iceberg in our Club Penguin island arrived here from Herbert, however it appears that it wasn't the same one!
The Secret Of The Iceberg
...The only problem now is that you can't tell what the time is to go to sleep :) Oh well, I'll just have to head back to 2013! Cya then fellow penguins or caveguins, or dinosaurs, or whatever you are.

Echo006's Prehistoric Ship Igloo

Woah! Have you seen Perapin's awesome igloo and his awesome blog? Click here! Anyway, I was looking at Perapin's ship and I wondered if I could make something like it. It's the best creation I've ever seen :) Take a look at it below...
...I love this igloo! So much, I decided to create my own version, only copying the ship part of the igloo. I have created a ship, for two people on a holiday by a strange mysterious island! The island has animals, but it could have dinosaurs too :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The water flow is strong here and I've added an extended part for the captain only :) Thanks so much Perapin for sharing your awesome igloo with us! You have a really good skill for decorating!

Prehistoric Party Starts Very Soon!

The Prehistoric Party will be starting very soon :) Here's just some last minute questions to update you:

Hello Penguins!

Earlier this week, I answered some of your most popular Prehistoric Party questions. You kept the questions coming, and today I’m answering more of them. Read on for a few party secret reveals!

Which mascot will be visiting? Gary will be leading the exploration of Prehistoric Club Penguin. Get ready to help dig up dino eggs and interview caveguins (cave penguins!).

How does digging for dino eggs work? There will be dig sites and shovels all throughout the island. If you’re lucky, you’ll uncover something that looks like this:

Will there be new party emotes? Definitely! The Holiday Party emotes were a huge hit. So the team’s adding three new limited time emotes to your chat bars. Check them out:

Remember: These will only be available during the Prehistoric Party, January 17 – 29! Here's how your dinosaur will look in the game:
Here's just a small bit of the catalogs...

Below is how the Time Trekker will look while travelling. You can't see outside though...

Gary will be around CP. We might even spot a new puffle ;) 

Prehistoric Map!

Here's a look at Club Penguin in the Prehistoric world!
What can you see? I think I can see the time trekker (in the snow forts?) and also the town, forest and the mine shack. Hmm, this is very interesting!

Sneak Peek Catalog

At the Prehistoric Party there will be some sort of Catalog. There have been tons of sneak peeks about the Prehistoric Party now. I think I know almost everything about it! But I wonder how it will work? Look at these items below!

...Will Club Penguin be normal until we step into Gary's time machine and go to the past? Only time will tell!