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Dinosaur Glitches!

Thanks to all who entered my contest. It was randomly picked by a number generator and there were 10 penguins in it. Pingywin8's number was picked. The number was if you entered the contest first (1) or last (10)
Anyway, me found glitch. With help from Cliky Minty. You go visit her blog. It awesome. Pingywin, me and Minty were on same server. I saw her. This is old halloween bug. You go spread the word now.
You start simple. Put on tour guide hat. Then wave. Now you go into dinosaur. Then you get glitch.

Me eat tour guide!
...Look. Now you go do it again. Be penguin again. Change what you wearing to dig helmet. Then dance. Then transform back into dinosaur...
...Then do hula dance. Get it from penguins that time forgot. Then you be lots of penguins.
And dinos will eat you. Watch out. Have "fun" with the usual glitches.

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  1. About the Writer's Workshop, well, you are the only person who ever turns in a assignment. If people don't like it then what's the point.


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