There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Secrets Of The Wilderness ~ Finding The Others

We hadn't walked far before we came to a huge jungle full of wildlife that I didn't even no existed in Club Penguin! There were puffles, giraffes, and all sorts. I kept thinking I was seeing rainbow puffles, but I instantly forgot about them and continued looking for Perapin, Bubsey and Minty. They had to be somewhere nearby. We had been searching for ages, yet it was impossible to see where anybody or anything was.
"Polo?" I shouted.
"MARCO!" I heard a reply come from the bamboo.
"Oh there you are!" I said, "Do you think we've got any luck of finding the others?"
"No chance. They must of walked into a trap or something. Remember what our mission was?"
"Yeah, to find out who was hacking into the EPF."
"Well, of course. Maybe the rest of the team have already stumbled upon who that is." I thought about my training, when I became a tech agent and how I defended the systems. Quickly, I gathered all my memories of the EPF villains, and all the elite agents.
I was snapped out of my daydream by a loud cracking noise. I had stepped on a twig!
"Watch out - there's a lot of dangers here." Polo Field told me.
"Do you think we'll find them?" I asked.
"Of course! Look they're over there!" Polo Field replied pointing in the distance.
"It looks like they need help! All this time, my EPF training skills will now come in handy!" I shouted. We quickly ran over to them and found the problem. There were lasers surrounding the area of where the team were heading. It looked like it was heavily guarded, and there was no possible way of getting through.
"Thank goodness you're here!" came Bubsey Good's voice.
"We're really stuck here - can you help us?" asked Perapin.
"Sure!" I said, grabbing my computer from my bag. I quickly opened it up, found some spare wires in the laser machinery and managed to get into the laser software. Now all I had to do was shut it down.
"Wow! You're amazing!" said Cliky Minty, as the lasers disappeared.
"Not so fast, you menacing EPF penguins!" shouted a voice from behind. We slowly turned our heads and were shocked at who we saw. It was...

Super Penguin Style

It's April and that means new styles! This new Penguin Style is full of superheroes and powers. Lots of stuff to see so remember to get some coins because you will be spending a LOT.

Two new backgrounds! 1 festive one and a random thunder one just in case of sillyness!

New superhero outfits! Perfect for a hard muscle battle.

WOW, this costumes are brand new and epic! I like the cristal outfit AND the tornado one, not so sure about the hairdo...

Definetly my FAVORITE page! Telekinesis is probably my favorite superpoewr, and I love how it´s all draw...amazing! 

Eh, this page looks nice for like....apprentices. Reminds me of Robin....

Perfect styling for reporters, love the dress.

AWESOME outfits for civilians! Love that they brought a rare item....look at the briefcase.

WOO HOO! Club Penguin didn´t forget to celebrate Earth Day, I forgot to get the Lion Costume and Rockhopper Costume last year so yay.

And this is the last page of the new outfits because the other pages are for last month´s.

Do you like the new superhero outfits? Because I do!

Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal Comeback!

Since the Superhero Takeover is happening soon Club Penguin has updated the Stage with Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal...perfect story about two superhero buddies.

And in the catalog there's the same old. Shadow Guy outfit, Gamma Gal outfit, Squidzoid outfit, reporter outfit...yeah.

New Pin!

2 weeks have flown by and there's a new pin. Well this pin looks kind of strange, but it's supposed to be a Bunny so go to The Dojo and get the Bunny Pin now before it's too late!

The Newspaper

New newspaper, new newspaper! This week's news is about Operation: Hot Sauce, let's see what interesting stuff we can find, this is the featured story talking about the Hot Sauce Heist:

The second story is about the EPF Construction Work Delayed. Oh well, take your time if the EPF needs to look better, this is going to take looong. 

The Upcoming Events are saying the Penguin Style and The Stage are all updated. Igloo furniture coming on April..

Oh and if you click on the hot sauce at that part, agents report for duty!

Operation: Hot Sauce

So since Gary told us a while ago that the NEW EPF Spy Phone was coming today is the day! When you log into Club Penguin your phone will start ringing, it's ringing because you need to go and help out with the mission.

 Go to EPF Headquaters and click on the screen! The Director has something prepared.

So the Director starts talking about how the Pizza Parlor got ruined with lots of hot sauce....can I guess who did this?

She'll keep talking to you about how crucial is hot sauce to the island. Now we know the operation is called "Operation: Hot Sauce"

The Spy Phone has many new updates, like it can trace things down!

So now you are ready to complete this mission.

So after you talk to the Director you'll get a briefcase, you can carry elements you find worthy. But that are related to the mission...of course.

Go to The Cove, there Rookie is...very sad over the fact that all the hot sauce has been stolen for the Pizza Party! This is the first time you can talk to him without being crowded.

 There he is, very sad that the hot sauce went missing, you can talk to him but he won't be of much help.

Go to the Pizza Parlor that has been vandalized by Herbert trying the steal the hot sauce, Jet Pack Guy is there keeping the whole place safe for penguins.

 Very happy to see you too Jet Pack Guy..

Then is Rookie really helping?

So now look around for clues, since I don't want to spoil everything I would say here are two items you will need.

Here is the two items that I saw.

Then Gary calls, ugh okay wait...

Okay okay....

So go to Gadgets and the Spy Phone will tell you to insert the things you collected. Insert the fur and hot sauce sample..

It's calibrating....

So now your tracker is ready to track! Go and search paw prints around the whole island... 

I'd say follow the path, like I went from the Pizza Parlor to Town!

Ooooo!! Herbert and Klutzy are near...

New here is the place! At the Beach you can see the Bunny is on a padlock, go and stand there.

 An underwater entrance!

So in order to enter you have to blast at the blue things, you get things correct when the red circles turn green.

So then you can enter the entrance. We meet again say you can suceed with your plans again? 

In order to make Herbert fail you have to grab a slice of pizza and throw it at the flood button...then Klutzy will come and get it.

Thanks Klutzy!

Get scared!! Mwahhaaahaa

Oops, I hope Herbert ends up on another island....

 YAY! The mission is finished and now we have 5 medals and an Operation Hot Sauce Background.

 No problem, glad I could help:]

I REALLY liked this mission! The way we could do it in a 3rd person form with talking to people and everything. I hope there is more stuff to this because it's getting interesting.

Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Hat

So when Card-Jitsu Snow Beta was released many penguins on Twitter were saying Club Penguin should have released a special rare item like they did way back at the "Club Penguin Improvement Project" on 2008. Now today Club Penguin decided to add a special item you are able to get when you get to the Bonus Round at the end of the game: -Image belongs to Trainman1405-
You might be wondering why I didn't take a picture from my penguin..truth is the game was hard for me since most of the players left me *alone* 

Have you got the hat yet? I sure cant wait to get it when I have time to play the game..