There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Echo006's Cozy Cottage

Since the Hollywood Party is now over, I decided to make a new igloo. Firstly, I got the cozy cottage out. Then, I added the mountains behind the cottage itself and the river by it. If you look carefully on the map, behind the Ski Village, you can see where my igloo location is! Next, I started with the garden - it may be small, and have no grass at all - but I could still put different items in there. I added a bridge to get across, and also a boat, along with a barbeque, a sun bathing area and koi fishes along with trees, flowers and a rubbish bin. Then I moved indoors and added the carpet - blue, to make it as cozy and as warm as possible. Because the steps down from the entrance to the main landing are wooden, I added a lime green penguin surfing beach towel on the step. Then I added a map of the old Club Penguin island onto the carpet.
...Next came the furniture. I added the mullet fish for a big feast after a long hard day of working. A sofa and a chair which is available for everyone, to make them feel more at home. I added a cupboard from Innocent Smoothies and the grandfather clock. Next, I added the storage on the upper landing with a computer and a fish tank! Down on the left, I added the desk with the black comfy chair and my favourite bear. Also, I added a secret door to where we can escape outside (just to make sure you're safe)! Next came the puffle furniture, because I wanted everybody to be a part of it. They needed food too! Last but not least, I added the wall items. The flowers above the Coins For Change sign which covers up the window (again, for safety) but it can always be taken off whenever in case the parrot wants more sunlight. Then I added the fireplace, as well as a clock so you know the time! Rockhopper's Portrait is proudly hung up, as wel as a bottle with a ship inside where you can put a message down the river, just in case! Then, I added a rainbow and a cloud representing the new member to our proud family - the rainbow puffles!

Yes, It's Really Here!

Hey penguins,

It's HERE!!! The moment we've all been waiting for (drum roll please).... the Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Test is LIVE!!!

You can now log in to the Club Penguin beta site to play a work-in-progress version of Card-Jitsu Snow. There are still some kinks to iron out in the game, so don't be surprised if some things look weird or unexpected. That's why we need you!

The point of a beta test is to get as many players testing the game as possible, so we can find (and fix) bugs.

Here are a few bugs we know about already:
  • #1062 - Orange moderator ban error message appears when too many players quit mid-game - Don't worry! You're not getting banned!
  • #1082 - Missing automatic disconnect when server fails in matchmaking - Teaming up should only take 3 minIf your wait is longer, tap the X button and enter the game again
  • #503 - Animation glitch appears in upper left corner during game - This is only showing up on some computers and doesn't affect gameplay.

Thanks so much for your help everyone. Testing is one of the most important parts of making a game, and we're so glad you're part of it!

Until then... Waddle On!

- Club Penguin Team

The Secrets of The Wilderness - Receiving The Message

This story is my EPF story for March and it includes many penguins such as Polo Field, Brownielox, Bubsey, Airplane, Pizzapuffy, Pen Quen and Perapin! We travel to the wilderness to find any signs of life, and other strange things! The story will be in many parts and each one will be posted every 3 days. 1st March, 4th March, 7th March and so on :) Enjoy!
I'm Echo006. Recently, I became a superstar after I starred in three different movies and got three golden awards! Crowds swarmed over me, and cameras flashed at me. Somehow, I became famous. Now I'm just chilling back, having some fun with my puffles. But I was stopped in my tracks by a ringing noise. I hadn't heard it for a long time. It was coming from my pocket. I grabbed my spy phone and was alerted when I heard that the Director needed me at the EPF Base. Quickly, I scooped up my black long haired puffle and teleported to the base immediately. Aunt Arctic was waiting for me, waving to me, alerting me to come over.
"It's time you knew the truth, Echo. Surely you must of known that something was wrong. You couldn't of got that famous, that quickly. I've got something to tell you." she started.
"Well, I did think it was a little suspicious. How did you do it?" I told her.
"We told everybody about you, handing out posters, putting you on signs. Everything! And do you know why we did it?"
"No actually. In fact, why did you do that? I thought I became famous on my own!" I snarled back.
"Well, we did it because you are going on another mission. You are our best agent, and we need your help."
"But I'm an actor! I really am, I'm famous! Everybody knows me, please why do I have to go on a mission?"
"Being famous is all part of the mission, Echo. Now, if you'd like to come with me, please..."

Funny Pictures ~ Hollywood Party

Funny pictures, I think, are more like just pictures that really aren't funny but they're cool. You might not know what I mean, but I like making these pictures. There just stupid pictures of me on Club Penguin doing stupid things, with stupid bugs and messing around. I like making them, and other penguins do too! That's why I have made some Hollywood Party funny pictures. Sure, they're not the best - what do you expect? I'm not that good at everything, but its nice to have a look at these pictures - remember to head over to the page to see more of them! The caption comes before the picture...
Echo won fattest penguin at the Awards Show!
 For decoration, obviously?
 I really have no idea...
 You don't want to know!
 No chance!
 Echo never got out of this locker, until he had his operation...
 You don't get one!
 It's not a real car, like you're not a real police guy!
 You're gonna hurt yourself...
 Echo got stuck in the spaceship, because he's so fat!
 Echo got stuck in the galaxy!

Just To Let You Know...

It's March! The Hollywood Party has come to an end and Club Penguin has returned to normal, with the blue sky and clouds. Paychecks have been sent out and everyone is happy! Quest for The Golden Puffle has been released and penguins are using their acting skills from the movies they made in February to find the golden puffle! I think Club Penguin should of changed the title and messed around with this play a bit and call it "Quest for the Rainbow Puffle" which is being hinted at currently. Head over to the Coffee Shop and you'll find yourself in the Joke Corner, with a free Red Nose! The Puffle Party is coming this month too on the 21st - April 2nd, along with the beta test of Card-Jitsu Snow! Also, the EPF is rebuilding this month - so there's lots of things going on at the moment!

...Here's what's happening on my blog currently. My story "Secrets of The Wilderness" is being posted in seperate parts every 3 days, starting today. The sliders (at the top of the blog, underneath the header) are being updated by Penguiin23. On the archives, I have added the year in which the posts were made. Also, just to let you know, if you click on the Library, which is on the pages, you will find all my stories and you can simply click on which story you want and you can read it! Another great job by Penguiin23! The next time I post another one of these updates posts, I'll let you know when I'm going on holiday! Do you think I should make these posts weekly or monthly or whenever I feel like it? Let me know in the comments! That's all for this week :)

EPF Construction

Aunt Arctic has finally decided to clean up the EPF once again. Last time our base was destroyed a lot, was when the PSA was around, so why don't we just change to another secret agency? I have no idea, but here's the construction going on at the Ski Village! Don't forget to pick up your hat, and get the stamp for construction worker. I don't see the point in having the hat here, because it's always been at the Cave Mine if anybody bothered to look...
 ...Inside the Everyday Phoning Facility, you'll find the broken fan. Move away the broken stuff, and look what you find! A water machine, and a giant phone! What could this mean? A new upgraded look for the Everyday Phoning Facility! More phones? What?!?!
 ...Last, but not least, inside the EPF Command Room, the Field-Ops have been covered up and will no longer ever be in existence, just like the PSA missions. Now that's alot of stamps that won't ever be available again. 22 Missions and about 5 EPF Field-Ops stamps!
...Hopefully, the EPF should be back up and running soon. But I don't get it: Why have construction for the EPF, yet they didn't have construction to build the Hollywood Party, and the limo, and all that! I think Club Penguin is playing with us, and making us wait while they create the EPF missions and things like that.

Spy Phone Upgrades?

Although I no longer get any Spy Phone indications, it appears that Gary has sent us a new message! I missed the previous message from Dot, but that's because I was too interested in the Hollywood Party. Do you like our Spy Phones? They look a bit boring - maybe they should be touch screens! Oh wait, they are. Maybe they should be more like iPhones, with apps and all sorts! Gary would like to improve the phones and I think that could well happen, seeing that the EPF Construction has started now! But he only wants to improve the size, right? I can never understand the technical language he uses...
Anyone else find the cubic measure of their Spy Phone excessively voluminous? Gadzooks! I think it might be time to experiment with an upgrade!

How To Access Old Party Rooms!

Would you like to access old party rooms? Well, now you can! If you click on this link, you'll be taken straight to Club Penguin, yet start in Penguin High 3! Simple! Did you know that you can change the number "851" to another number to access a different room? That's just how they entered the Snow Dojo!
So just change the 851 into an 852 or an 853 to go to the two other sets! I bet if you found the room ID for the tube transport room, you'd be able to get in there too! But remember - these links will take you to a different room when a new party starts, for example: the Puffle Hotel! So they change every month! I'm not sure though, what happens if you get an item from there - but I'll check that out soon!

The Costume Trunk ~ February 2013

What's that? You can't act in "Quest for The Golden Puffle" without any costumes? Oh, I think you better look inside the Costume Trunk...
 Now Playing is Quest For The Golden Puffle! Welcome to the stage, and on this page you can find out all you need to know about the characters and the things going on in this play...
 ...Here's Alaska's costume and Yukon's costume! It's funny how they're named after servers, or are the servers named after them?
 ...King Ra Ra and the mummy are on this page! Woah, look at that shiny armour made from the Awards Show! Looking good King Ra Ra...
 ...But of course, everyone needs a good old background! But nobody should need this director's hat after directing at the Hollywood Party, right?
 Now you're ready! Pick your character, then start acting as soon as you can! Those Hollywood acting skills should be quite handy now :)

Quest For The Golden Puffle

Over at the Stage, all of the leftover gold from the Awards Show has been put in to make the mighty Golden Puffle! But that's nothing, compared to the rainbow puffles which are coming soon - but I guess they are both similar kinds of myths. Here we are at the stage...
If you mess around with the Switchbox 3000, you'll find many new different things! Can you spot the difference? I love this play!
...Walking along the bridge is so cool, and I remember voting for this play at the Penguin Play Awards!

March Sneak Peeks!

Hello Penguins!
March is just around the corner, and we are gearing up for an awesome party and some AMAZING new stuff!
Can you guess what’s coming from these picture clues?

Leave us your best guesses in the comments below!
Until then… Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

I prefer Club Penguin making these small images, as it's really fun to guess and alot better than having loads of sneak peeks from Spike Hike and that :)

Joke Corner

Are you going to take a screenshot of you making a joke? For every screenshot Club Penguin receive, they'll donate 1 pound to Comic Relief, so please do!

Don't forget to pick up your FREE red nose available for non-members and members!

The Club Penguin Times

The Club Penguin Times is out now! This time, PH writes the main article which is about a Puffle Hotel! She's seen a cloud somewhere, and then seen rainbow puffles on it! This means that she is going to build a very tall hotel, and on the roof, we'll be able to find the puffles! This sounds exciting...
 ...Aunt Arctic writes about the end of the Hollywood Party and how all the stars were truly amazing.
 ...Here's the Upcoming Events! On now, the comedy corner at the Coffee Shop and the Quest for The Golden Puffle! Next week, the new Penguin Style, the week after that - Igloo Furniture! Then, on March 21st to April 2nd, the Puffle Party will be on!
 ...Want to know a little secret? Here's one below!

EPF Command Room Updates

After what seems like um, about three months, Club Penguin have finally decided to start putting the EPF back together again! What took them so long? Anyway, here's a top secret message, but it isn't really much of a top secret message if it's been posted on the Club Penguin Blog by Polo Field!


Attention agents,

The EPF re-build is starting this week. As many of you have figured out, the team is working on a new mission for elite agents. And we are SUPER excited - this is going to be a whole new phase for the Elite Penguin Force!

But first things first: we need to get the EPF back up and running.

What do you think a new and improved EPF HQ would look like? And what do you think is in those boxes?!

Waddle On!
- Club Penguin Team

I know what's in them! A new and improved facility for all the EPF agents, and somehow the equipment inside will help repair the giant hole in the middle of the room, but the tube transport won't be coming back!

The Final Scene

That's a wrap! The final scene has been filmed and the set designers are taking apart the sets as we speak! The Gold from the Stage and the leftover awards are being made into some things for "The Quest of the Golden Puffle" which arrives soon! Grab your award now, before it's over! CP Studios are taking apart the buildings and are putting the original clock tower back in place at the snow forts.
 Night is over and the sun will rise very soon. The movies will be screened at the cinemas very soon, and will later come out on DVD. For now, film makers are putting away their Hollywood movie igloos and are bringing together the perfect design for a new puffle igloo! Directors are still flashing their cameras as the Hollywood Party comes to an end, and Cadence, along with Sensei, Aunt Arctic and Gary are heading back to their igloos for a nice cup of coffee. Jokers are practising their jokes for Red Nose Day, and penguins all around are getting rid of their costumes and leaving CP Studios. The limo is being scrapped.
...Finally, penguins are taking a last look at the stars in the ground, and the stars in the sky. For now, the Hollywood Party is over and done with, but the night sky will come again. Last year, Cadence held a Fashion Show, but that was only a small event compared to Rockhopper's Quest. This year, she went big and made the whole island go Hollywood. What will she do next year? Time will tell...

Puffle Party (Gotta Have A Wingman) Music Video

Finally, Club Penguin has released the Puffle Party (Gotta have a Wingman) music video! It only shows you a bit of the music, because they want you to buy the album to listen to it, but the video features a hotel of some sort with a lift? The video features a member from the Penguin Band and Cadence! I love his hair at the start...

At the end, you'll see a rainbow puffle! Hmm, this will have something to do with my EPF story in March!

Superstar ~ At The Awards Show, Again!

To read part one, click here. From that post, you can click on the link at the end of part 1 to be taken to part 2, which takes you to the next part and so on...
26th Feb - Last night, I dreamt of my award. It was giant. Everybody was clapping. Cameras were flashing. Everybody was shouting my name, screaming for my autograph. Everybody knew me. I was famous. I was woken up by the one of my puffles nudging me alerting me that the alarm clock was broken. I was late! I checked the clock wall, and it read ten o'clock in the morning. Part 2 of the awards show had already started! Zowey, Bubsey and all my other friends must of been there. All my puffles were lined up, ready to go. I couldn't believe that I had invited them all! 20 puffles - would there be enough seats for them? That didn't matter. I had promised them, and they were coming with me. Luckily, I didn't get changed last night and I was still wearing my tux, although it was a little creased. We all rushed into the deserted limo, and the driver took us straight to the red carpet at high speed. The amount of attention I got was amazing. That was only because I was the last one there, but they all clapped and flashed cameras at me. I entered the awards show, just as Bubsey Good received his silver award. Suddenly, a thought spinned in my mind as I dreamed of getting an award...
...Then Woddylan got two awards - silver and bronze! Pingywin was next and he got two silvers. I couldn't believe that my friends were getting so many awards. It was very exciting. Next up was Zowey. She amazingly, recieved two golds and a silver. That made the crowds go wild with applauding. The guy who was handing the awards out, announced that this would be the last award. It must of be mine, I thought, unless they already handed it out. He shouted over the top of the crowds...
"Last, but not least, ladies and gentlemen is Echo006. He is awarded with three golden awards, breaking the history of awards." I walked nonchalantly towards the guy, who handed me the three trophies. I couldn't believe it, what were they for? He replied with, "For acting in three great movies, rising from the bottom to the top, becoming a well known actor. Well done!" I beamed proudly and everyone applauded. After the awards show finished, everyone had a drink and chatted to each other. My friends came over and patted me on the back, smiling.
"Well done," said Woddylan, "You really deserved that award! I've seen your acting skills!"
I just nodded, speechless. I had broken a record! My puffles ran up to me and jumped up and down. I smiled gratefully and gulped down some food from the table. Echo006 - Superstar!

Moose Monday

It's Monday. That can only mean one thing - Moose Monday?
I LOVE how Club Penguin makes these meet-ups and I wish they were more arranged like posted on the Club Penguin Blog instead of twitter (only sometimes) and that way, more penguins could enjoy the fun! It's a shame really that penguins like Chattabox and Daffodaily can't do it. I guess that's why Billybob and Happy77 never did it :)

Tell A Joke, Make a Screenshot, Send it away and make some money!

How would you like to help raise money for charity simply by making people laugh? Sounds good? I thought so! Which is why I’m excited to tell all our UK players that Friday, 15th of March is Red Nose Day and we want you to get involved through Club Penguin. Here's how: 

  • On March 15th, go to the Coffee Shop and pick up your free red nose item! 
  • Tell a joke, and take a screenshot of it!

  • Ask your parents permission, then send the screenshot to the team at
  • After that, you will help Club Penguin to donate 1 pound per every picture taken!
So if you’re in the UK, feel free to grab a red nose from the Coffee Shop later this week and start doing something funny for money! For every person that sends us a screenshot, Disney will donate £1 to Comic Relief (up to £100,000)!
As you probably saw in the video, I've got a few funny jokes up my sleeve, so keep an eye out for me around the Coffee Shop in the few weeks leading up to Red Nose Day! I can't wait to see you all cracking some brill jokes for this worthy cause :)
If you think you're a bit of a comedian, why not help your fellow penguins get started by sharing some jokes in the comments?
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Daffodaily5's Featured Fashions: February 25th


This is Daffo reporting live from the red carpet! I’m here at the awards for my Movie Star Spectacular: Part 2, and ready to give you an exclusive on super star fashion! I’ve put your name on the VIP list, so come on - let’s go backstage and find the nominees! XD

Here comes Purplep95211 who looks sooo lovely: The hair! The dress! The necklace! It’s just perfection. Thanks to 97percent for the nomination!
Check out the shades on The Waddle1, I mean, how super-uber epic does he look? It’s a good job he nominated himself, as it looks as though he’s taking home the award for being Mr Cool tonight!
Everyone make way for Lulu8213. She’s looking fabulous in her sparkly dress and matching bag. They say big hair is sooo this season, so she is bang on trend!
Now last, but by no means least, strutting down the red carpet in his ace orange check sneakers, we have the one and only Bedard10 closing the show in style. What a dude!
Remember: you heard it here first! If you think your style is totally brill, and would like to star in the next episode of Featured Fashions, then write your nominations in the ‘credits’ below. Thanks for tuning in!

That’s a wrap!

-Club Penguin Team

Superstar ~ On The Red Carpet

To read part one, click here. From that post, you can click on the link at the end of part 1 to be taken to part 2, which takes you to the next part and so on...
25th Feb - I woke up early today. Filming is over now. The director told everybody to meet him at the red
carpet today! At first, I couldn't remember where that was, and then I realised that it was at the stage. If you walk along the red carpet, you can enter the awards show! Was I going to be in it, with all my friends? I snuggled up to my long haired puffles and stroked them. My black puffle growled as the alarm went off. I switched it onto snooze and turned on the TV at the news channel. The reporter stated that the awards show was on now and famous penguins everywhere were lining up on the red carpet to see if they received the golden award. Only few penguins ever got this award, but most always got bronze, and some silver. I decided that I needed to get up, quickly. If I was late for the awards show then I would certainly not get my award. I dreamt for a few seconds then rushed to my wardrobe and put on a tux and my smiley face tie. I got in the limo with my green long haired puffle and found myself at the Plaza...
...Once again staring up at the Awards sign which read "Now Awarding Gold" Penguins were crowding behind the velvet rope, and everybody was asking for autographs. The atmosphere was amazing as all the famous penguins stepped out of the limo and onto the red carpet. I had no idea what was so special about a red carpet. Couldn't it just be a blue one? The awards show was buzzing inside. After I passed the flashing cameras, I found myself face to face with what seemed like a ton of penguins. But not just any old penguins, famous penguins! Everyone was cheering and clapping as others got their awards. It was so amazing! I couldn't believe how many penguins were greeting me as if they had known me since I was born. But when would I get my award? Would I even get one? I found Bubsey Good, Woddylan, Pingywin and Zowey over in a corner, chatting. None of them had got their award yet either. Penguins continued to clap as others kept on getting bronze, and some silver, yet nobody gold. After what seemed like years, they announced that the awards show would continue tomorrow! I was really annoyed, but I still loved being a superstar. Tomorrow was the last day of the Hollywood Party. It was the only day that anyone had ever got gold. I stepped into the limo, once again, and waddled back to my igloo. I sat down with my green long haired puffle, PJ, and gathered them all up for a meeting. I wanted them to be at the awards show when I got my award. I had filmed three different movies, and tomorrow was the day it would all come to an end.
To read part eight, click here!