There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Post 1067 ~ Furniture catalogue Update: 9th August 2012

Hey readers,

Yesterday Club penguin released the August 2012 furniture catalogue sadly there are only 2 cheats in this new section of the catalogue lets get to the cheats then! Kiwi seat 400 coins, Fruit pillar 400 coins, Thatched  Awning 250 coins and Ancient bench 250 coins are ALL new items :-) 

Post 1066 ~ Hi, I'm Mcstamper!

Hey readers,

I am the latest blogger on this blog and I promised Echo006 that i would post on all updates! My penguin was made the day we found out about stamps therefore the name Mcstamper ... I like all sorts of Puffles and I like to spend my spare time playing club penguin and decorating my igloo. I can't wait to make my first official post and meet some of my readers! Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to meet you all. 

Cold fishes and warm wishes - Mcstamper

Post 1065 ~ Rockhopper and the Mighty Squid Logout Screen!

Its been a while since I have posted news about Club Penguin so I guess this is a comeback LOL Today was another Thursday so that is code for NEW UPDATES!!! So yesterday  the Club Penguin Support Twitter account and today Club Penguin decided to show the video around the world! And to make everyone sure to watch the video Club Penguin even made their own log off screen advertising it!

Post 1064 ~ Rockhopper and a Mighty Squid?

On my laptop, checking what's happened while I was gone. Nothing much, new pin, new field-op, new video, new furniture catalog. Hopefully someone will post about it on my blog, but if not no worries. Videos are quick and short. So I'll share this one with you, if you haven't yet seen it. Rockhopper's voice sounds so weird, just like the other characters. Sensei, Cadence, Herbert, Rockhopper. Who will be in the next short?

Post 1063 ~ Night of The Living Sled

Just a normal day, waddling by. But when an evil scientist brings a sled to life, you might want to run! Watch the videos below to see how, over the years, this story has come together.
...It's very funny! Just make sure you don't bump into the mad scientist this Halloween Party.

Post 1062 ~ Free 7 Day Membership Code

UPDATE: The code has now been used by anonymous!
Since I'm leaving today, I'm giving away a one week membership code! Here's the instructions. You have to be quick, somebody else might've got the code before you. Only 1 penguin can use the code. (Non-Members only) You'll be able to get all the adventure party items and the fruits, decorate your igloo, get more puffles, but only for a week ;) Read more to find out what the code is, and if you have a chance of getting it.

Post 1061 ~ The Ultimate Fruit War!

Ultimate Fruit War. Ultimate is the Ultimate Jam. Fruit is the Innocent Smoothies. War is the Marvel Super Heroes party.
First of all, we have a Marvel Superhero Party. That's great and I loved it! Now we've got carried away. Next, instead of having the Music Jam party, we have an ULTIMATE Jam with Rocky and CeCe. They don't belong in Club Penguin, they belong on a TV. And now we have our adventure party turned into our five a day? I hate fruit! I've just found out, that on the Thursday the party starts (the only day I'm available) I'm going to the dentists. Great, that leaves me with hardly any time to explore before I leave to go to Spain. What does innocent smoothies have to do with fruit? Smoothies are nothing like fruit? Marvel, Shake It Up, Innocent Smoothies, What's next? Never in Club Penguin history, has Rockhopper eaten any fruit. Stinky Cheese is Rockhopper's FAVOURITE thing to eat, yet he says fruit is tastier? Why are they only doing this in the UK? Because most of the people there are overweight (not me) We're only like the fattest nation. It's only because of all the junk food we eat. We can stop, but we choose not to, because we just can'ts resist! So is Rockhopper trying to say that we're fat?

Post 1060 ~ Put TOP Effort!!

So probably you guys read Echo006's latest post (it's under this LOL) Please if you are a Echo006 blog lover (or as I like to call a Echosome!!) put some support and care because Echo006 is currently traveling around the world, has the hay flu, plus he is going to travel around the world and you can already feel the busyness around him and his family.So this is a call to everybody here around this blog, please Echo006 will be away so my wish is that penguins comment on every post saying something nice, and WODDYLAN and PENGUIIN23( ME LOL) please post around on EVERY SINGLE thing that happens on Club Penguin and that. Plus im thinking of changing the theme...people DO YOU SEE THE HEADER? AND DO YOU LIKE THE THEME? ANSWER IN A COMMENT PLZ:)