There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Behind The Scenes

If you want to grow up and work for Club Penguin then watch the video below! Pause at around 1:53 and you'll see some of the Operation Blackout script!

It certainly shows how long they've been working on this project :)

Arctic White Coming Soon!

Hello Penguins!
A few months back, Billybob mentioned we’re planning to release a brand new penguin color: Arctic White. And I know a lot of you have been asking when it'll come out.
I don’t want to give away too much of the surprise, but I can tell you that all players will be able to get this color before the end of the year.
Do you think Club Penguin should release more penguin colors? Leave us a comment and let us know!
Finally, as stated in an article of the newspaper lime green was released in 2006 and aqua in 2009 making the next number 2012! I don't think I will like wearing this colour ~ makes you look a little bit like a ghost :)

Furniture Catalog ~ November 2012

Attention Agents! Herbert has taken over the Furniture Catalog and many penguins are buying these items! Stop them before it's too late!
The furniture catalog has been updated with some awesome items! Check out that polar bear cutout :) These items are so awesome and you can build your very own secret HQ you can build. Shame we don't have one of those on our island ~ we could have a polar bear enemy named Herbert! That would be so cool, he could try and capture all our leaders and kill the sun :) If only Club Penguin had thought of that.
 ...Look at this awesome spy car that you could drive up to your underground base! Lasers to stop intruders like the Herbert Polar Bear enemy! This is awesome :) Can't wait for my friends to come and see what I have thought of. Maybe the name of this operation could be named "Operation Blackout"
 ...You even have a safe and a cell :) The boss can have his very own desk with chairs and emergency lights! Then we could follow Herbert with his paw prints and use the high technological Plasma Ball :)
 ...We could have a scientist who invents gadgets on his laboratory desk and his other weird gadgets. We could have a chair in our "book room" with a secret entrance to get into our base and a kitchen in case we get hungry!
 Wow! I wish Club Penguin would make my dream come true and add all these amazing ideas to their game! If only you knew what was going to happen

The Dark Night: The Field-Op ~ Part 5

To read the first three parts of this story about Herbert type in on the search bar (on the right side of this blog) "The Dark Night" and you will find all the parts to read. I've got no idea how this story is going to end ~ but we'll find out shortly!
Herbert has stolen most of the islands spy phones ~ not good! I've got a spare, so now I'm ready to battle and find out what is to come. Dark times are coming soon ~ and I've known it for four years. I have to stop Herbert but I keep on asking that question. How? Anyway, it's only a field-op ~ not like anything bad is going to happen. But no ~ this is the first step of the journey. I was in the Pizza Parlor ~ making pizzas in my tux when I spotted my spy phone. Gary needs our help ~ without us, the blackout will start...

 ...Yes, it has started. Herbert's plans to capture the island have begun. If only we had fired Rookie everything would of been fine. I can't accept the Field-Op as Gary didn't finish what he was saying. My voice has changed to the new future voices (or present) but seriously ~ where can I find Herbert? He's got to have a base ~ and I think I know just where it is. Somewhere hidden in a forest...
...with a giant lair. Yes, I've got it. I just have to stop him capturing the next agent! Uh oh, everything has gone wrong! EPF to the rescue...

My whole Club Penguin life has been leading up to this moment in time. I have travelled through time to the future and I have to stop Herbert. I've only been around for a few days on this island and I've seen it grow so fast. It is my job to stop Herbert forever! To Be Continued...

Cool In The Cold ~ Out November 27th!

According to Amazon, Club Penguin is releasing a new song called Cool In The Cold and it will be out on November 27th :) The Penguin Band will also be in this song ~ I think this song must be related to Herbert's Operation Blackout as there will be snow everywhere and there will be no sun ~ so it's obviously going to be cold.
Cool in the Cold (from "Club Penguin")
Thanks to Trainman1405 for pointing this out and Amazon for the picture :) Will this be the next biggest Club Penguin song other than Ghosts Just Wanna Dance? I'm sick of that now ~ halloween is so last month.

How Many More Sneak Peeks?

Seriously, there must of been about a million sneak peeks about Operation Blackout by now :) And now there's more! Polo and Moose have been making a sneak peek video and here it is...

...As well as that, Herbert has tweeted about his new stage play and his new igloo catalog has been found by the German Blogger! Head over to Twitter and find Herbert's page and look at all the exclusive images he has ~ I can't wait! Here's a sneak peek of the Command Room (It is underground so it will survive most of the fire)
Seriously, how many more sneak peeks can there be? Club Penguin have done this very cleverly not giving away too much so we don't really know what is in store :) It's so exciting!

Tune Of The Day ~ Ghosts Just Wanna Dance

There's not much going on in Club Penguin at the moment, other than penguins fighting over who is boss in the Pizza Parlor :) I was sure it was me. So, there's nothing really to do and on days like this I don't really login to Club Penguin so instead of listening to a tune in my igloo which would make my puffles hungry, I can just listen to it right here right now and play a different game other than Club Penguin. Yep, it's ghost just wanna dance repeated and repeated and repeated. You don't even have to watch it on Youtube :)

Click here to listen to Ghosts Just Wanna Dance

It's not the full version, mind ~ you'd have to pay for that ;) Though Halloween may be over, this song is a real hit on the Penguin Poll on the Community Page.

MORE Operation Blackout Sneak Peeks!

I can't believe how many sneak peeks there have been of Operation Blackout. I suppose it did take Club Penguin a year and a half to make this blackout. It better be good :) It certainly looks brilliant so far, but now it's going to look even better! Remember the picture which was sketched and showed a huge forest, this could be the front of Herbert's Lair. Has Herbert built this where the EPF used to be?
 ...That machine is certainly pointing towards the sun (if there is one!) This forest includes lots of trees ~ is this part of the huge forest that we need to get through to find Gary? It's going to be a hard trek.
 ...Also, about a week or two ago, Polo Field sent three sneak peek pictures to three new bloggers and here are two of them belonging to Ash and Alessio :)
Looks like the Coffee Shop and a ladder to...? Very strange and perculiar. Have you got any ideas on what Operation Blackout holds in store for us? This is the first time since August that we have seen our polar bear! If only Rookie would stop messing around. He's been a Rookie for about, ever since the PSA started and that's older than most of the population on CP! Anyway, time will tell...

Tune Of The Day ~ Pizza Parlor

Since Club Penguin removed the old Pizza Parlor classic music, I've been looking for the music and I've found it! From now on, every so often I will post a tune of the day ~ like today is the Pizza Parlor music. Thanks to Club Penguin Wiki for the picture of the old Pizza Parlor, as I never got to take one.

R.I.P Old Club Penguin Rooms

Today, we give thanks to the old original Club Penguin rooms. Before long, they will be destroyed and everything will be modern. They have done a wonderful job ~ the lovely CP snow-covered rooms. Most of the indoor rooms have been modernised but now it is time to say goodbye to the outside rooms. From the mountain, to the Cove, to the Iceberg. We have no idea what the new changes will bring. We don't know if all the rooms will be modernised at the same time ~ but it is most likely after the blackout. We will remember these original rooms for life. Goodbye Generation 2. Read on to take a look at our old fellow original rooms. You may notice that the Mine Shack and Stadium are not in the pictures below because they have already changed slightly. This ceremony is for the original rooms :)

The Mountain

The Ski Village

The Beach

The Dock

The Town

The Snow Forts

The Plaza

The Forest

The Cove

The Iceberg

Enjoy these rooms while they last as it won't be much longer before the blackout begins :)

Fact File ~ Hide and Seek

If you're playing Hide and Seek ~ there are some rules. First, play with a penguin who isn't your friend so they can't cheat to find you ;) And don't hide anywhere where somebody can see your name. This means that you have to hide at the bottom of the screen so your penguin cannot be seen and your name is covered by the chat bar. Let's take a look at some of the new places where you can hide. First, if you don't know this hiding place ~ then you really can't play. It's at the forest hidden behind a tree :) Both will work but you may need to sit sideways so your flipper isn't showing. These pictures will not show the chat bar so you can see where you will be hiding.
 The same applies at the Dock. This is very thin, so you will need to sit down ~ but you will never be found! It's a brilliant hiding place as nobody ever thinks to look there :) Sadly, these hiding places won't last for very long now as all the rooms will be updated. This is why you must find hiding places in the new rooms...
 ...Like the updated pet shop! Though it was updated last year, not many penguins know that they can hide in the kennel for the pets :) In fact, you can get 5 penguins in there at a time ~ if you're playing with more than one penguin.
 ...And now for a new hide and seek place. Simply hide under the table and nobody will ever see you. You can listen to what other penguins are talking about ~ brilliant!
...There will be more hiding places to come soon when the big update arrives. You can even hide in the Town under a pile of snow :) There are so many other different hiding places and it's up to you to find them! Discover, explore, be adventurous like your puffles. Let me know if you find any more hiding places ;)