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Fact File ~ Hide and Seek

If you're playing Hide and Seek ~ there are some rules. First, play with a penguin who isn't your friend so they can't cheat to find you ;) And don't hide anywhere where somebody can see your name. This means that you have to hide at the bottom of the screen so your penguin cannot be seen and your name is covered by the chat bar. Let's take a look at some of the new places where you can hide. First, if you don't know this hiding place ~ then you really can't play. It's at the forest hidden behind a tree :) Both will work but you may need to sit sideways so your flipper isn't showing. These pictures will not show the chat bar so you can see where you will be hiding.
 The same applies at the Dock. This is very thin, so you will need to sit down ~ but you will never be found! It's a brilliant hiding place as nobody ever thinks to look there :) Sadly, these hiding places won't last for very long now as all the rooms will be updated. This is why you must find hiding places in the new rooms...
 ...Like the updated pet shop! Though it was updated last year, not many penguins know that they can hide in the kennel for the pets :) In fact, you can get 5 penguins in there at a time ~ if you're playing with more than one penguin.
 ...And now for a new hide and seek place. Simply hide under the table and nobody will ever see you. You can listen to what other penguins are talking about ~ brilliant!
...There will be more hiding places to come soon when the big update arrives. You can even hide in the Town under a pile of snow :) There are so many other different hiding places and it's up to you to find them! Discover, explore, be adventurous like your puffles. Let me know if you find any more hiding places ;)

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  1. LOL. In the pizza parlor you can be talking mustard!


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