There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Mysterious Mat

One thing that I notice about Rockhopper's Quarters every time he visits, is the green mat he has. Last time he came, it was there and all the times before. However, this same mat appears in the Attic. As most of you know, if you currently teleport to the Attic (where Santa's Sleigh is at the moment) you will be taken to the attic not the sleigh. If you look, you will see a green mat by the two old sofas...
 ...Then, if you look at the Captain's Quarters, by the treasure hunt game, you will see that one of the mats is the same as the one at the Ski Lodge.
It's very strange of Club Penguin to have the same item (that has been there for years) in two different rooms. Maybe he found a copy of it on one of his adventures. Who knows?

A Message From Polo Field...

Happy Holidays Penguins!

On behalf of everyone here at Club Penguin, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! We will be taking a little break from the blog to drink some egg nog and watch some festive movies. We'll catch up with you again here on the blog on Wednesday, December 26!
In the meantime, we'd love to hear how you celebrate the holidays. So leave a comment below and let us know about what you're up to.

Until next time... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Arctic White Sneak Peek

By now, pretty much everyone knows that our special gift will be Arctic White :) I'm so excited to have this new colour, and I hope that in three years time we can have another colour! Polo Field is currently wearing the colour Arctic White so I thought you'd like to see it...
...It looks great, but won't we blend in with the snow-covered island?

Rockhopper's Notice Board

If you find Rockhopper's hidden key, you will be able to access his quarters! You can play the game treasure hunt and earn up to 5 stamps! Plus, you can read about what Rockhopper will be up to during the party he is attending...
...Ye be baking a gazillion cookies, donating more coins than ye can count and raise a ruckus with those Frost Bite scallywags! In the future, I wish that we could travel to different islands not just Club Penguin ~ with the help of Rockhopper's ship!

Holiday Party Catalogs

...If you're struggling to find an outfit that suits you for the Holiday Party, why don't you head over to various different places and find the right outfit for you! You can find the catalog below in the Dock, Forest and the "Toys shop." These items are only for members. They look really cool! Check out that penguin stuffie suit and the craft man outfit. Wrap up with the present hairstyle and the red gloves.
 ...These new stuffie toys seem to be very popular. Look at that icy dress, you can become a reindeer handler!
 At the Bakery and Santa's Office, you can find this catalog which has a page of items for everyone. Sadly, none of them are new.
 ...Look at these elves. Grab a hat, some shoes and a candy cane and head to Santa's Workshop!
 ...Or become Santa yourself and deliver presents to everyone :) Don't forget Mrs Clause too!
 ...If that wasn't your style, then check out Rockhopper's items located in his ship hold. To get to his boat, simply walk to the beach and you'll find it.
Theres a jolly rug, Christmas sweater and slippers. Plus, another stuffie toy! I sure do like these stuffies. What's your favourite item?

The Bakery and Sleigh!

...Christmas surely isn't Christmas without...cookies! This year, we're planning to bake millions of cookies. Everyone is eating them, and with some special magic, everyone is turning into different things! Head over to the Snow Forts and enter the bakery. You'll go in as a penguin, but what will you come out as?
...Click in the corner of the room to find some extra presents - but they aren't free. You can see the coin total, and if the cookies are in stock. You'll find a door to the bakery ~ just head in there and start baking cookies for everyone to try :)
 ...All you have to do is simply walk on the ingredients it shows on the floor and then throw a snowball into the big machine. It will turn into the ingredient you are standing on! Then, when it tells you to, you must pull a smiley face or another emote. After this, you must stand at the end platform and wait for the cookies to come out ~ freshly baked and ready to serve with a dust of magic. Now time to ride Santa's sleigh...
...It's simple. Just press the buttons fly and land to fly and land :) Click on the big round red button to deliver presents into the chimneys below. I'm pretty sure that I don't have a chimney on my igloo, so I guess Santa won't be able to stop at my igloo! When you've completed all 15 presents, you will get a reward such as three different coloured lightbulbs to wear on your head. I'm very greatful, but how will I see my way around?

The party is here!

Seasons greetings! The Holiday Party has now started. There's toy cars, reindeer puffles, icey penguins, frozen penguins, new emotes, snow, decorations and everybody is in the christmas spirit! There's only 5 more days to go, time has gone so fast!
There's tons of things to post about, but first I'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year! Grab your presents and start the party!

A Winter Wonderland and a visit from Rockhopper!

The Club Penguin team have made this super cool video about the Holiday party! Penguiin23 has already posted the epic video. It features turning into reindeer puffles, frost bite penguins, eating cookies and it features some sneak peeks of the winter wonderland rooms! Also, as we all know, Rockhopper will be visiting! You can see him in the telescope. But when will he get here? Quick, prepare the cookies before he arrives. Don't worry, just follow the details on this video to find out how to meet him :)

The Holiday Party looks so exciting! Ever since the puffle party, back at the start of the year, penguins have been transforming into other things like ghosts and puffles. And now, we can turn into frosty penguins, cars, reindeer puffles! I think the island of Club "Penguin" should be renamed soon!

What's Next for the Elite Penguin Force?

Hey Agents!
Now that Operation Blackout is over, many of you have been asking what's coming next for the EPF. We're super excited because we've got some BIG ideas, and we can't wait to share them with you! 
Here are some rough sketches of something we're working on: 

Look interesting? Leave a comment and let us know if you have any cool ideas for new EPF missions... We'd love to hear what you think!
Waddle On, Agents!
-Club Penguin Team

Yay! Now the EPF will look WAY more better updated and hopefully it will have MORE space to use for all agents! Have you seen the papers, it looks like a research room, I hope the EPF becomes more of a sophisticated facility. I can't wait! What about you? What are YOU most excited about?

Yo Ho Holiday Party!

Hello penguins!

The Holiday Party is in two days, i'm pretty sure you guys can't wait to celebrate the joy of giving and getting with penguins in this party! BUT since Club Penguin is for kids all around the world this party will not be centered on Santa or Christmas trees or gifts much, instead we will transform and party the frosty style! Watch this video and see what im talking about:

Im pretty sure you guys have already seen this video. On this party all players that are non-members and members will we able to transform into something. Members can transform into reindeer puffles or frost bites while non-members can transform into road racers for ten minutes, but to be able to transform you will have to buy special cookies from the Bakery that will be located at the Snow Forts. I certainly can't wait, it looks like it will be the best Holiday Party yet!

Christmas Time

Christmas time is a busy time of year. Everyone is rushing around, buying presents at the last minute and getting everything prepared for the big day.  It's a lovely time of year, with the carols, the christmas tree and santa's sleigh. There's all sorts! And after this, everybody celebrates as the new year arrives. But this time of year isn't all that good...
...Everybody loves skating, or skiing, tobogganing or some sort of winter activity. But the downside to this, is you have to wrap up warm which scarves, wooly hats and gloves. Grab a thick winter coat and off you go. The season can be very long, waiting for the big moment to arrive. But before you know it, christmas is over and so is new year. Life goes far too fast - but you can't help that. Enjoy this time while you can. It may be dark, long and cold, icey and snowy but it only comes once every year. And you don't know how long it will last. Sometimes there is no snow, but other times its frosty everywhere! It won't last much longer ~ soon it will be the longest day of the year and the sun will start to shine more and it will get warmer and warmer until summer arrives :)