There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

More Fruity Items

Finally, although I didn't eat (drink?) all of the smoothie from Innocent, them and my tastebuds really don't match, I still was rewarded with a code! I don't think I'll be drinking any more...however, atleast I have half of the items :)
...That background looks fruity. I'm not a big fan of bananas, or fruit. But atleast the items are cool :)

Cookies Pin

After endless days of searching, I have finally found the pin! It's underground, by one of them crabs. Club Penguin really shouldn't of stuck cookies to the windows. Remember what happened last time? One of the crabs broke the glass and the whole underground flooded and then we had a massive water party! Yeah, I'd love that to happen again. Remember, donate to Coins For Change and you'll get another pin!
...Here's an idea for Club Penguin: Once we've picked up the pin, I think it should disappear and we shouldn't be able to see it anymore at the place where it is hidden. Just a thought :)

Coins For Change

Hello Penguins!

We've seen a lot of you baking cookies, transforming, having snowball fights, and getting into the holiday spirit. When we asked what you were most excited for at the Holiday Party, here's what Julesbug323 had to say:

Coins for change! I hope everybody that has 10,000 or more coins will give it to coins for change!! I am looking forward to changing into a Frost Bite!!! Cannot wait till RockHopper comes!!

We're stoked to see so many of you donating to Coins For Change! What cause did you donate to during Coins For Change and why did you pick it?

Leave your comment below and we'll feature one in our next Reviewed By You. The featured penguin will also receive 10,000 coins!

Until then... Waddle On!

The Puffle That Knew Far Better Than That

There it was. Alone, high up, in the mountains. It had been dumped there, with some old catalogs and a box of items. No help. No way to get down. There was a noise in the distance. The yellow puffle turned and saw a strange looking figure in the shadows. He thought about it for a moment, then hurried along to the shadows. He didn't have time to look at the view one last time. He was gone. He had been pufflenapped.
 ...The ninja waddled with care, treading cautiously. This land was forbidden. It had been forgotten and left behind a long time ago. It was a perfect place to start his plans. Nobody was looking, because there was nobody about. Just him and the sweet little puffle. He checked the temperatures, stamped on three of the rocks in a very special order and stopped still. Suddenly, they began to move down. Slowly at first, but then faster and faster. The poor little puffle didn't have a clue what was going on - but he had memorised the way they had come. An impossible way, but he knew the controls and knew what to do, if anybody could come to rescue him. But they wouldn't. It was all impossible.
 ...They arrived in a small nest by a restraunt. This wasn't Club Penguin, that's for sure. There was no snow. But the puffle knew better than that. He wriggled out from the ninja's hands very slowly. Waiting for the moment, he pounced and the chase was on. He rushed down the ladder, past the warm fire, and down the steps leading to the unknown. But the chase never happened. The ninja just stood there, as if he was willing the puffle to run away.
...The puffle didn't get very far before he found himself in a strange mysterious place. Just like the ninja - mysterious. It was most likely his impossible hideout. There were tons of pictures of him. There was a map of the island, drawings, maths, and lots of waste. In front of him, was something that looked like the island. In the past! There was a ship, and waves by it. Plus, a painting of a forest and a drawing of a blue penguin. It seemed like the ninja wanted to destroy the island! But it could be something far worse! This was far too complicated. He wasn't in the present, he was in the past. But it seemed like he had jumped a few million years. He had seen the time machine. He had been in it! How could this of happened? This ninja was hiding a deadly secret. Nobody would ever find the yellow puffle, and...he stopped. He could hear roars. It wasn' couldn't...
...It was! Dinosaurs were heading towards him. He had gone so far back in the past, he was in prehistoric times. The ninja had obviously made this strange machine himself. But the puffle knew far better than that. Gary was meant to be making a special announcment on January 4th 2013 AD. It must of been all related to the time machine, but surely they would figure out it was missing. But then how would they get back to him?There was nothing he could do. He was going to die. There was nowhere to hide. Then, he noticed two big black gates with a yellow puffle bed, a teddy bear and a food dish. He guessed it was where he was going to be staying. However, at that same moment a dinosaur stomping towards him. It looked like he was hungry, but he stopped. As if he was frozen still by magical powers. But the puffle knew far better than that.
To read the second part of the story, click here: "The Penguin That Knew Far Better Than That"


Yes, you would of thought that Club PENGUIN is an island (or a club?) full of penguins. That's what I thought when I first joined CP. But now, this has changed. From puffles, to ghosts, to cars, to freezing penguins, to DINOSAURS! I honestly think Club Penguin should change their name every time we transform, like next month...Club Dinosaur! We've had our transformations, but this is nothing like we've ever experienced before. How do we know? Take a look at the latest logout screen...
...Fly! Yes, alot of dinosaurs could indeed fly. Stomp! Dinosaurs were very good at that because they were so big! Roar! The mighty T-Rex has a great roar, and it could frighten you to deaf! But remember, only members can participate in becoming a dinosaur. The party starts on 17th Jan and ends on the 29th :) Waddle on.. Fly, Stomp and Roar on...

Prehistoric Party ~ Predictions!

I love figuring out what party will come next month, and what will happen, where will we go, why and so much more! That's why I love posting about what I think will happen. So, Polo Field has already kindly told us that it is going to be a Prehistoric Party. (We guessed that when we saw the Time Trekker in the Haunted Mansion, and when we saw the swfs for what Gary would say about it.) So obviously, Gary will be coming along with us. But why? Now that's an interesting theory, after we have just had the blackout. Let's just recap on what Gary might say during this party...

Echo006's Christmas Igloos

I love decorating igloos. Especially on Christmas day. There's so much you can decorate. A nice warm fireplace, a snowy garden, ice palaces, stockings, posters and lots more! This is my holiday estate igloo.  As you can see, I've got christmas trees, a grandfather clock, a nice white puffle poster, coins for change banner, fireplace, and lots and lots and lots of presents :)
 This is my Ice Palace igloo. I've got a snowy path entering into my palace leading to the warm cooker. Lights to guide the way, a mailbox (mine is always full!) and a coins for change donation place. I've got a giant rock with lots and lots of puffle toys hidden behind it. A snow sofa, by the stash of snow. Snowmen, a small fort, vegetables (what else can you grow?) and lots of gold crystals! There are ice sculptures, a fire to warm up by, a throne, icicles, snowflakes, a puffle igloo, a reindeer and nice snow chairs by an ice table.
Don't forget the ship, if you need to get across the water to get the hidden gold! Mind you, it should be frozen! I love decorating at this time of year. What's your favourite igloo to decorate?

Merry Christmas

I've now added a blogroll to my blog. If you'd like to be on it, put my blog on your blogroll and then comment with your blog address and I'll put it on :)
Got a watch? Oh look at the time! It's Christmas time :) Penguins will be giving each other presents and celebrating this festive season. But it won't last much longer - Christmas day will soon be ending in different parts of the world as we have a time difference :) I'd like to say to you all: Merry Christmas!
Don't forget to unwrap your special gifts! It's a big one, but remember to add a dash of paint :)

Puffle Rescue: Sea Levels

Finally, after a few months of working out a strategic way to make my way around the Puffle Rescue sea levels, I have achieved the extreme survive 30 levels with 5 lives. In fact, I reached the level 41 before the squids electrified me! I had a total of 81585 points.
 Another technique of mine was to play the game in low quality. To do this, simply press the - or + buttons on your keyboard. This makes the game faster and less lag. Also, make sure you zoom out as far as possible so when you press the up and down keys, the screen won't keep moving up and down.
 ...I've earned 15 stamps of the 27 in Puffle Rescue. Now I just need to complete the ice levels and the cave levels!
Puffle Rescue is a wonderful way to earn coins! I earnt 23200 in one game that took about 20 minutes. It's a great way to earn coins for Coins For Change :)

Free Gifts!

Don't forget to grab your free gifts when you login to Club Penguin! Today's prizes are super cool! Members can get an igloo item for making things and non-members can get a frosty item for their playercard

...I can't wait for Christmas Day! I wonder what's inside. Here's a quick look at the logout screen and if you look, you can see a penguin in Arctic White :)

This colour will be awesome! Keep freezing penguins while you can ;)