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Echo006's Christmas Igloos

I love decorating igloos. Especially on Christmas day. There's so much you can decorate. A nice warm fireplace, a snowy garden, ice palaces, stockings, posters and lots more! This is my holiday estate igloo.  As you can see, I've got christmas trees, a grandfather clock, a nice white puffle poster, coins for change banner, fireplace, and lots and lots and lots of presents :)
 This is my Ice Palace igloo. I've got a snowy path entering into my palace leading to the warm cooker. Lights to guide the way, a mailbox (mine is always full!) and a coins for change donation place. I've got a giant rock with lots and lots of puffle toys hidden behind it. A snow sofa, by the stash of snow. Snowmen, a small fort, vegetables (what else can you grow?) and lots of gold crystals! There are ice sculptures, a fire to warm up by, a throne, icicles, snowflakes, a puffle igloo, a reindeer and nice snow chairs by an ice table.
Don't forget the ship, if you need to get across the water to get the hidden gold! Mind you, it should be frozen! I love decorating at this time of year. What's your favourite igloo to decorate?

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