There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

What's that mansion doing here?

Seriously, I just waddled to the Forest and I found a mansion. Must be Gary's Uncle ~ right? Yeah, anyway let's go explore. I'm not one for just waiting outside. Seriously, what's any harm in a computer game ~ you're avatar isn't going to get killed (well it nearly does, but that's later) so let's begin. But first of all, let's see Club Penguin's first art mistake. At the Iceberg, the moon can be seen to the left of Club Penguin, however when at the Forest the moon is behind the Mansion (yes, it has grown, and it is closer to the island) It should be high in the sky, not at the forest! The trees should be covering it ~ but nobody really notices except penguins who are really picky at details. So, what ya waiting for? Get off that computer and head to a real mansion on a computer. Hmm, computers rule are lives.
 ...Now if you're wanting cheats. Then here's just how to sum it up. Click on the box, then click on each key and it will take you to that room. Click around in that room till you find the key, then you'll get ghost goggles. Head through a door that wasn't there before, then get in the ghost machine and bang you've done it. But, if you're not bothered since there's still 11 days left till the party ends then why not go the more scenic route?
 Ok, pick a door. I don't mind which. Now, you may not go in the same order as me, but this is how I found my way around. Here's a library. There's always secret exits ~ you know the drill, if you've seen it in movies or not, but there's always something hidden behind the bookcase in a haunted house, right? Oh and grab that key while you're at it.
 Now, this is kind of strange. There's lots of different exits and entrances. Look, where are you meant to go? Ah, who cares just sit at the dining table and eat whatever is inside that. Mmm, chewy. EWW It's rock hard ~ oh wait it's just another key.
 ...Now, look. You've made it halfway. Don't go down ~ that'll take you to the beginning. Carry on going left or right or straight on depending on where you're looking at it from.
 ...Ok, I don't know how I stumbled upon this room. But it's creeping me out. Get that key from behind the picture frame. Doesn't this key look a bit like our pin? I wish all these keys were pins (5 KEYS TO MY COLLECTION!!!) Anyway, let's move on.
 ...Ok. This is a graveyard. Go and cry at your lost siblings, families, grandparents, mums, or anybody or anything that has died in your life ;) Don't worry ~ they're living a lovely life as a ghost.
 Ahhh, here it is. See that tombstone over there. There's a key in it! Grab it and head towards whatever way you wish to go. Avoid the slime pool, it smells a bit funny but who cares? Ghosts don't. Now, you've got all five keys so head back to the start if you can.
 Oh my this really is creepy. How do you get down there or up there? When they said nine rooms, I didn't expect it to be a maze like the Brown Puffle Search or the Yeti Maze or the Herbert's Lair Maze. I love them, you should bring back more mazes. Oh wait, this is one.
Ok, now go back to that room that's halfway. Remember? Now avoid that guy with the sharp axe. That was your closest chance of dying ~ unless you enter the ghost lab. Now, it's time to get killed. I advise you to not stab a knife through your heart yet, do it the painless way. Uncle will help you ;)
Now go scare penguins. Get items from the catalog. Hunt for ghosts. Wear your ghost goggles. Do whatever you fancy. And don't forget to stop by the Coffee Shop on October the 23rd and 24th.

Halloween Party 2012 Has Begun!

The Halloween Party is off to a good start already. The bad news is that Billybob is leaving, so guess who is going to take over? Disney ~ oh wait, they joined ages ago and then wrecked the whole island by advertising shows on it and marvel etc you know the drill. So, let's forget about the bad news and haunt some penguins. No thanks ~ I won't be joining in, I know Cadence says they ain't here to freak you out, but they're pretty scary. I've been ill, so I would of posted a guide by now, but I guess everyone's already done it so I'll make a story instead. Ghost on ;) And don't forget to waddle by the newly redecorated Gift Shop which contains two games for another little party ~ they're going to have to rearrange they're new furniture if they want to fit that cake in. They'll be lots of posts about this halloween party over the next 11 days ~ I can assure you that there'll be 1200 posts on this blog by the end of October.

Jet Pack Guy's Message

Jet Pack Guy has sent us a new Club Penguin message! Click on your spy phone, and if you have no indication of a new message (like me) click on messages and his message should be at the top. If not, then you should've gone to specsavers ;)
 If you're still here and you haven't been to specsavers then you obviously can't read the image above so here it is ;) Hey everyone. I was just in the Forest, minding my own business, when I heard a strange sound. It was like a long ooOOOooOOOooh sound. Any ideas what it was?
So, ye got any ideas? Do you like the box effect? I'm trying to do more effects to make the blog more interesting and add a few extra corny jokes into my posts like going to specsavers.

The Dark Night: The Future or the Past ~ Part 3

...This is my latest story ;) To view the first part click here and to view the second part click here. This is the third part of the story. Previously, I set off into the clouds to find what was causing a strange storm full of clouds. The date is April 10 2008 :) It's the past and I've been ignoring something I shouldn't of. You're about to find out. Good luck, hope you don't find it to hard to understand. It's very complicated :)
I didn't last long before the fuel levels reached low. I knew I couldn't make it any further up, so I headed for this house, you see, with a big patch of land. I landed softly, with the aid of me parachute. It's still very dark. Sky's full of stars and the clouds are gettin bigger and the thunder's gettin louder. I need shelter. I decide to enter the dark house. Its a scary house. Decorated for that theme that those americans celebrate ~ yes halloween. But it ain't the time of year for that ~ is it? No, this ain't the way it happened. The storm didn't come on April 10th. I got it all wrong. The date's messed up. The whole thing's messed up. It's eating me alive my nerves are. I've forgotten everything and I just don't know what to do. I creep into the house, hoping it'll lift my spirit. Not literally.
 ...Yeah it's spooky alright. But this sure can't be April 10th. It must be a dream, but it's too cold. In dreams ye never notice the weather. It's some sort of haunted house from the future. I know it because I just, I can't explain it. Time's all muddled up. It's a paradox really. I've read this book ye see, it's got everything ye need to know bout the future. Got everything rigged up until 2012. Thats 4 years away, London's got the olympics. Anyway, so I know everything about the future. Sensei, Cadence, Herbert's plans and everythin. But I don't dare say a word. It got passed to me from a guy from the future. He tells me he don't have no name. It's apparently something I do in the future which messes up the whole universe ~ you know what I mean? 2012 it happens, he says I gotta stop the storm. Ye know the halloween party ~ well he dies. He's dead and he's a living soul come back through the past as a ghost. Yeah, don't believe me. Nobody would.
I walk through a door in the haunted house. Everything's muddled up. This should be the future ye know? I got a bad feeling that the guy who talked to me from the future, was me. But if I change the future, that could change the whole world. But the whole world's already wrecked ~ from what he says or what I say. Anyway, enough of that let's get back on track. I look around and see a door. It's closed, but I've always loved spooky stuff. I walk through the door and there's a blinding light. Then a flash. I see something grey and shadows pop up. Ah, yes this must be the shadow ninjas. They come soon after the snow ninjas from what I've heard. That's what everybody in the future thinks but the guy told me it ain't happened yet. Why is it when ye mess with the future and the past and the present things always get so confusing. So I walk up to the shadow ninja and tell him he's in the wrong place. I can hear the storm outside getting louder and then he tells me I'm in the wrong place. He says this is the year 2012 and he isn't alive yet ~ he's from the future. Great, I've slipped in time to the future (or the present to those of you in that year?) and now I've got all muddled up in a giant story and the world's about to end. Great ~ ye see this is what Halloween does. Don't bother celebrating ~ the darkest times are coming. The Club Penguin world is going black for two whole weeks. Starting sometime on the 9th of November 2012. That's a Friday ~ could be a day before. Only I know ~ but it's Herbert. He's messed everything up and we're all gonna die. Halloween is awful. 

Polo Field and Moose's Halloween Party Sneak Peek Video

Wow! Great news ~ Herbert is going to become a character (will he have a stamp?) and the Club Penguin anniversary cake will be bright and happy jusr how I wanted it unlike last year, which was dark and spooky. Blue and Gold are brilliant colours and ghosts are now appearing on the island. Remember that sneak peek Polo Field shared with us? Well, now you can view the video below.

...At 0:11 click on the skull on the gateway to the mansion to view part 2 of the video ~ also known as Polo Field's side of the story.

This looks totally awesome! You can see that Gary's Uncle turns penguins into ghosts. I'd love to become one and the details of becoming a ghost look so cool :) Can't wait for the party!