There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Echo006's Beginning

Bubsey wanted to know more about me when I posted the bio, and here's just a little bit more...
It was April 2008. Let's go back 3 days before. I can't really remember exactly how many days had passed since my sister had joined Club Penguin, but we'll say three. Anyway, my sister found out because my two neighbours (brothers) had found it. Then she started playing it. The reason I can remember that she started playing it in April was because she has the swirly glasses. If I had joined sooner, I could of been much more rarer, but no. After she joined, I watched in amazement. Thus causing me to join Club Penguin, after the April Fool's party had ended. Before this, Rockhopper's ship had just crashed. Three months were spent reparing it, so it was nothing much that I missed out on. Now, you see the swirly glasses?
...Then it was all a blur. I grabbed my first pin at the mine shack. Back then, there was no community garden or recycling plant. Just a mine shack. There were no stamps. It was quite boring, except for the parties. You have to remember that I was only a non-member. But it didn't really matter apart from decorating my igloo and buying items for my penguin - I could still play all the game levels. It was endless fun. The start of my endless adventures were very hard to remember. I mean, I was only small back then and wasn't as clever on computers. I played most of the games, but then that was that. There was nothing much more to do until May, but that's part of my endless penguin story.

Sorry Penguins!

Hi, I am Woddylan. I have posted here before, but never really a good post, and I haven't posted here in a long time. I manages TONS of blogs already, so it's hard to keep up. I am thankful that Echo still let's me work here. I will try to post here more often, but not daily like Echo does. I kind of work behind the scenes here at Echo006 in Club Penguin. Well, as I said, I will try to post more. See ya later!


Hollywood Party Sneak Peek

When you log off, you can see another Hollywood party sneak peek! This one shows a few things of what members can do!
...It looks very interesting. We'll be able to walk on the red carpet, get an award and even act in different movies! I can't wait for Cadence to pull this one off!


How many times has your penguin waved to another penguin? Maybe to say hello, or to say goodbye! But have you ever noticed that you only wave with the penguin's left flipper, not the right. TIP: The penguin's flipper, not our hands. The penguin is facing us, so it is opposite to what we see. Struggling with your left and right? Don't worry! Just make an L shape with your hands so your thumb is pointing out and your second finger is pointing up. Do this to both hands. The one which reads "L" is your left hand.
....However, your flipper must of waved like a million times. But how many times has your other flipper waved? I mean, it's not very often you get to do this, is it?
But does it really matter what flipper you use to wave? I don't think so, but it'd be nice to have the choice!

Angry Emote

Club Penguin have added three new emotes to our emote bar. The big eye brows emote, the fire emote and the meat emote. However, on one of the Club Penguin login screens - they have the T-Rex dinosaur using a red angry emote. This emote is different to the normal angry emote, yet it isn't on Club Penguin, so why use it?
I was expecting the emote to be limited at the party, but obviously not. Do you think Club Penguin will add the emote later on, or even improve the emotes like the picture below?

Can you see the difference between them? I hope Club Penguin adds the new emotes. Which do you like better? 

Penguin Style and Card-Jitsu Snow

Here's a sneak peek of what's coming next in the Penguin Style Catalog!
Also, Polo Field has made a tweet that there will be some interesting news about Card-Jitsu Snow! I wonder when it will come out!

Thanks Club Penguin for the sneak peeks :)

Prehistoric Location Available!

Right now, on Club Penguin, if you roar at 5 different destinations you will be able to pick up an igloo background! But before that, you'll need to get a membership and become a dinosaur.
...Then head over to your igloo, and change it to the prehistoric location!
Missing any prehistoric furniture? No problem! Keep roaring for three more days until you get all the special prizes at this party!

The Ninja That Knew Far Better Than That

To read the first part of this time travelling story, click here!
The whole island was dead. Everybody had left. It was deserted. It would never be inhabited again, but the Ninja knew far better than that. He was the mysterious ninja. A very evil villain, who seems to have a liking for underground tunnels. He managed to get tangled up in the past before, with an enemy named Echo who sadly died. But that never happened. Because the ninja changed the future. He made sure that something would happen, so that no penguins would of ever lived. He would, of course live, as he had come from a different species and a different place. Now his plan was working. He been dreaming of this for years. He had made blueprints, and tried to dig a whole in the Plaza of Club Penguin, yet that didn't work. Some pesky penguin foiled his plans, so therefore he was going to get revenge. A vengeful ninja strolled casually down to his underground base. He fed his yellow puffle and then disappeared. He gazed at the lava covering this island. It had killed everyone. But the ninja knew far better than that. He snapped his fingers and the lava magically ran away. The ninja walked to the nearest restraunt and grabbed whatever he could find for this yellow puffle, and the many more that had been pufflenapped by him....Then the ninja began to start his work. This project was huge, and it had to be finished very soon. If not, then the whole plan would fail. The drilling started first. A giant hole in the middle of the island.

...So far, everything was going to plan. The hole had been dug very deep, in the middle so it wouldn't get flooded. The next part of the plan was the hardest. One by one, he had to drop the puffles into the hole, making sure they didn't get hurt. They had no idea of what was about to happen to them. After a few hours, the 54729 puffles had been dropped into the hole. Then it was covered back up. They were down there, at the bottom of the island, alone. But the plan was deadly. At the moment, all the penguins had been transported down to the bottom of island, unconcious. With them out of the way, the ninja could rule the island. Everything had been an illusion, just to get Echo and Eagle away. With that done, the ninja secretly headed to the future and made another simple illusuion. Now all the penguins were at the bottom of the island. But the ninja knew far better than that...


Here's some unoticed details that I've come across. You may of seen them before, but I took a careful look and I've found some strange things as well. At the town, there is a noticeboard in the corner however it is not used and the papers are blank.
 At the Ski Village, a sled is sitting there, steps have been added to the ski hill and a conveyer belt has been added, with a belt.
 At the Snow forts, the forts have been built thicker, and a log appears to be in the corner.
 At the Plaza, if you mouse over the Puffle Launch cannon which is now pointing out of the window, you will see a red puffle with a helmet on. Double doors have also been added to the shop.
...There's loads more details to be found on this strange snow covered island...

Prehistoric Pin

...I have had great fun searching for the Prehistoric Pin on Club Penguin and I have found it! It's at the dock by the new bench, and the new trees! It seems to be some sort of hammer :)
...Hmm, I wonder how this got on the island and that prehistoric foot print which is currently at the forest. Let's hope things are back to normal by the 29th of January.

Get a FREE Laptop

As it is safer internet day, Club Penguin have provided all penguins with a laptop. However, before you can wear this item you will need to unlock it. So, head to the club penguin homepage and scroll down to the bottom where you can click on something that looks like this...
...Then follow the instructions on screen and type in the code "STAY SAFE" and you'll get your free laptop :)

Times to meet Gary

I can now upload pictures normally instead of using Tinypic :)
Club Penguin have uploaded a video to their youtube channel with times to meet Gary. He'll be on the server Big Foot three times in one day! Watch the video below to find out what time in which time zones...

...Good luck on finding that crazy scientist!

Club Penguin February Style Sneak Peek!

Hello, Penguins!
A new month is almost here and that means new styles will invade the island! Check out this sneak peek at the cover of the February catalog:

What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

The Party Starts Now CD

Hello Penguins!

Since Club Penguin first started, many of you have asked if we would ever release an album... I'm super stoked to say that we're finally releasing our very first CD next month!!

The album has your favorite CP songs like "The Party Starts Now", "Ghosts Just Wanna Dance", and even "Dubstep Puffle"!

The Party Starts Now EP will be available in stores like Wal-Mart and Target in the US starting February 12! It will also be available to purchase online in other countries.

The CD version comes with an exclusive virtual item you won't find anywhere else... the Bling-Bling Necklace! I love this item. Here's a sneak peek:

In other news... the team is working on a music video for a brand new song called "Puffle Party (Gotta Have a Wingman)". We'll post it here on the blog once it's ready. Stay tuned for more info!

Until then... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Polo Field Makes a Mistake

Looks like Polo Field has made a silly mistake!

The current pin will still be available while the new one is out - but only for one week. I guess that the new pin will be hidden in the Prehistoric Club Penguin! I was really excited for finding two pins - I think Club Penguin should hide one every week at each party from now on.

Your Styles: Prehistoric Party

Jettepingo rocking the prehistoric party with Diva hair and prehistoric fur.

12leon13 seems to be a leader of a rare strain of prehistoric penguins. The horn mask represents fearlessness and strength.
Silver 18 carries a stone-age adventure moderate garb, as is customary on the volcanic island was primeval.

How do you find the prehistoric penguins? Whether the trend of clothes on Club Penguin? Just leave me your comments on this below in the box. Do not hesitate, you or your penguin friends to propose for the next "Your Style" post. I'm looking forward!

Moose Monday Pictures

Here's what I missed out on at Moose Monday!
Hello Friends,
Here are some shots from today’s Moose Monday celebration. Enjoy!
The new emotes look so cool!
After moosing around the Prehistoric Party, we decided to go to my igloo. I’ve never seen it this chaotic – it was intense!
After a few rounds of igloo hide and seek, we ended this week’s Moose Monday in Ben5155′s igloo. Awesome!
That’s it for this week – see you next time!
Sincerely, Businesmoose
In the last picture on the right hand bottom corner, you can see my friend Woddylan! It's such a shame that I didn't find moose, but there's going to be plenty more Mondays in 2013. About 49 are left until 2014, even then there should be more :)

TWO Pins Coming This Week!

Due to Club Penguin being prehistoric and normal, Club Penguin will be having two pins this week!
...YAY! I can remember when for the Puffle Party, we had to find two puffle pins every two weeks!

More Free Items To Come

When you log off Club Penguin, you will be greeted with two new login screens advertising two different things available for member's igloos! First up, we have an ancient tree :) We'll be able to get that on January 23rd - but it'll only be available for 6 days so you'll have to roar 99 times to get it! Each day, you'll have to roar 16.5 times!

However on the 26th of January, you'll have to roar 17.5 times as you can also get a Prehistoric Igloo Location! Sadly, you can only get one :) You can fill all the other 396 items you've earned from the days before in this igloo. However, you can only put 99 items into your igloo. Therefore you'll have to put 24.75 of each of your items in the igloo location.

I hope you enjoyed today's fun educational maths lesson on how many items you can earn and put in your new igloo. It's a shame you've got to wait a few more days!

Better Luck Next Week!

Didn't manage to meet Mr Moose, got about 10 likes when he said "I'm hiding in an igloo that starts with E" My first Moose Monday - but I'm sure I'll meet him next week!
...Atleast I liked his igloo, and met Woddylan and Perapin looking for him in the igloos :)

Collect your items!

Members, don't forget to collect your items! You can grab the lava flow, waterfall and now the volcano too!
...Just grab some eggs from dino dig, then transform and press d in all of the 5 different rooms. Then collect your prizes! It's a great way to get items, and come back on the 26th for an igloo background scene.

Spy Phone Message from Gary

OOGA! me see reCtangle thiNg. me pRess it. me loOk. me aMazed. me see mesSage. me sEe Gary?

Anyone feel like creating a temporal singularity and traveling back in time with me? There are lots of dinosaurs there!

Featured Igloos

Hey there penguin pals!

The Prehistoric Party is well under way and I have to say I was SO impressed with this month’s igloo nominations! There were so many awesome Prehistoric themed igloos to choose from, I somehow finally managed to pick three of my favourites- it wasn’t easy! Check them out below:

Reuben7862 said: “You should check out my friend, Guitar Man 9’s iggy. His iggy is a tiki’s hut built on an island filled with lava pools and native animals.”

Liberty1111 said: “I think you should really check out Troyella’s Tiki Playground igloo. It is so cool and really creative! Tiki penguins should really check it out. Waddle On!”

Hippykid24 said: “Awesome igloos! I was looking for something to do when I found Peace6179’s igloo. It looks REALLY good and is perfect for the prehistoric party theme.”

Talk about going back in time! Those igloos were truly dino-rific! Now for something a little different, we’d love to see some Theme Park inspired igloos! So get your roller coaster rolling and your popcorn popping for a chance to have your igloo appear on our next featured igloos blog. If you know a friend that has a fun-tastic Theme Park igloo, be sure to let us know their penguin name in the comments below.

Until then- Waddle On! laugh
-Club Penguin Team

Prehistoric Reviewed By You

The Prehistoric Party is ON! Have you stomped through Prehistoric Club Penguin yet

Last week, we were wondering which time you’d travel back to if you could take the Time Trekker anywhere. Check out 94beaker64’s answer:

I would probably go back in time to see what my parents were like when they were my age! Or maybe my grandparents! Way back in the olden times! Hee hee! I think that would be cool!

That would be cool! Thanks to everyone for your fun and creative answers.

So now that the party's up, what's your favorite part? Hunting for dino eggs? The room art? Special dino moves? Leave a comment below to tell us what you're digging most! We’ll pick a comment to feature in our next Reviewed By You. And don’t forget, the featured penguin gets 10,000 coins! Dino-mite!!

Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

Meet Gary In German Servers

Hey people,

have you seen Gary Device Guru already? Our inventive penguin waddles during the prehistoric party over the entire island. He directs the studies of prehistoric penguins and dinosaurs ... and also running away from dinosaurs! ;-)

Here I have a few more times and servers that can help you identify and locate Gary:

21st Clock January 17:00 (Central European Time), server igloo

23rd Clock January 16:00 (Central European Time), server avalanche

25th January clock 17:15 (Central European Time), server glacier

28th January clock 15:30 (Central European Time), Server Gloves

30th January clock 16:30 (Central European Time), server snowflake

Keep good eye out for Gary and tell me if you met him. Have fun!

Spike Hike Reveals A Secret!

Spike Hike has tweeted that in the Hollywood Party, we'll be able to go into 3 different movies! I wonder what they will be - most likely Disney films :) YAY!

It almost seems to early to be talking about another party - the Prehistoric Party has only just begun!

Funny Pictures - Special Edition

Has someone tickled your funny bone? No, didn't think so. Well, anyway... I haven't made any funny pictures since October 25th 2012. Mainly because Operation Blackout wasn't funny enough, and I'd already made christmas funny pictures in 2011. And now that the Prehistoric Party has come, I'm not making any of those either. There's nothing funny about dinosaurs, is there? Plus, currently our designer Penguiin23 is updating the pictures to take away the "lag" from them. He'll make these pictures into pictures just like the ones on the Funny Pictures page. Go check em out! Anyway, I haven't taken many photos of the upgraded rooms to be funny either. And even that, not all the pictures actually make you laugh. You just call them "funny pictures" when they're really just some pictures of you doing funny stuff in CP. I decided that I'd do a special edition of these "funny" pictures. Something that looks like it's been edited but really it hasn't. Yes, you name it, flying pictures! But it's just so annoying when other people just come along and copy it. By the way, that's illegal. The pictures have been uploaded by Tinypic (only because the upload button isn't working) Note: Captions are underneath the picture.
...In your dreams.

...The same way you got up. DUH
...Not for long!

...Yeah right.
...Wow, you're big!

...In fact, you're huge!


Fire = Hot
So that's how they got the noticeboard up there!

Pretty much.
Only losers fail

...You said you didn't need one to fly.

You're lazy.

...You're not meant to see out.

They're not yours!

...That's not what you're meant to do with it.
Stop getting stuck in things!

Serves you right.

Who cares.

Hope you liked them :)