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Moose Monday Pictures

Here's what I missed out on at Moose Monday!
Hello Friends,
Here are some shots from today’s Moose Monday celebration. Enjoy!
The new emotes look so cool!
After moosing around the Prehistoric Party, we decided to go to my igloo. I’ve never seen it this chaotic – it was intense!
After a few rounds of igloo hide and seek, we ended this week’s Moose Monday in Ben5155′s igloo. Awesome!
That’s it for this week – see you next time!
Sincerely, Businesmoose
In the last picture on the right hand bottom corner, you can see my friend Woddylan! It's such a shame that I didn't find moose, but there's going to be plenty more Mondays in 2013. About 49 are left until 2014, even then there should be more :)

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  1. Good luck on finding Moose :) And thanks for mentioning me! :)

    By the way, if the form to order icons doesn't work for you, just tell me your order in our chat thingymabob.


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