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Echo006's Beginning

Bubsey wanted to know more about me when I posted the bio, and here's just a little bit more...
It was April 2008. Let's go back 3 days before. I can't really remember exactly how many days had passed since my sister had joined Club Penguin, but we'll say three. Anyway, my sister found out because my two neighbours (brothers) had found it. Then she started playing it. The reason I can remember that she started playing it in April was because she has the swirly glasses. If I had joined sooner, I could of been much more rarer, but no. After she joined, I watched in amazement. Thus causing me to join Club Penguin, after the April Fool's party had ended. Before this, Rockhopper's ship had just crashed. Three months were spent reparing it, so it was nothing much that I missed out on. Now, you see the swirly glasses?
...Then it was all a blur. I grabbed my first pin at the mine shack. Back then, there was no community garden or recycling plant. Just a mine shack. There were no stamps. It was quite boring, except for the parties. You have to remember that I was only a non-member. But it didn't really matter apart from decorating my igloo and buying items for my penguin - I could still play all the game levels. It was endless fun. The start of my endless adventures were very hard to remember. I mean, I was only small back then and wasn't as clever on computers. I played most of the games, but then that was that. There was nothing much more to do until May, but that's part of my endless penguin story.


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