There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Music Jam Season Day 4

Whoah! Echo006's blog is awesome! Sup, penguins? I've been asked to post a tune of my favourite on Echo006's epic blog. By the way, Echo006 won't be posting much as he's very busy at the moment. Here's a funky old tune that only I can mix on DJ3K! This be Lolz favourite too! Gotta run, now! Cadence is OUT!

Tune Of The Day 4: Funky Tune

Club Penguin Fan Art

Check out these awesome drawings that penguins have drawn with their excellent skills of artwork!

Featured Postcards

If you send a Postcard to a friend on Club Penguin, you can choose from a variety of different postcards. You can also choose Featured Postcards! This time they are about Rockhopper...
Lets explore! Send a postcard to your friend today...

Beautiful Plants

My garden now looks like a Jungle! It is so overgrown with plants and Rockhopper's beautiful flowerplants look lovely! They are growing ever so well...
 Those flowerplants are sure to be blooming by the end of this month, Rockhopper's Quest is just about to start...

Club Penguin Unreleased March 2012 Furniture Catalog Items EXCLUSIVE

The February 2012 Furniture Catalog may be out now, but Club Penguin are planning March right now. Here's some exclusives of what the items will be:

Floor Items:
  • Fuzzy Green Couch for 500 coins
  • Puffle Tubes for 100 coins
  • Fuzzy Blue Couch for 500 coins
  • Fuzzy Purple Couch for 500 coins
Floor Item:
  • Puffle Rug for 200 coins
Wall Items:
  • Happy Lantern for 175 coins
  • Laughing Lantern for 175 coins
  • Grumpy Lantern for 175 coins
  • Cheeky Lantern for 175 coins
The items are puffle related as the puffle party is starting in March. I can't wait to have a party with my puffle, but Rockhopper's Quest hasn't even begun yet! (Thanks Trainman1405)

Music Jam Season Day 3

Shiver me timbers! Preparing for me quest be harder than I thought it would! I've mapped out how we'll get there and everything seems ok. In the meantime, I been asked to blog on Echo006's blog again. Ye be listening to some groovy music tunes! Today is Day 3 and the Puffle Party be startin' after me quest so here's a tune that Yarr loves!

Tune Of The Day 3: Puffle Party

EPF Message From Gary

Helping prepare for Rockhopper's Quest is really hard work! While I was taking a break from drilling, I noticed my Spy Phone was on Blue Alert! Who could the message be from?

Music Jam Season Day 2

Today is Day 2 of Music Jam Season! 1aredrocka1 asked for some Adventure Party Music as we will be going on an adventure on February 24th! I searched for some and found this awesome Adventure Party tune. You can listen to these tunes while playing Club Penguin, too! Just mute the music on Club Penguin and have the Adventure Jam playing in another tab. NOTE: All that will show is a white screen, just turn your volume up and you will hear the music.

Tune Of The Day 2: Adventure Jam

Rockhopper's Quest Login Screen

As well as the Homepage, Club Penguin usually update their Login Screens. Check out this awesome one with Rockhopper and Pirartes:
Explore New Islands this February. Rockhopper's Quest coming soon...

Club Penguin Homepage

Club Penguin have updated the homepage to show Rockhopper's Quest. Look at the stormy clouds!
The quest starts on February 24 and finished on March 6. Are you excited about the Quest? Let me know in the comments below!

Club Penguin Times #330

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times is out. Just click on the icon in the corner which should say New!

Field-Op #69

EPF Agents, your Spy Phone is on RED Alert! Report to the Command Room for this weeks field-op...

Rockhopper's Quest Preperations

Over at the Beach you can get ready for Rockhopper's Quest by helping with the preparations...

Better Igloo's Catalog - Penguin Poll

Over at the Community page you can vote on the Penguin Poll. There is always usually a bug on this poll, but this time there are two bugs! This month's Better Igloo's catalog has been released! What is your favorite furniture item? BUG! The Better Igloos Catalog is OLD, it is now upgraded to Furniture Catalog!

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog February 2012

As well as furniture, you can upgrade your igloo! Choose from all sorts of styles, from pirate ships to cozy igloos. Whatever you want, it's in this new modernized catalog...

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog February 2012

The Furniture Catalog is out now! With this catalog, you can buy items from your igloo. Check out these awesome items:

Music Jam Season!

You might of noticed that the header has been updated to a Music Jam Header. Why? Because over at Echo006 In Club Penguin, we'll be posting some awesome music! Get ready to rock with some awesome tunes...
We're going to be spinning some awesome tunes every day, that YOU can choose! This is the first time I've organised something that only the blog will be doing, so it should be good. I'll have some famous Club Penguin Mascots posting on the blog as well! Rockhopper's arriving soon so the first tune should be pirate releated. Click the link to listen to the first tune:
Tune Of The Day: Ocean Voyage

How Old Am I?

Many penguins wonder how old I am on Club Penguin. Some penguins think I'm very old, yet some penguins think I am quite new. How old do you think my penguin is? Your about to find out...

My Comment was Published!

Club Penguin do not usually post every comment on their official blog, but they posted mine on the UK Magazine Video! (Click to enlarge)
THANKS Club Penguin for posting my comment! It really is the best magazine you will ever buy!

Featured Igloo - Sarbear8910

This bamboo forest is an awesome hangout. I love the pretty green maze in this igloo, great designing skills!
You have an AWESOME igloo Sarbear8910, I would love to visit it sometime...

Coming Soon: Rockhopper's Quest!

This is a message from Happy77:

Happy77 here. By now you've probably seen that Rockhopper's Quest is coming on February 23. In fact, Rockhopper's ship is almost here now! I'm super excited about the big quest, and wanted to let you give you more info about what to look forward to.

During the quest, everyone will get to set sail aboard Rockhopper's ship for the very first time! I know many of you have wanted to travel aboard the Migrator, so this is the moment you've been waiting for. 

Get ready to set sail...

Disney Channel Advertisement Video

I saw this video on Disney Channel and now Happy77 has blogged about it:

I wanted to share this video from Disney Channel in the UK with you! It shows a preview of the new Club Penguin magazine that's available in the United Kingdom now! 
Check it out:
The magazine is currently only available for purchase at newsstands in the UK.

So what's your favorite part of the new magazine? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! 

Waddle On! :)
-Club Penguin Team

What To Wear?

I'm still thinking of what to wear at Rockhopper's Quest. Should I stay in my new Fashion Show Outfit...

Club Penguin Beta Team

This is a complete guide on the Club Penguin Beta Team. To login just type your penguin name and your penguin password...


Fan Art In The Book Room

Over at the Book Room you can find special Fan Art. These penguins are very lucky artists as their pictures stay up for more than a month, unlike on the Community Page where they stay up for a week.

Club Penguin White Screen Glitch

Many penguins have been getting a White Screen Glitch at the Stage, but why haven't I?

Offline Bug

After Perapin had left the server, I clicked my playercard and saw that it showed Perapin was still online...

FREE Giveaway - Round 3

UPDATE: Perapin and Penguiin23 have won the competition! Thanks to everyone who entered, I now have 10,000 hits! :D
I have now officially reached 10,000 hits! Once you have completed Round 2 of the free giveaway, I will put the penguins name who got the answers all right in a hat! Then the winner will be announced and will receive a FREE 7 Day Membership! But first you will have to complete the Spot The Difference challenge! 

FREE Giveaway - Round 2

UPDATE: Round 2 is now over, therefore you can not particapate in this round as the comments have now been published. The members who are through to Round 3 and have got most of the differences will be chosen and picked out of a hat!
Congratulations to all the penguins who have made it to round 2 of the free giveaway! Comment below with the answer to these questions, they are quite tricky! Remember that you can only complete this quiz if you have completed round 1 with all answers correct.

1. Where do you play a game of Hockey?
2. Where is the Dojo located?
3. How many days old do you have to be to become a Tour Guide?
4. What do you have to wear to dance?
5. What is hidden in every single Penguin Style catalog?
6. What type of clock is in the Ski Lodge?
7. What room do you first enter once created your penguin account?
8. What was the first ever Club Penguin pin?
9. Where was the first ever pin hidden?
10. What month and year was the first pin hidden?
11. Where is Mancala located?
12. What could be the next coloured puffle?
13. How many free items were there at the Summer Party back in 2007?
14. What do you need to wear an item of clothing?
15. What was the first puffle to be discovered?
Good luck to all penguins! If you win, you are very lucky! Those questions are VERY hard! Try searching the web for some answers! If you're really stuck on a question just leave it blank in the comment form...