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FREE Giveaway - Round 2

UPDATE: Round 2 is now over, therefore you can not particapate in this round as the comments have now been published. The members who are through to Round 3 and have got most of the differences will be chosen and picked out of a hat!
Congratulations to all the penguins who have made it to round 2 of the free giveaway! Comment below with the answer to these questions, they are quite tricky! Remember that you can only complete this quiz if you have completed round 1 with all answers correct.

1. Where do you play a game of Hockey?
2. Where is the Dojo located?
3. How many days old do you have to be to become a Tour Guide?
4. What do you have to wear to dance?
5. What is hidden in every single Penguin Style catalog?
6. What type of clock is in the Ski Lodge?
7. What room do you first enter once created your penguin account?
8. What was the first ever Club Penguin pin?
9. Where was the first ever pin hidden?
10. What month and year was the first pin hidden?
11. Where is Mancala located?
12. What could be the next coloured puffle?
13. How many free items were there at the Summer Party back in 2007?
14. What do you need to wear an item of clothing?
15. What was the first puffle to be discovered?
Good luck to all penguins! If you win, you are very lucky! Those questions are VERY hard! Try searching the web for some answers! If you're really stuck on a question just leave it blank in the comment form...


  1. 1) The Ice Rink! :)

    2) The Dojo is located high on Club Penguin nearby mountains, a waterfall and a volcano on the northern part of the island.

    3) 45 :)

    4) Anything

    5) The Red Viking Helmet :)

    6) Cuckoo Clock!

    7) The Welcome Room, nearby a lake

    8) Shamrock Pin :)

    9) Coffee Shop :)

    10) March 2006

    11) The Book Room :)

    12) Golden Puffle? Bright Pink Puffle? Who knows :)

    13) About 5

    14) Coins to buy clothing, or having to find a free item and pick it up so you can use it :)

    15) Blue Puffle :) But also Pink, Green and Black around the same time

    From Your Friend
    ~Perapin :)

  2. hi echo006! I didnt understand last comment! did i answer all right? please i dont understand

  3. 1. The ice rink

    2. Dojo courtyard ( The dojo and the other ninja related rooms are in the cp mountains ) :)

    3. your penguin must be 45 days old and u must complete a quiz to become a tour guide :)

    4.You don't have to wear anything special.. To dance, all you have to do is click the actions button and go to the dancing icon. It's pretty cool when all of the penguins are dancing at the same time.

    5. The viking helmet

    6.Cuckoo. There is a cuckoo clock in the Ski Lodge. It goes off every hour.

    7. the community room ( it is the first room that u will visit if u created a new penguin but this room is not on the cp map yet ) :)

    8. The shamrock was the FIRST PIN ever! It was given out on March 2006

    9. The coffee shop

    10. March 2006

    11. Book Room

    12. the Lime Green puffle .

    13.Ice Cream Apron, Blue Lei, Green Duck, Flower Headdress, Green Sunglasses

    14.if you wanna wear Member items from the catalog, then u must be a member ( u must buy membership ), if u are a non-member then u can wear ALL free items, background,pins that u have in your inventory :).

    15.In November 2005, Blue Puffles, Pink Puffles, Green Puffles and Black Puffles were discovered.

    In PSA Mission 1, a Purple Puffle was spotted, and on August 25, 2006, they were available to adopt.

    The first Red Puffle was discovered by Rockhopper on Rockhopper Island in December 2006, and named it Yarr.

  4. Echo006, I want LATEST UPDATES on my blog like you have! How did you get it?

  5. Echo, I know I am boring, but can you PLEASE tell me on which questions I made mistake! PLEASE TELL!

  6. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me what do I need to wear to dance!

  7. Does that mean I can't enter? :(

  8. 1. Ice Rink
    2. In The Mountains
    3. 45
    4. Anything or Boombox
    5. Blue and Red Viking Helmets
    6. Cucoo Clock
    7. Town
    8. Shamrock
    9. Coffee Shop
    10. March 2006
    11. Book Room
    12. Gray
    13. 5
    14. Umm... A penguin?
    15. Blue

  9. 1. Stadium or Ice Rink and igloos if an ice rink is made.
    2. On a mountain on the high right side of Club Penguin
    3. 45 days and older
    4. You can dance with everything. If you mean special dances, you need the main outfit, such as a Blue Lei, and only wear that and nothing else.
    5. Viking Helmets (Red and Blue)
    6. Cuckoo Clock
    7. The Welcome Room or Lake
    8. Shamrock Pin or Four Leaf Clover or Clover Pin
    9. Coffee SHop
    10. March 17, 2006 - March 31, 2006
    11. Book Room, Coffee Shop
    12. Magenta, Fuchsia, or Hot Pink probably in 2012
    13. 5 free items
    14. A penguin and coins
    15. Blue Puffle in March 2006

  10. 1. "Stadium", but before that the name was "Ice Rink"
    2. "Tallest Mountain"
    3. "45 days"
    4. "A single item of your choice(example: Red Electric Guitar) and press D"
    5. "Red and Blue Viking Helmet"
    6. "Cuckoo Clock"
    7. "Welcome Room" but before it was "Town"
    8. "Shamrock Pin"
    9. Coffee Shop
    10. March 18, 2006
    11. "Book Room"
    12. "Hot Pink Puffle"
    13. "5 free items"
    14. "Head Item?"
    15. "Blue Puffle"

    Echo006, I don't really understand question 14, can you make it clearer? Hope I win!

  11. Hey Echo006,
    At the end will one person receive the coin code and another the 7 day free membership or only one will receive everything?
    Best Fishes to you and me!
    Founder and writer of Club Penguin News Today

  12. ice rink
    courtyard/ in the mountains
    hold a boom box
    secret clothing
    coffee shop
    march 2006
    book room
    2 (umbrella hat, blue floaties)
    in most cases, a membership
    Blue puffle was along with 3 others back in November 2005


  13. 1. Ice Rink
    2. The dojo is on the very top of the mountain.
    3. 45 days old
    4. Special Clothing Dance items
    5. Viking Helmet
    6. Cookoo Clock
    7. Town
    8. Shamrock Pin
    9. Coffee Shop
    10. March 2006
    11. Book Room
    12. Hot Pink Puffle
    13. 5 free items
    14. Membership
    15. Blue Puffle

    Here's my email
    I think all of my answers are right, hope I win! =)

  14. Why i didn't see my comment here? I entered my answers in the right time and there's no update that the round 2 is over yesterday. So please publish my comment now and hope I win a membership or card-jitsu code. Thanks.


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