There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

An Awesome Penguin

Another Awesome Penguin has arrived! In fact, this penguins name is Penguiin23 :) Why is he awesome? Because he is a lovely friend and does so much for this blog to make it better. If you'd like to nominate anybody as an awesome penguin, just comment with their name and why. Congratulations, Penguiin23!

My Outfit

Since Autumn is arriving ~ I am changing my outfit! This time it is a green theme :) Check it out...
 I've got a hoodie, headphones, a scarf and a green iPod! Do you like my outfit? Any changes?


Hey guys! As you have seen lately this blog is already messed up, I mean not like really messed up but header...and stuff! So say goodbye to this theme because ill put another one, an EVEN better one that doesn't has any problems as I don't wanna dissappoint my friend Echo006 since he pays me LOL Also third party advertising is on this blog that with one innocent click can change everything so that's a point! See ya guys:D

Windmill Pin

Now, if you're an insane pic collector then you'll need to know this information. But if you are insane about pins then you should've already got this pin as it was released on Thursday. But there's no hurry, two more weeks are still to come before it changes! This time, it's hidden at a hangout most penguins love ~ The Dock. Such a lot of space to run around, chat and much more. It's also good for parties ~ to decorate.

The Field-Op

One of the things to do every week is complete the Field-Op. I find this really boring as it doesn't lead to anything. We aren't getting any new gear to buy and nothing interesting is happening. There's no robots and no Herbert ~ where is everyone? It seems so quiet, but lets see what Gary has to say...
...Gary tells us that Rockhopper could hit an iceberg ~ well, he's only done that once and all the other times he has been fine so why haven't we helped him then, Gary?

...Here it is at the Beacon. You can watch through the telescope while you play the Field-Op!

...Incoming Targets ~ I hardly think Rockhopper will go in a straight line so I guess we have to be careful of ALL the icebergs.

 Job done! No more icebergs ever again thanks to the EPF. Except the one that Herbert travelled on. You can find that in the top right hand corner of the map. Nobody has ever tipped it except Herbert!

The Newspaper

Don't you just love the newspaper? Some penguins don't bother reading it ~ I liked the old version better ~ with the puzzles and the front page and the 101 days of fun. That was very fun! But the newspaper has changed as Club Penguin states "We changed the newspaper because it was taking too long and wasting time that could be spent on parties and various other things such as BUGS!"
And seriously ~ I don't see any fair in the air. The island looks as normal as ever. Any construction? Oh wait, that's next week, right?

Bon Voyage Migrator!

Have you said your farewells to Rockhopper? If you haven't, its too late anyway! Rockhopper has left and will return in December just in time for Christmas. Do ya think we can raise 1 million pounds at coins for change? I don't want to donate MORE of my precious coins ~ but I will do if it's for a good cause which I'm sure it will be.
Did you remember to get all your Treasure Hunt Stamps?

Space Adventure Planet Y

Space Adventure Planet Y returns to the Stage once again. Woo! (When will Club Penguin make a NEW play? They're just bringing back loads of old ones that I've already heard off)
...Here's the front cover of the Costume Trunk (should it have a cover if all the costumes are in a box?)

 ...Space Adventure! Read all about it ~ what will happen to our heroes? That costume is way too expensive ~ it doesn't even come with oxygen!
 I've had that alien costume for about four years now ~ it isn't getting any rarer.
 Neither is that cap ~ for directors only. But there are tons of penguins ~ what if they all wore the same hat and started arguing over who would be director? The thing is with the stage, nobody bothers to act in it and peform and watch or sell tickets. I think some mascots should come along and put the play on for us.

Message from Rookie!

As always, someone sends us a message on a Thursday. This time, Rookie is here to tell us about the Fair and that he'll mess it up bigtime ~ I mean he won't (I hope!)
 ...Hey everyone, good news! The fair is coming back to town this month, and I'M HELPING TO PLAN IT! Woohoo! And I promise I won't sink the island. Not even a little!
I think Rookie will mess up hence his name. What do you think?

Penguin Style Catalog September 2012

Every month you can see penguins wearing different styles. I don't really like wearing new items or items in catalogs as everybody looks the same as you do so I just buy the items and wait for everyone to stop wearing them :) Be different, be a penguin!
 Fair Backgrounds have arrived on the second page (after the colours) Hmm, not too sure about the apple background.

 ...New arrivals! Get the lime laptop now to be up to date with the latest fashion ;)

 If you love pizza ~ this is the shirt for you. Dance or wave and you'll eat pizza!

 Bumper Cars ~ get ready! The biggest bump in history is about to take place.

 MOO! Cows can smell popcorn! Penguins at work ~ sell some popcorn now!
 What do you think of the latest styles? They're not the best but the laptop is super cool ~ shame about the price tag.

My Cave

I recently passed through a cave while testing Gary's sled. I think I will make a few decorations out of this small cave. Looks rather like Herbert's old one but his is surely further up in the wilderness. I'm going to decorate it with lots of items :)
Club Penguin should update in a few hours time so remember to get the Fruit Combo Pin (is that leaving?) and complete the Field-Op and check the clearence section of the Catalog (anything on sale?)

Penguin Band - Anchors Aweigh

Club Penguin have finally made a small short of the Penguin Band singing their newest song (and first to be available on iTunes?) You can clearly see that only one penguin sings in this ~ I would rather the whole group sings than just three on instruments and the other singing.
What do you think of this short? I hope Aunt Arctic makes a song ~ I guess the Penguin Band won the poll on who should make a song next.

Do You Remember The Old Club Penguin?

No one ever thinks of Club Penguin's past ~ except me. I'm always thinking about the changes such as the newspaper, the pins, the graphics, the rooms, the puffles, the clothing, the map, the PSA and much much more. Everything was different! The minigames have changed, stamps have been added, it has all been improved in many ways. More servers, more languages to speak in. Club Penguin has grown bigger and bigger. What would of happened if it hadn't of been sold to Disney? I barely see any of my old friends on Club Penguin. New ones have taken their place and the old generation is slowly starting to disappear.
...While Club Penguin are changing lots of rooms ~ that's great! I love to see new decorations but at the same time I would LOVE  a new room somewhere up in the mountains or in the wilderness. It would be so much fun just a big wide space of mountains and trees but I don't think Club Penguin will open that area as it was only available last year and the year before.

...Another thing Club Penguin should easily improve on is the outside areas ~ they're working so hard on the Arcade room, the Pet Shop and the Coffee Shop that they're forgetting about the outside areas! First of all, on the map, the buildings in the Town are straight like normal buildings but when you visit it, they're not straight except for the Night Club!

 I would also wish for more missions. They used to be so much fun and field-ops have not done a good job of replacing them. I hope Operation Blackout wasn't just a rumour or a game for System Defender.
In the picture above, you can see how some of the old rooms looked like. Most of them have a lot of free space but now they all lag. That's only what I think ~ you have your say, right?

Echo006's Awesome Penguins

This is a new thing that I'm posting. Every so often, I'll choose an awesome penguin to shine on this blog. This week, a loyal friend called Disney175. She is very kind and helpful ~ she was the first ever (and the only) to make fan art for this blog. Disney has never let me down and is very caring. Disney comments on this blog very often and we think of each other as "penpals" but I guess you don't really write in the virtual world. Congratulations to Disney175! You may of seen her in a few pictures on this blog and a few posts ;)

The Coffee Shop

Things have never been the same since they redesigned the entire coffee shop. Here is how it used to look:

The Book Room was also redesigned and turned into the Club Penguin Times Office. This is now one of the best rooms to find Aunt Arctic ~ as she is the head writer of the well-known newspaper.

This is how the office looks now. It is well decorated and the graphics have been updated. The bookcase was moved further up in the corner and the mancala tables have been moved further left so we don't trip over them.

The floor ground of the Coffee Shop has been given a fruity theme as the new game "Smoothie Smash" appeared. Bean Counters moved down the room to where the employees only door is placed. It was not visible in the old Coffee Shop but could be seen in the DS Game missions.

Now, I have looked around at a few of the details and this is what I have noticed...
...Bean Counters has been moved and a big arrow has been added to show people who can't find things easily (like me) 

The Smoothie Smash game is in the left hand corner. This game has 16 stamps three of them which are very easy ~ to make a smoothie for three characters.

Those of you have been up in the Book Room at Christmas will remember the present station that the elves worked on. This machine is very similar. Will Club Penguin decorate this room for Christmas (because Aunt Arctic is very fussy) 

 The couches are much nicer and the door is more modern as is the window. There is a small light switch for detail and a table containing an apple, a newspaper, an empty cup of coffee and another empty cup with one of those umbrella things in it. Do you like the new coffee shop?

A Long Fruity Adventure

Most of you know, I don't really like fruit. But still ~ I headed for the Temple of Fruit after finding a pineapple, watermelon and an apple. For a start, fruits are bad. I ate all three of them and then I shrunk! Don't try this at home ~ I got squished and splatted with watermelon juice. Yuck!
...I got trapped inside a cage! After a few hours, I was set free. (1 second is an hour in my time)

 There were so many targets and I kept on missing. It was really hot and there was lots of fruit so I was delayed.
 ...Then this giant monster came to life ~ I taught him some table manners.

 Everyday, I'm haunted by fruit! It's everywhere and now the coffee shop has been redesigned I get a horrible splash of fruit juice whenever I sit by the smoothie smash game. Who would want to eat something that's been squished by a naked penguin's dirty flippers?

Goodbye Rockhopper ~ Welcome home Rookie

Rockhopper hasn't been here since Febuary! Thats unlike him ~ I wonder what he found while he was away. Anyway, this year (as stated in the newspaper) Rookie is going to be hosting the Fair. Rookie was here in January, April and now Septemember! Rockhopper has been here twice so far and will return as usual for Christmas. That's three times we have been able to meet them both this year! But...

...However if they both have been seen on the island 3 times this year, why is Rockhopper's stamp easier to get thank Rookie's? Is it because Rookie doesn't show himself as often at the party than Rockhopper? I'm not too sure, but I think Rookie's stamp should be blue as it isn't extremely hard to meet him. The Penguin Band only visit once a year and Sensei may do twice. Aunt Arctic has been spotted quite a few times reporting the news at the Super Hero Party and I'm sure she will in October...

What do you think about these characters? I'm sure Rookie will mess everything up like last time. Hence the name, "Rookie"

My Fruity Items ~ Part 1

Hello there penguins! Wow, it's been a long time since I've made a post :) Now, the past is gone, it's done and it's dead. But you can still remember it ~ just try to remember the good parts not the bad parts. So we can forget about what has happened and start fresh! Now ~ the moment of truth awaits us. It is time to find out what items I have got in the first part of my fruity items! I'm entering the code (it can only be used once so don't bother trying)
I've unlocked this kiwi costume and a kiwi background! Also, I have the apple chair to sit on. It's a good chair to have as it's one of a few chairs that actually fit our penguins since we grew bigger when we were in our homes due to puffle hats making puffles look the same size as us.

 I also unlocked some strawberry glasses, a fruity background and a couch of some sort of fruit which I don't know what is.
 Here's me in my kiwi costume! My puffles tried to bite a part of me off.
At the moment, I'm just testing a few images and the brightness and developing them. Do you think they look good? Anything you want to add or change to them? Here's me and my strawberry glasses. Don't see what use they are!

Soon to come, more fruity items as I have a code in the cupboard at the moment! Three cheers for Penguiin23 for adding this awesome theme and posting some epic posts while I was away. Plus, thanks to Disney175 for her brilliant artwork!