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A Long Fruity Adventure

Most of you know, I don't really like fruit. But still ~ I headed for the Temple of Fruit after finding a pineapple, watermelon and an apple. For a start, fruits are bad. I ate all three of them and then I shrunk! Don't try this at home ~ I got squished and splatted with watermelon juice. Yuck!
...I got trapped inside a cage! After a few hours, I was set free. (1 second is an hour in my time)

 There were so many targets and I kept on missing. It was really hot and there was lots of fruit so I was delayed.
 ...Then this giant monster came to life ~ I taught him some table manners.

 Everyday, I'm haunted by fruit! It's everywhere and now the coffee shop has been redesigned I get a horrible splash of fruit juice whenever I sit by the smoothie smash game. Who would want to eat something that's been squished by a naked penguin's dirty flippers?

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