There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy

As usual, around this time of week, we receive a new Spy Phone Message! This time, it's from Jet Pack Guy. This could well be the last Spy Phone Message on this old, outdated phone!
I'm surprised you get a signal up in the clouds!
 ...Ooh. The EPF are in for a big shock next week, while I'm on holiday!
Keep your eyes out agent. There's somebody or something out there!

Adopting Sparkle

Rainbow Puffles are just too cute! So I adopted another one! Now I have a total of 12 puffles. After completing quest 4 again, I managed to climb up the rainbow.

Look at the sparkles!
 And I named him Sparkle, after my favourite server. It brings back memories!

Now you see the sparkles?
 Sparkle and Rainbow - the perfect pair!

The Puffle Newspaper

The Puffle Party is in full swing and here are two articles about it...
 ...Here's the Upcoming Events! I guess they forgot to put my holiday on there, but oh well.

 ...Plus, a few tips on Puffle Launch!
To read the whole Puffle Newspaper, head over to Club Penguin now!

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Our Award

After rounding up the puffles, the team decided to head back to base and report to Aunt Arcitc about what we had found. Quickly, we teleported to the EPF Command Room and told her what we had found. She was shocked.
"Um, well, I hate to break it to you guys, " she started, "But that's not really what I wanted you to find!"
We were all sitting at the smashed up command room, and a message was on the board behind us.
"Excuse me, Aunt Arctic," said Cliky Minty, "Didn't you send this team out looking in the wilderness, for something that they didn't know what it was?"
"Well, yes but that's classified for now young girl. You shouldn't even be here, but I'm sure you would fit in perfectly. Want to join the EPF?" replied Aunt Arctic. Cliky Minty nodded.
Polo Field asked Aunt Arctic what we were to do now. She told us to wait a minute, while she left and looked for some files.
"That was quite strange, don't you think?" asked Airplane.
"Sure, but atleast we found the rainbow puffles!" I added. Polo Field, Airplane, Brownie, Pizzapuffy, Pen Que, Cliky Minty, Bubsey Good, Perapin and I smiled. We turned around to where all the puffles were standing before, and were shocked and our eyes grew in wonder. The puffles had left, with my camera, and no traces of fur or anything! Surely there would be some more on the island - they couldn't of all left, could they? Our award had been nothing - we had searched for something we didn't know about, found something else and then it was gone. I was annoyed but Perapin cheered me up.
"Don't worry, guys! We can always try again next week!" he added. The Secrets of The Wilderness were still out there - maybe one day we could really find and adopt those rainbow puffles for real. It felt as if our memories had been wiped from the face of Club Penguin - like we couldn't remember what had just happened. I stopped in my tracks, and asked my team if they wanted a pizza. All the evidence had been erased from history - somehow the rainbow puffles had done it again, and disappeared without a trace.
"I'm afraid it's bad news," stated Aunt Arctic, "despite your efforts, you'll have to go back to the wilderness. Something has gone terribly wrong. All the communications are down, and the EPF technology is down. Quickly, you won't have time to teleport - but find out what is happening! GO!"
THE END - of part 1!

The Marvel Superhero Party Is Returning

YAY! I was right. The costume from the Club Penguin Magazine, the hints and everything - it's true. The Marvel Superhero Party is returning, better than ever before. They've even changed the logo to make the penguins have the "new penguin look." Here's a message from Spike Hike:

Greetings True Believers!
I'm unbelievably excited to announce the return of the Marvel Superhero Takeover on April 24th!!

There are many secrets ahead, so I won't spoil the surprise, but I can tell you this is an almost ENTIRELY NEW PARTY with new heroes, new villains, and new places from the Marvel Universe!! You are not going to want to miss this...
Excelsior… and Waddle On!
- Spike "The Penguin" Hike & The Club Penguin Team

Rainbow Puffle Quest Update

Looks like many of you have been able to adopt a Rainbow Puffle for the first time! Some of you have even transformed into a Rainbow Puffle at the Play Zone...

Thanks to everyone for their patience with the quest. Some of you had your timers reset by the system while waiting to get your puffle. The team is looking for ways to fix this for you! Wish them luck!

Some of you also asked if we could make it easier to get the new puffle. You asked... and we listened! Starting tomorrow, it will take less time to complete the Rainbow Puffle quest. You'll only need to wait 6 hours between steps once this update happens. That's 3 times faster than before! yes

It's also worth mentioning that the Rainbow Puffle will be available to adopt even after the party is over! So if you won't have a chance to adopt a Rainbow Puffle during the party, there will still be plenty of time to get one.

Hope this update helps! In the meantime, let us know what you named your Rainbow Puffle. We'd love to hear your creative names! smiley

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Polo Field and Puffles

Yes, I was so close to meetingPolo Field. Well, I was in the same room as him, for a few seconds! He was at the Puffle Play Zone, as a green puffle - unless my eyes were playing tricks on me! He is my friend, but I rarely see him anyway. Now I've gone and done it. I've met Spike Hike, Businesmoose and Polo Field! That's all three, but moose is leaving.

Yes, it's the rainbow puffle!
 ...I love the excitement when you meet a famous penguin (Moderators or characters). I'm hoping to get a new Rainbow Puffle when my tasks start to work. I don't like having an odd number of puffles. 11 just doesn't sound right. I'll call him Sparkle. Rainbow and Sparkle - a nice pair, don't you think? HINT: They're both servers. Plus, I've got some new editions: Chocolate and Pizza HINT: They're both food ;)

Just To Let You Know...

Yes, it's been a crazy week over on Club Penguin. Rainbow Puffles have appeared everywhere, yet they aren't like normal puffles. They don't play with the puffle furniture. They don't have the old spiked fur. They're quite different to any other puffle, especially being multi-coloured! I can't believe it was a myth all those years, and I didn't think it was true! Anyway, other than that, the Puffle Hotel is the place that you'll find most penguins! It's a great celebration, the Puffle Party, and I love my rainbow puffle. I've met PH briefly, and that's all that matters on our lovely virtual world!

Rainbows don't look so good in Black and White
Now for this blog's news. Tommorow is the last day of school for me, and then I will have a 2 week break! On April 1st, as I said before, I'll be going on holiday. I won't be able to post, but I will still be around :) Penguiin23 will hopefully be posting. There's not much really to post about, so it might be a quiet week, actually. Other than that, I've had many many penguins asking me if they could be in my next story. I'm amazed, as usually nobody actually reads any of my stories! So, on that note, if you would like to be in the future stories (I've already written up to April, so if you ask me now, you'll be in it in May - I know it's a while away, but that's what happens when you plan ahead) then you can comment below with your penguin name and I'll hopefully add you in! Other than that, it seems that the spamming comments have disappeared and the Pages widget is still being fixed. So, that's all for now!

I Met The Puffle Handler

Finally, after I found out that PH was on Mammoth, I quickly jumped on the Server and discovered that she was at the Ski Village. The best place to look next? The Dock! I headed over there and waited about a minute. Next thing I know, I have 274 stamps not 273! PH is in the room somewhere, but there's also a big crowd in the middle of the room. I wait until there's some speech so I know where she is (ever since Club Penguin disabled the ability to see whoever was in the room, it's harder than before) and then click on her! There she is. I wonder which button to click first. Add, or background? I remember my mistake with Rockhopper at the Dock back at the Holiday Party. I had managed to click on him, then a message came up, I thought it was asking for his background, but it was for the Hydro Hopper, and I clicked yes. This couldn't happen again. Now was the moment. If I got her background, and didn't add her, I would never see her background again. Adding her first - if the background didn't work, I'd get it later.
Quickly, I left to go to my normal life, not the virtual life, and this morning, I discovered that she'd added me and I had her background! Amazing! PH was now my friend, forever. But I guess, that when I put her in my igloo, she was still sleeping and hadn't got dressed, or added her brown colour on. Oh well. I remember PH from early on in the game - back in the EPF DS Game, she was pink! If Rookie, Gary, Aunt Arctic, Herbert and PH are available to meet, why can't Dot and Jet Pack Guy be?

Moose Monday Is Here!

Hey Guys,
Happy Moose Monday! I would be delighted if you joined me on Club Penguin to celebrate.
Server: Fog
Time: 2pm PST, 5pm PST
Hope to see you there!

Featured Fashions ~ Colours


The Island sure has gone puffle mad, hasn’t it? The new Puffle Hotel is brill- check in and check it out! I’m sooo excited for the rainbow puffle because… I love rainbows! So, this weeks Featured Fashions is all about colours!

Here we have Cena12121 (nominated by Gooey Penguin) and his outfit absolutely rocks! I LOVE this bright tie-dyed T-shirt. You look ace, dude!


Terasa111, you look super! This vintage dress is big and it’s bold and it’s BLUE! Loving the handbag too. The whole thing just says I-AM-FABULOUS!


Next up is Frodo144, and those 3D shades look epic! I really like the mix of colours here, especially the spiky green hair.


Polka dots are my fave XD. This green dress and orange boa combo is just bursting with spring time colours! I want to steal Cupcake27615’s style!


Thanks for reading! I love how creative you guys are, so if you have any ideas for the next Featured Fashions theme, pop them in the comments below! Byeee :)

Waddle on!

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ Up In The Clouds

It was no longer a mystery. There was no secret about it. Nobody else knew, but us - the team who had been sent to search the wilderness and had stumbled upon a big secret. There were rainbows everywhere and we instantly knew that this wasn't about the wilderness: it was about the clouds. A few of the puffles must of dropped down from the clouds, accidentally, and then managed to find their way back. But something didn't make sense - the yellow robot puffle that seemed to be programmed by the rainbow puffles! It was strange, but that didn't matter. We were in the clouds! How they were holding our weight was kind of impossible, but again - nothing mattered anymore. We had found the rainbow puffles!
"I think we might want to round them up!" said Perapin.
"Sure, I've played that game hundreds of times!" replied Cliky Minty.
"Yes, but these are rainbow puffles, remember?" Brownie answered.
"Right, they're heading in that direction. So, if a few of us stay here and the others move ahead, we could try and get them in the middle?" said Polo.
"Sounds like a plan!" I replied.
The clouds were thick and jumping through them was amazing. It wasn't just a normal cloud, and that made me think, we had never actually been on a cloud in our whole lives. We didn't even know what they were made of, apart from that they could turn red and blue with the power of the ninjas! Suddenly, I found myself pushing towards two rainbow puffles. They were jumping up and down, and before long, many other penguins had gathered at the top of the Puffle Hotel and were joining in. Everybody was trying to grab them, and being in the clouds, it was quite a rush! I found Perapin gazing at one of them - he picked it up. I watched Pizzapuffy and Pen Que grab one each, and soon everybody had one - including Polo Field! After a few hours of searching and rounding up, we soon discovered that there were millions of more clouds to explore, with tons more rainbow puffles! Cliky Minty and Bubsey Good decided that we should all go back down, and get a proper search team to get the other puffles out soon.
"I think it's quite mean that we're taking them from their real habitats." said Perapin.
"Yeah, I agree. But multi here is awesome, and I'm sure they'll like the snow." replied Bubsey Good.

Do The The Puffle Shake

Heard of the Harlem Shake? If not, then this video would make no sense to you at all! Anyway, Club Penguin have made another funny video, just like the Nyan Cat Puffle, but this time it's the Puffle Shake!

...Sure, it's not long, but it's still a good video ;)

The Legendary Rainbow Puffle

After completing all the 4 tasks at the Puffle Hotel, members can launch from the Puffle Cannon. I thought I wouldn't get the rainbow puffle for atleast another 18 hours, but (while I was offline at my friend's house) we had wi-fi! That was task 3 done, and when I finally adopted Rainbow - the graphics were amazing. We were in the Apple Store, and I completed the quests! Now I've got my rainbow puffle named rainbow...
and I'm so glad I don't have 20 puffles anymore! Otherwise, I wouldn't of been able to get one. These puffles aren't ordinary. Go on, you can do it. Honestly, they don't bite ;)