There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

More Operation Blackout Sneak Peeks!

Copying is illegal, so please don't do it. If your struggling to come up with your own ideas, then take a look around at all the other cool blogs for inspiration ~ just don't copy. I can tell if you've copied ~ because I have a special kind of watermark that you don't really notice ;) Lets just say it brightens things up. Anyway, here's some more Operation Blackout sneak peeks. Seems we are going to head to a jungle ~ but where could this be? Isn't there meant to be a blackout? Well, there's a lot of mountains thats for sure and it's going to be very cold ~ I've already prepared for that ;)
 And Gary needs our help! This is most likely going to be a Field-Op message, but it could be a message we find when we log into Club Penguin like the ghost lab message.
That's all for now and I'm sure there will be more sneak peeks soon :)

That Wonderful View :)

I don't like Halloween ~ it isn't friendly or kind and you will often find yourself getting scared. I've entered my igloo into the contest (just for fun as I have hardly any likes) and now I've changed it to a lovely beach where I can sit down with my koi fish and watch the stars glow while it lasts. Herbert is going to attempt to destory Club Penguin, so there will be a big battle but I don't want to fight ~ lets be friends with Herbert. I've dressed myself in a warm green turtleneck, with a scarf and a hat to keep warm when the blackout starts. It will be hard to see, so I've got my lantern and I've stocked up on lightbulbs. Since there will be no sun, it will be very cold and there will be many adventures to find. Here at my beach, you don't have to worry about anything. No haunted igloos, no scary ghosts, just nice friendly puffles. Just sit back and relax...
There's no horrible storm here ~ it's just like the sky at the Ultimate Jam ~ pretty and twinkly. Can you count all the stars? This is the perfect way to relax and get away from the horrific halloween party, and you're invited to come in! Grab a dragon fruit from the tree, sit on the swing, splash in the waves and look at that wonderful view...

We are so doomed ~ Herbert's Back!

As you may know, Operation Blackout has been planned since 2011 ~ this means that it is going to be one of the best Herbert failures in Club Penguin. Now, there may not be a blackout if the EPF can help it ~ but it's most likely there will be as it is in the name. Herbert's asked Gary something about making a blackout in last week's newspaper (see Boiler Room) and we haven't actually seen him since August 2011. We thought we finally had him, until in January he escaped when the island tipped ~ maybe the glass shattered and he was awoken or Kluzty found his way back and helped Herbert get away. We also know that there has to be a new System Defender level (it says so in Club Penguin's swfs and in our stampbooks) so that may come in November. Now, ninjas are not coming ~ there's going to be no snow ninjas in November but Club Penguin have already planned out the mini-game. So, head over to (our future home when our island gets destroyed) and check out what he's up to:
There's quite a lot of sneak peeks around of what Herbert's up to now ~ he's even got his own twitter account! But as we all know, Club Penguin will not be destroyed, the EPF will win very slightly missing their deaths like the Popcorn Incident and then we will all live happily ever after and all the rooms will be redesigned for a new modern look :) Wonderful! Can't wait to find out if that actually does happen, Herbert will even be waddling around Club Penguin (By waddling, I mean whatever Polar Bears do)

Halloween Party 2012

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Hollywood Party 2013

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The Headlines

Welcome to Club Penguin News! If you'd like to find out the buzz on Club Penguin, then check out these spooky headlines! It turns out that Gary's great uncle has been studying ghosts as a ghost!
 And catchers are working around the clock to catch the sinister spirtits! I wouldn't like that job, but it's got to be done! I hope there's a better one in the Penguin Style Catalog next month :)
 And the upcoming events are as following:
Can you believe it? The mystery is returning AGAIN! Does this mean there will be a new ruby to add to my ruby collection! I think I've got 4 of them, and I can't wait to find out the spookiest igloo contest winners, and it's going to be awesome that the party ends on october 31 :) Just in time for Halloween

The Field-Op ~ Where is it?

I'm very puzzled! Shouldn't Gary of spoken to me about a new field-op? Surely today is when the field-op comes, right? Well then, where is it? My spy phone shows no indication of anything! How can I fix this?
I've waddled to the Command Room yet Gary says nothing! I wonder why this has happened ~ it always happens and I never get the Field-Op on a Thursday. Time for some investigations...
Done! To fix this bug, simply log off Club Penguin and log back on again :) Now Gary needs my help! There are strange ghosts around the island ~ some are good (Gary's Uncle and the penguins who've transformed) and some are bad (the ghosts that the ghost hunters are catching!) Hmm, we'll have to hunt down all the bad ghosts before anything can return to normal...
 ...Oooh look! This technology is affected ~ you can see a time trekker through it :)
System Alert! You've gotta repair the system ~ with a bot and you've only got five sets of commands. I can do this in one set :) But it's better to be careful, quality not quantity.
 ...Now, pretend that you are the bot. So straight would mean forwards and the left and right would mean left and right. But you have to pretend you are facing whatever way the bot is facing ;)
 Once you've done that, Gary will tell you that everything will *hopefully* go back to normal in 6 days. Yes, you can guarantee it will, we have to finish the party in time for Herbert's blackout.

To-Boo List

If you're a serious item collector then head over to the ghost machine and become a ghost and collect your three prizes available now. Check out that Vampire Throne! 
Each item can only obviously be earned up to 99 times and you can only have 99 items in your igloo at a time! But, it requires a lot of time to haunt penguins especially if you have to do 5 rooms at one time! Good luck collecting your scary items and haunting penguins :)

Goodbye Generation 2

We all know it's coming ~ and we have done for a while. In case you didn't know, a Club Penguin generation (created by Lebron Jr) is four years or so of Club Penguin. You know, your mum is from the older generation ~ and we're all the new generation ~ the children of the world. Well, think about it ~ Generation 1 ended in 2007 (or somewhere around that time) and ever since then we've had generation 2. Now, generation 2 is coming to an end. It's so sad to see this happen as I grew up in generation 2, but it's great to look to the future. So ~ want to take a peek at what's instore for generation 3? If you don't look away! In the new horizons video, at the end in only one second a series of pictures came up. You've gotta be real fast to catch even a glimpse of them. It's helpful to use the pause button :) We've known this generation has been coming because some of the rooms have already been re-decorated ~ but none of the outside rooms which I have stated before.Take a look at the Gift Shop. It's called the Clothes Shop in the future, and its way more up to date then Screenhog's artwork. Check out the cabinet over there ~ it'd be great if we were allowed to have those items :)
 ...Rooms like the dock are really basic and have almost nothing in them. The dock is always a great hangout and it still will be, but with a little extra details like benchs, trees that look like cardboard cut-outs, more mountains and distant things. The hydro hopper has been shoved in the corner ~ that's very good and there's still lots of open space to play in. I'm liking the new rooms so far...
 ...and this makes it even better! The Pizza Parlor finally has more places to sit at. There are now booths and the counter is way more organised. There's doors to the kitchen (Pizzatron 3000) and the piano has been updated. Great! This looks just like a modern day restraunt or takeaway place with seating :)
 As I've been asking about, the Club Penguin Town has now been straightened up. Previously (or should I say, now) the Coffee Shop and the Gift Shop are slanted. I don't like that ~ but now they are way more modern and the doors actually look the same on the inside! How wonderful is that? Even the Coffee Shop window does too :) Plus, a new room will come just before the Town ~ that's why there's pavement. If you haven't seen that sneak peek, it's been around in the Epic Official Guide for a while now. This room contains a fountain, a tour guide place instead of at the Ski Village, and a welcome room (Could this replace the welcome room now?
Same goes for the Plaza. Finally, the Pet Shop doors are now doubled like on the inside ~ but will Club Penguin change the Stage's doors? They're going to have to otherwise it will be the odd one out and they'll have to add the ticket booth in too :) The stage hopefully will have seating so we can actually watch the performance and there better be some new plays instead of those boring old ones that I've seen a billion times.
 ...The beach is way more likeable. There's a bridge to cross to get the Dock, and the seats are obviously way more comfortable. The lighthouse looks cooler ~ that room has to change too! In the distance, you can see the mountain ~ it looks very steep and there's way more seats on the ski lift.
 The Snow Forts is now ready for real battle. You can duck under the walls and peer through the windows, and even make a snowman. The Clock Tower is way neater and there's a long pathway up to the Stadium!
 That's all of the rooms we know about so far ~ this is going to most likely take place soon (maybe when the blackout comes???) and it should happen at the same time. If not, it'd look unrealistic with modern rooms and old rooms :) Ready for Generation 3? Bring it on ~ bye generation 2!!!