There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!


It is very sad for me to have to make this post, but many bloggers have to. People have been stealing images from my blog! I am not going to name who it is but there are many consuquences to it! It is ILLEGAL to steal someone elses image or blog about something they found first without giving credit! If you want to borrow any image, ask me in the comments. I MAY let you borrow it. I am now going to have to watermark my pictures, therefore making you not be able to see the image as good. I am very sorry I have to do this but my blog is Copyrighted and I have disabled right click. Another penguin stole my Funny Pictures! I had to ask him kindly to take them down, yet he has stolen AGAIN! Is there anything else I can do? STOP STEALING!

The Bakery

Members, you can accsess a room called The Bakery! To bake cookies you will need to stand on a green square. Then a  target will appear. Make a snowball and throw it at the target!
Then you can move to the next rectangle and another target will appear. You will have to do this three times. It is better to have two friends to help out. You can each stand on a rectangle and keep on throwing snowballs at the targets. Teamwork always helps! Don't forget to pick up your uniform...
Once you have your uniform on, you are ready to serve your cookies. Simply put just the uniform on and dance near the table. A plate will appear with cookies on for your hungry customers. Remember to check how many cookies you have made with the Cookie Count!

What is your highscore? Mine is 72 cookies! Keep baking :)

More Coins In The Lighthouse!

On December 15 we started off with a very little amount of coins in the Lighthouse. Thanks to everyone who has been donating, we have more coins in the Lighthouse!

Look at the big pile in the corner! Keep donating those coins! We can do it!

Change The World Login Background

Together we can change the world by donating coins for change! Club Penguin have added a new login page background!
Give your coins December 15-27. Keep up the good work! I am sure we can fill the lighthouse once again...

Reviewed By You - Saving Coins

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. It's time for another Reviewed by You! Last time I asked what you love to draw most. I liked Gougouboy's comment:

I would prefer to draw a group of penguins donating coins to the coins for change at Christmas cause me personally i find it very generous and it would really make them feel happy!!
Waddle on cp you guys rock ;)

Thanks! You rock, too. :)

As you know, Coins for Change is just around the corner, and many of you are saving up your coins to donate. With all the different things to do on the island to earn coins, I'd like to know... What is your favorite way to save up coins in Club Penguin? 

I'll randomly pick one of your comments to feature on our next Reviewed by You blog post. If your comment is featured, you'll even get a 10,000 coin prize added to your account! That should help with Coins for Change coming up soon... ;)

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team
I've donated 10,000 coins already! My best way to save up coins is to play Puffle Launch on the iPad when I'm not online and Cart Surfer when I am on Club Penguin.

FREE Gift December 17 - CFC Cap

This morning, I opened up the calender and recieved a...
...Coins For Change Cap! Click on the door 17 and you will recieve your free gift!
Now you can wear your hat with pride around the Island! Happy Holidays!
I wonder what will be inside the calender tommorow. Could it be a pin, background or item? Time will tell! Come back tommorow...

FREE Santa Seat Background

In the Book Room, you can get your picture taken with Santa! If you click on the camera you will get a FREE Santa Seat Background!
You have found a Santa Seat Background. Would you like to pick it up? Click yes.
This is how the Background looks on my playercard:
Pick up your free background today at the Book Room. Thanks Saraapril for telling me about this. Keep donating your coins! We can fill the lighthouse!

Mysterious Robots

Every year, at the Holiday Party, mysterious robots seem to appear around the island. Here is a robot at the mountain.
Nobody really knows where they came from. They are mini robots from the EPF. Have you seen them in an old PSA mission?
Could these miniture robots relate to a new mission? Perhaps, Operation: Black Out involving Herbert? Time will tell...

Can you read what it says? This file was released to the public when Billybob made a secret EPF video! I wonder when Herbert will strike and why are there robots scattered around the island every Holiday Party?

Club Penguin Holiday Party Youtube Design

As usual, Club Penguin have changed the design of their Youtube Channel! It is now Holiday Party themed!
I like that Club Penguin update their youtube design as it makes it more creative! Keep donating coins...

Club Penguin Homepage

After a week of Construction, Club Penguin have updated their homepage! The island is now a whole world!
I love how the penguins are happily donating coins for Coins For Change. Look at the silly orange puffle! He is donating himself for Coins For Change!
He squeezes through the pipes into the Lighthouse! What a funny puffle!
Look! I found him buried in a bunch of coins! Don't eat them...
Keep up the good work! The lighthouse will soon be filled and Club Penguin will DOUBLE their donation!

Holiday Party 2011 Sneak Peek Video

Before the Holiday Party started, Happy77 made this Sneak Peek video!

I like this video, take a look at the Cove! The party has started and everybody is looking for Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic. Time to find them...


Are you desperate to know what is in the calender tommorow? I have some exclusives on what it will be! Skip this post if you don't want to know.

Day 14: The Jingle Bell

Day 15: Holiday Tree Background

Day 16: Candy Cane Duo Pin

Day 17: CFC Cap

Day 18: North Pole Background

Day 19: Holiday Stocking Pin

Day 20: The Tree Hopper

Day 21: Sweet Treat Background

Day 22: Milk N' Cookies Pin

Day 23: The Hornament Hat

Day 24: Holiday Magic Background

Day 25: Gingerbread Cookie Costume

WOW! Which item is your favourite? I like the Milk N' Cookies Pin! I hope we get more FREE gifts next year... Thanks Trainman1405 for telling me about these items.

Club Penguin Times Issue #321

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times is out now! Coins For Change Is Here!

Deck The Hall Igloo Contest!
Upcoming Events

-Coins For Change
-Bakery At The Lounge
-Free Gifts
Theres lots of news this week! This party is going to be a blast!

January 2012 Unreleased Items EXCLUSIVE

In January, nobody knows what the party will be... There are lots of clothing to go with the party and it looks as if it might be an Underwater Party!

Head Items:
  • Tallest Haircut for 350 coins
  • The Sweet Knot for 350 coins
  • The Classic for 400 coins
Face Items:
  • Blue Aviator Shades for 200 coins
  • Blue Starglasses for 200 coins
Neck Items:
  • Magenta Scarf for 300 coins
  • Bronze Music Note Necklace for 350 coins
  • Blue Scuba Tank for 400 coins
Body Items:

  • Hip Red Jacket for 450 coins
  • Pink Silk Blouse for 450 coins
  • Green Grid Hoodie for 450 coins
  • Marine Vest Outfit for 450 coins
  • Blue Surf Shorts for 350 coins
  • Pink Stripe Bikini for 350 coins
  • Black – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Black – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Black – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Black – Stars for 400 coins
  • Black – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • White – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • White – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • White – Gradient for 400 coins
  • White – Stars for 400 coins
  • White – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Green – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Green – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Green – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Green – Stars for 400 coins
  • Green – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Blue – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Blue – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Blue – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Blue – Stars for 400 coins
  • Blue – Snowboard for 400 coins
  • Pink – CP Splat for 400 coins
  • Pink – Paint Splatter for 400 coins
  • Pink – Gradient for 400 coins
  • Pink – Stars for 400 coins
  • Pink – Snowboard for 400 coins
Hand Items:
  • Green MP3000 for 500 coins
  • Blue Water Bottle for 200 coins
Feet Items:
  • Magenta Sandals for 150 coins
  • White Sandals for 150 coins
  • In The Deep Background for 60 coins
  • Beach Day Background for 60 coins
  • Conch Shell Pin (free)
It looks like there might be some custom items too! Thanks Trainman1405 for telling me about this. I wonder what the party might be...

FREE Gift December 16 - Candy Cane Duo Pin

Time to open up the calender for Day 16! I wonder what it will be...
It is the Candy Cane Duo Pin! AWESOME!
If you haven't collected your FREE gift, collect it now at the forest!

December 2011 Igloo Upgrades

Need to change your igloo for the Holiday Party? Just open up the catalog and buy the perfect home for you...
You could move into a Snow Globe for 3700 coins! Or create a cozy winter cottage or decorate a Western theme with this custom-built Log Cabin for 4100 coins.
I will move into the Log Cabin and start decorating straight away! But before that, I must donate some more coins...

FREE Gift 15 December 2011

On the calender , at the forest, you can open up Day 15! Lets take a look inside...
What is it? Its a Holiday Tree background! 
The background is awesome! I wonder what we will get tommorow...

December 2011 Better Igloos Catalog

The Holiday Party is here and the decarations are being put up. You can buy them from the latest Better Igloos Catalog!
There are more new items!

-Gingerbread Chair - 350 Coins
-Gingerbread Man - 250 Coins
-Gingerbread Couch - 400 Coins
-Swirly Lollipop - 75 Coins
-Gumdrop Tree - 120 Coins
-Jujubes - 50 Coins
-Icing Decorations - 30 Coins
Thats not all, there are more new items!

-Cozy Fireplace - 700 Coins
-Donation Station - 75 Coins
-Festive Coffee Tabe - 300 Coins
-Holiday Star Decoration - 150 Coins
-Stockings - 50 Coins
-Snowflake - 50 Coins
-Log Drawers - 250 Coins (Hidden Item)
-Holiday Lights - 30 Coins (Hidden Item)
-Holiday Bells - 100 Coins (Hidden Item)
-Presents - 170 Coins (Hidden Item)
Plus, the old snowmen return...
There are hundreds of new items at this party! Time to save some coins! This was the last ever Better Igloos Catalog to be featured, as in the new year it has been changed to Furniture Catalog and had a new modern look! You will no longer find the label Better Igloos Catalog for any other catalogs as there is a new label named Furniture Catalog for the new modern updated catalogs.

A Humbug Holiday

At The Stage, you can peform a new play created by Club Penguin called "A Humbug Holiday".
In The Catalog you can get a few new items!
The new items are:

-Ghost of Today - 450 Coins
-Ghost of Yestarday - 350 Coins
-Ghost of Tomorrow - 400 Coins
-The Burly Beard - 150 Coins
-Balcony Background (Hidden Item)- 60 Coins
Why not act out and peform? Try using the Switchbox 3000 and see what effects you can create!
You can be a musician, an actor, a ghost, a director or even just the audience! There is a part for everyone at the stage... Enjoy the play!