There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

New Emote Sneak Peek

Spike Hike has just tweeted a sneak peek of one of the Hollywood rooms and an emotion! So far, we know that we can get the face with glasses on, and now this!
...But what other emote will there be? Only time will tell...

My Favourite Hangout Place: Backstage

My favourite place to hangout on Club Penguin has to be Backstage. For a start, it was the first ever member room I had ever been to in my Club Penguin life. Next, it has some really cool instruments in it. And last but not least, Cadence and the Penguin Band come here quite often. It's nice and peaceful in this room. You don't have to be bothered by penguins who aren't members. Backstage appeared in 4 different years: 2008-2011 but sadly it didn't return in 2012 because of the Ultimate Jam with CeCe and Rocky.
 The items in this room remind me of the backstage for the Penguin Play Awards. I love the orange couch, and the water bottle machine. The chocolate fountain is amazing, and the little details on the dressing tables are what makes it so special to me. Also, I love the fact that you have to buy the Backstage Pass to get into the room. I love this item...
...The sparkling lights make me feel at home. The speakers and the TV Screen represent the modern technology. The postsers hung up on the wall and the chairs make it feel like a wonderful atmosphere. This is what I hope will be at the Hollywood Party, just with different items.

Rookie's Spy Phone Message

Hey, have you seen Herbert? No? Oh dear, I can't seem to find him anywhere! Let's see if Rookie can update me on the mission. Ah yes...

Hey guys! Have you seen Herbert? Or any signs of him like fur or vegetarian stuff? It's so weird that he just totally completely disappeared... Don't you THINK?
Oh dear Rookie. You can't find him too? Well, I guess we've got to report to the Director. I really do wonder where he went. And what could he be planning next?

My Penguin ~ June 2010-September 2010

June 2010 - EPF. I can remember receiving the postcard and running straight to the phoning facility. When I got there, wow. Field-Ops were soon to be built. It was such great fun - but not near as good as the PSA. In fact, the PSA was a million times better. The EPF never really had any fun missions like that - I really wanted the missions to come back - they did, later. The adventure party was also fun. Just alot different from the year before - it wasn't my kind of party that year.
 July 2010 - Music Jam blew me away. Along with stamps, it was the best month (apart from January) yet in the year 2010! I eagerly tried to get all the stamps, but I was terrible at it. I had no famous penguins stamps, yet. Or anything! I can remember the sneak peeks on the What's New blog. The first one was the stealing crab from Aqua Grabber stamp. I thought it was Kluzty and something to do with Herbert coming back. But no, it was much more than that! I loved dancing in the Conga Line, although nobody danced with me, of course.
August 2010 - The Mountain Expedition was pretty boring. But that was only because I only spent a day on it. Yes, it was a very short party actually and being away on holiday with no wi-fi was no good at all. But I borrowed a laptop, and then spent an hour doing the expedition. Nothing really happened that month. Just a great summer holiday!
 September 2010 - The fair, again. By now, it was getting a bit boring. And it would be, if the prizes weren't different. Just playing the same old games, trying to find Rockhopper. But the Puffle Circus was the best bit. I loved watching them all - back then there was no Brown Puffle, yet but that's another story.
And that truly is the end of my penguin's history. I hoped you enjoyed reading about my experiences in my first early years of Club Penguin. Thanks for reading!

My Penguin ~ January 2010-May 2010

January 2010 - The first time we had our expeditions in January. It was unexpected. Nobody had seen it coming. We were all getting on with our every day life when Rockhopper's puffle went missing. That was the worse. Knowing that Club Penguin were serious. Then, it was heard that Yarr had been found in the caves. I can remember on January 22nd or something heading into the caves, ready to take on whatever it was inside. IT WAS AMAZING! I loved that expedition, especially going underwater. The worst part was when we weren't allowed to go back into the caves. Now that made me upest!
February 2010 - The secrets of the Bamboo forest. That was very interesting, searching for the feather. I'd never seen a pin be hidden yet related to a stage play. Strange! When the puffle party began, I was ready. But I wasn't ready for an obstacle course! That was very unexpected, and I loved watching my puffle win every time.

 March 2010 - Puffle Rescue. The return of the caves. It wasn't really as good as I thought. I hated Puffle Rescue. I could never get any of the stamps. Atleast the Penguin Play Awards cheered me up. I voted for Quest for the Golden Puffle again and again. It won again. I loved walking down the red carpet!
 April 2010 - Yet another strange April. But this time it was even better. Club Penguin took away the fools, and added a community garden. That was very disappointing for the Mine, I felt. But it was also very exciting. Atleast fooling penguins wasn't what April was about that year.
May 2010 - The Knight's Quest 2! Not as good as the first, I have to say. But it was much scarier. Even though the dragon was a machine, I still loved pretending to fight it. But then, a new PSA mission arrived. I played it eagerly on the first day, trying to work out what to do and how to get through the deadly corn maze. When I finished it, I was shocked. I had just witnessed the end of the PSA. The PSA had been a whole chunk of my penguin life - taken away from me. And the Sports Shop. Now, it's just a tiny little shop and nobody cares about it.

Echo006's Big Screen TV Igloo

With the new catalog out now, I thought I'd do something different with the furniture items. I decided to grab the paw prints from the clearence sale, some lamp posts from Christmas and also the Big Screen TV! Then, I set to work on creating a scene on the TV. I decided to buy the front of the houses from the Christmas catalog, which gave me my house. I added paw prints at the start, and then the fire. After the fire, I added details to the outside of the house like a manhole, trees and other things. I added chemicals inside the house to make it look like that was what caused the explosion. Can you figure out who did the crime?
I've added lots of seats, comfortable and wooden! The puffles seem to like it. So, any guesses on who did the actual crime? Was it Herbert? Was it the Zebra? Was it a puffle? Was it the chemicals? Let me know in a comment below. I'd love to hear your answers!

New Card-Jitsu Villain: Scrap

Earlier this week we announced the team is working on not one, not two, but THREE new Card-Jitsu villains. Training is over. In Card-Jitsu Snow, ninjas need to proven their skills in battle!

So we thought you might like to get to know who you'll be going up against....

Check out Scrap:

This guy's a real loudmouth. He's got a mean swing. And he's totally hyped up to take down ninjas.

Some interesting facts:
  • Favorite Food: Athlete energy gels
  • Favorite Dance Move: Playing air guitar with his racquet
  • Quirk: Can do 50 push-ups in a row. And will show anyone who will watch.
  • Quote: "I'll get you! Get you so fast it'll make your head spin!"

Do you think you can defeat him? Maybe... But you can bet he'll go down swinging. AND this guy's got backup...
Stay tuned to the blog for introductions to the other new Card-Jitsu villains!

Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Meet Sensei for Chinese New Year

Now we can meet Sensei 3 days early, as he will be coming on at Monday 11th to celebrate Chinese New Year! Sadly, this clashes with a Fun With Federflink1. I am certainly going to meet Sensei!

...Remember to grab that code while you can.

Moose's Adventure In Space

Wow! Moose has had an adventure in space! Watch the video to find out more...

...Oh, I didn't realise that it was actually a set. But we've learnt something interesting. We have trailers! If we're a superstar, the blue circle underneath us will be shaped like a star as well as our friends' circles!

Field Friday

Don't miss Field Friday! There's two, but the first one is now over :) I was there, but I didn't manage to find Polo in the hide and seek igloos!

My Penguin ~ October 2009-December 2009

October 2009 - Not my favourite month of the year, but still. The Halloween Party wasn't the best, but the slime was epic! I loved dressing up as a ghost, but Club Penguin was still progressing - parties weren't as good as now. The anniversary party was my second one, and it was awesome but nothing could of beaten the feeling on the 3rd Anniversary party! That was epic, especially the cake shaped gift shop!
November 2009 - Fire ninjas! That was amazing - getting the amulet. But it took me AGES to get the actual fire ninja suit. Yeah sure, I did go and buy a box of Card-Jitsu cards and used my golden card which gave me an extra item, but it was still hard.

 December 2009 - Riding on Santa's Sleigh was awesome! As I entered the Dance Lounge, I was amazed by the workshop there. Then, lifting off into the air and delivering presents. AWESOME! Plus, I got tons of gifts for Christmas - club penguin ones, so then I was rich with coins. Best christmas ever!

Reviewed By You

Hello Penguins!
One week to go until the Hollywood Party starts! In our last Reviewed By You, we asked what you liked best about the Prehistoric Party. Bookgirl1998 had this to say:
I LOVE dinosaurs so I this party is AWSOME! I love that you can change into dinosaurs and even if you aren't a member, you can still feed them, look for eggs, and collect the dinosaur outfit! My favorite dinosaur from this party is... ALL OF THEM! Only thing I really want is to meet Gary (I haven't meet him yet!). I hope you guys keep making cool parties like this! :D
If you didn't have a chance to meet Gary in January, you'll have another chance to meet him at the Hollywood Party! Speaking of the Hollywood Party...

If you made a movie starring your penguin, what would you call it? And what would the movie be about? Tell us all about it in a comment! We’ll pick one comment to feature next week. If your comment’s featured, you’ll get 10,000 coins to spend however you like!
Until then … Waddle On!
- Club Penguin Team

Hollywood Party Video

The Hollywood Party is coming in a weeks time! To show you all the cool stuff you can do, Club Penguin have made a video of it. Check it out below...

...Are you excited? I can't wait - especially meeting all the famous mascots! It will be just like the Penguin Play Awards, but bigger and better :)

Hollywood Music

You've got your Penthouse Igloo. You've got all the furniture. You're ready to open it to the public? No! Not yet. You still need one more thing. MUSIC!
The Music List has now been updated! The Hollywood Theme is the perfect music for this very special party. Want to listen to the tunes? Login to Club Penguin now!

New Postcards!

And now, the Penguin Mail proudly presents this week's new postcards! The featured postcards are Dance Party, Your Biggest Fan and Hide and Seek.
Enjoy sending the new postcards to your friends (superstars)

The Snow Dojo

Wait, is that one of my friends - in the SNOW DOJO? How is that even possible?

Shooting Star Pin

Thanks everyone for viewing my blog! I have 66666 pageviews now :) Also, thanks for liking my igloo! I have 444 likes now :)
Found the pin yet? No? No problem! Just head over to the Plaza and jump down the manhole and you'll see it at the Underground Cave (Pool)! Want a little bit of an adventure? Head to the Mine Shack, enter the Mine and waddle to the left to the Cave! Or, you can go to the Town, enter the nightclub, jump down the speaker and waddle through the boiler room to the Cave. Feeling extreme? Waddle to the forest, jump down the hidden boulder, swim through the hidden lake, down to the Cave Mines, up to the Mine and then to the Pool!
Want to get there fast? First, stop at the Everyday Phoning Facility. Then become an EPF Agent by taking the test - and then use your Spy Phone and click on teleport to the Cave and you're there. Also, you can pick up the pin by either waddling to it like the old fashioned way OR you can just click on it if you're in a hurry.

The Club Penguin Times

I've managed to get hold of a newspaper! But, I've had to cut it up into small peices so you can read a bit of it here! To read the full article, go to Club Penguin :) The Hollywood Party is coming soon, and Cadence is here to report on it!
There's some new igloo furniture out now!

...And here are the Upcoming Events!

 Don't forget! Can you keep this deadly secret?

Furniture Catalog ~ February 2013

Need some igloo items to decorate your Penthouse igloo ready for the Hollywood Party? No problem, get them here in this epic catalog!
 ...Grab a grand piano, a velvet rope and a Jumbo TV! Don't forget too add a video camera! Hmm, that Jumbo TV is really cheap! I wonder why...
 ...Are you an alien? Then grab these spaceship items, and a jumbo remote for your Jumbo TV!
 ...Are you a sporty person? Are you in High School? Then grab the basketball court and hoop, and add some old lockers too.
 ...Need to decorate your walls? No worries - just grab some Pop Art, or add some planets. Still hungry? Get a diner counter and eat lots of fish dogs!
...Now you're ready to become a superstar!

VIP Penthouse Igloo

The Penthouse igloo is now available in the igloo catalog, for 4000 coins! That's alot of money!
If you can't afford the Penthouse, why don't you grab a Warehouse for 950 coins?

Puffle Party (Gotta have a Wingman) Sneak Peek

Enjoy this sneak peek of the latest Club Penguin song!

Club Penguin News!

My Penguin May 2009-September 2009

May 2009 - My second Medieval party! Instead of just having medival buildings, Club Penguin added a quest! It was awesome trying to complete it, it took my forever to get through the maze as I had no idea what the symbols actually meant. I didn't have any guides back then, all I played on was Club Penguin! My typing skills were improving back then - I had learnt where most of the letters were by then.
June 2009 - The adventure party! It was amazing, watching and waiting for Rockhopper to arrive! I grabbed all of his flowerplants and currently I am always watching them grow! The whole island was filled with plants - amazing!
July 2009 - My second Music Jam rocked, especially with the Penguin Band! I desperatly wanted to meet them, but I never actually did. I saw them at the Iceberg, but they weren't the real mascots. I can remember meeting Cadence on the server sleet at 8:00PM! I was meant to be asleep, but I was amazed when I was saying goodbye to my friends and suddenly she was there. I got her background, and there were tons of crowds. I loved meeting her!
 August 2009 - Hoping for another water party, we ended up having a flying party! This was truly facinating, as I'd never seen Club Penguin go up in the air - in fact, nobody had! I loved the balloon ride and chatting to everyone as we flew to the Tallest Mountain. I found a jetpack - one of the best items that year and used the special dance tons.

 September 2009 - The fair, again, was fabulous! I loved the prizes and the games once again. However, this month was one of the coolest. Club Penguin had added fire to the sky and it looked awesome! I can remember that it went on for about 2 weeks and by the end of it I was desperate for normal Club Penguin to come back. But I had no idea that fire ninjas were just around the corner. Nobody had any idea, until they began constructing something in the Ninja Hideout!

Safer Internet Day

Hey people,

the "Safer Internet Day 2013" is here! It is a particularly important day, the world is to educate parents and children about safe online.

We all spend a lot of time on the net, we play online, chat and share photos with friends. It is very important to treat everyone with respect and to protect themselves.

Respect means to treat everyone the way you want to be treated. It means someone also tell if a friend is in trouble or is being bullied online. Above all it means to call someone only his friend, who would do the same also for oneself. Online to be sure is to take care with whom you share photos, videos and his stories.
Safety is Club Penguin first. Hence the request of our rules for mutual respect and prohibit the sharing of personal information, such as your real name, telephone number or e-mail addresses. Lest you the Club Penguin rules here again carefully.

On the occasion of the "Safer Internet Day 2013" We want to give you a free laptop for your penguin object that you can redeem the code POWER SAFE here.

Have fun with respect and security online!

Fins Winker Greetings!

your Federflink1
from Club Penguin Team

Hollywood Party Sneak Peek

Hey Penguins!

Lights, camera … HOLLYWOOD PARTY! Get ready to show your star power by becoming a superstar or director (or both)! The fun starts on February 14.

Here is a sketch of just one of the cool party features:

What do you think it is? Have any other questions about the party? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll answer them soon!

Until then … Waddle On!
- Club Penguin Team

Evil Snowmen?

Greetings Ninjas!

Last week we announced the upcoming Card-Jitsu Snow beta test. Thanks for all your comments - it's awesome to see you're as excited as we are! And now it's time for even more big news...

The team is working on NEW VILLAINS for ninjas to battle!

WHO ARE THESE GUYS?!? Leave a comment below to tell us where you think they came from...

And check back often! Over the next few weeks, we'll be sneak peeking Card-Jitsu Snow content!

Until then... Waddle On!
-Club Penguin Team

My Interviews ~ Rookie at the Underwater Party 2012

Echo: What are you working on?
Rookie: I've gotta start doing some arrangements, or it won't be done in time! Me and my buddies are trying to sink the island.
Echo: How will you manage that?
Rookie: Well, anvils are REALLY heavy things, right?
Echo: Yeah, but where are they?
Rookie: They're in those boxes! I think if we add anvils and boxes on the Beach, we can put weight onto the beach so the island will tip!
Echo: That's very clever! Who helped you?
Rookie: I'm getting heaps of them from the Recycling Plant! Thanks to some EPF Agent, it got fixed and I can use it!
Echo: That's interesting! Will there be any free items at this party?
Rookie: I think we should have a free item at the Beach where we could wear anvils on our heads to help the island sink! Would that be cool or what?
Echo: Um, what? That's crazy! Do you think you could find another puffle in the underwater?
Rookie: Yes, maybe!
Echo: Are you sure that your plan will work?
Rookie: I hope so! If not, then there would be no point in all this hard work!
Echo: Got any news about a certain Polar bear?
Rookie: Oh, Herbert. Yeah! He's still in hibernation - wait, that's top secret!
Echo: Sorry! How will you get the island to untip?
Rookie: Well, that's the part I'm stuck on. But I'm sure everything will be fine.
Echo: Any ideas for what's to come this year?
Rookie: I'm planning something BIG for April Fools Day. I'm going to open even more dimensions than last year! I'm going to discover where orange puffles came from, but that's top secret too! I might even organise the fair this year. I'm so excited!
Echo: Thanks for the info, Rookie.
Rookie: No problem! Well I gotta go. I should eat another sandwich, they help a lot, so I can get more great ideas!
Thanks Perapin for helping :)

Another VIP Igloo

I can't wait to stay up and party all night in this VIP Igloo. Look at that Piano :) A sneak peek of the furniture items to come in this week's catalog?

What's Behind Those Doors?

Can't wait to get inside!

The Amulet

Ever looked carefully at the centre of the amulet? Ever seen strange shadows around the island?

...What could the centre of the amulet mean? But what I'd like to know most, is why the centre of the amulet already has a gem in it, yet snow doesn't and snow hasn't been released. Are we already shadow ninjas?

Spike Hike on Set!

Spike Hike has been busy making movies! Lets see how he's been doing...
Rehearsing his lines at the High School set! Next, he's getting ready for his close up!
Last but not least, Spike Hike finds himself in set C! Sci-Fi movie..
...I can't wait to explore more and act like a superstar!

Featured Igloos

Hey there Flippered Friends!

Thank you for all the amazing igloo nominations you sent in! I’ve picked a few of my favourites to share with you here:

Chockie432 said: Iceboy3818 has an awesome amusement park Iggy! There’s a rollercoaster going between lava into blue fire, a haunted house, a kingdom, candy apples and a swim pool with waterfalls and Rockhopper’s ship! Also, there is a colourful place to buy your tickets! It is amazing and so much fun! You gotta check it out!”

Knuckles8100 said: “You should check Shuttle8’s Jurassic Park. It’s really awesome. I think it looks like a Club Penguin room for the Prehistoric party!”

Macks1 said: “Great igloos!! I think you should check out my friend Sky Sky26’s igloo! It’s a really neat Theme Park! I think you guys would like it!”

All the nominated igloos were SO much fun to visit! I had such a blast picking my favourites to share with you all! Now, I don’t know how many of you know this already, but Chinese New Year is right around the corner and to celebrate we would love to see some Chinese New Year inspired igloos! So bring out the Dojo igloos and the Card-Jitsu mats to help us celebrate! If you know someone that has a fabulous Chinese New Year igloo, let us know their penguin name and why you think their igloo should be featured in the comments below. Stay tuned to see which igloos we pick next!

Waddle On! cool
-Club Penguin Team

My Penguin - January 2009-April 2009

January 2009 - The month in Club Penguin where I couldn't remember anything. I didn't go on Club Penguin that month, for some strange reason - and I don't know why! All I can say is that I missed the Taco pin and some epic rare items from the fiesta. But I wouldn't of worn them anyway :) Not the best January I had - but after the next few years, all the January's were the best months I'd ever had! Read on to find out why...
February 2009 - Amazing! My first ever puffle party. I can remember that by now, I must of had lots and lots of puffles. But I'd also have lots and lots of postcards - from my puffles. They said that they had run away, and I was ok with that but not when my favourite puffle who had never ran away, ran away! But I got a new one and called him the exact same name "Special" because he was my first - the red colour. The puffle party was good, but not the best party. I got my own white puffle - I loved walking in each room filled with other puffles - it was like they had ruled the island, which they did in 2012, but that's another story!
March 2009 - Best month so far. The penguin play awards at the stage was epic. I loved voting. To be honest, I voted for the Golden Puffle (which won). The other reason it was so amazing, was meeting Aunt Arctic. I had no idea that she was the director. A very very generous penguin was standing at the stage, next to the backstage door shouting Aunt Arctic was in there. I didn't believe it, as you don't believe people who say that, but I walked in anyway. And she was there! Only members could go backstage, but I was one and there was barely any crowd which was so amazing - but back then, mascots weren't very popular. The other thing was that the EPF DS Game was released! I got that too, and completed all the levels. It was really hard for me, and one time I got stuck for like a week when all I had to do was click on something. The whole EPF thing was new to me, but I didn't get a chance to use the code and actually go into the the EPF Command Room on the actual club penguin game. That upset me!
 April 2009 - Best April Fools party ever. I'll tell you why: There was also an easter egg hunt which was awesome. Plus, the boxes. Boxes had never been part of April Fool's day. But they were now. Throwing splat snowballs to create a picture, and even getting boxes for my igloo. I didn't actually have enough money back then. But I can remember at the very end of the party - I was in someones igloo and I clicked on the box with the swirly purple thing on it. I found myself in the Box Dimension - and I immediatly went to the Snow Forts and got my own. They're quite rare now, only arriving on a few occasions - you should be lucky if you have one!
To Be Continued...