There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Penguin Poll ~ Fun Activities

At the Community page, Club Penguin have added a new penguin poll! What kind of Fun Activity is your favourite?

Medieval Artwork

Wow! I've just taken a look at the Community Page and was shocked at the beautiful artwork I saw. Each peice of art is beautiful in a different way :) Click the button below to view more of this fabulous art.

Club Penguin Super Hero Takeover Party Rooms EXCLUSIVE

If you do not like Spoilers then please do not read this post :)
Click here to visit Club Penguin Fiesta! Thanks to CP Fiesta, there are two Brand-New party rooms that have been discovered! These are for the Super Hero Takeover, most likely this room is a spaceship as you can see Club Penguin (a small island) from out of the windows. These images are from Club Penguin Fiesta

More Sketches

I've been searching some more, and I found these cool sketches on how to draw different types of penguins.
It is very clever how you can draw different types of things like these penguins using sketches. Then, you can rub out the lines and colour the penguin in!

Old Puffle Sketches

Can you really believe that Puffles could of looked like any of the below creatures...
Club Penguin sketched these pets many many years ago. Which is the most similar to a puffle today?

The Magnificent Tree Part 2 ~ My Stories and Adventures

The magnificent tree is a story about my puffles and I. We go on crazy adventures, build new igloos and much more things. The important item of the story, is the magnificent tree. The meaning of this story is about the different seasons and how the tree changes :)
While I was up in the Tree Forts, I was thinking about a new igloo decoration! How about a lovely treehouse? That would be an AWESOME hangout. So that is what I decided to do. My puffles and I moved into a treehouse igloo just like the one at the Forest...

Martial Artworks Icon on Map!

So today Club Penguin made a minor update on their map, if you are quite an expert on Club Penguin you should know that in the Ninja Hideout there is the Martial Artworks Catalog, Club Penguin put that icon up too!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Hmmm, really fishy, I wonder with this update, this will possibly lead to Card-Jitsu Snow? Hmmm...

The Tree Forts

Another one of my favourite things to do is to play in the Tree Forts at the Forest. This is very entertaining because it brings back some of my old memories from 2008. Yup, I've been playing Club Penguin for 4 whole years! The tree forts is a symbol of happiness, this reminds me that I should decorate my igloo as a treehouse. I love the cute little puffles that hide in the tree and stick their tongues out at you! This is my best hangout place where me and my puffles love to dance, read magazines, listen to music, draw and many other different activities.I just love throwing some snowballs at the target. This room may not have many things inside, but it is perfect to run around in and have fun. Where is your favourite hangout place?

Koi Fishes

The Medieval event is one of my favourite parties ever. It isn't about the quests or the excitement, it is about my two friendly fishes that I get to meet for two weeks every year. They are known as Koi Fishes and many have been spotted around the island, you can even buy one of your own in the catalog now! I have two of my own, but it is nice to chat to these two special fishes as they are not around for long. As Scorn is defeated, we will have to pack up soon. Goodbye, Koi Fishes. It has been lovely meeting you again! See you next year...

Facinating Facts

Have you been in the Lighthouse lately? If you have, there's a giant telescope inside! By looking into it, you can see many different planets and a small flashing thing that looks like it is heading for Earth :) Don't worry, nobody will be harmed but I think the planets are a little too close! And where is the sun? I've never seen it on Club Penguin, have you? I'm pretty sure that we would freeze without the sun, but you never know the magic of penguins. Could there be something heading towards our island? I think the super heroes need to do something about this! Scorn may be defeated but looks like something fishy is going on...

Field-Op #83

All EPF Agents report to the Command Room as soon as possible for this weeks field-op...

eReader: Coming Soon!

Here is a short video made by a penguin called Icequix. All the famous penguin bloggers, are trying to blog about the new pin but their laptops are lagging! Icequix is much faster than them all because of the new eReader that is only available if you buy a certain 12 Month Membership Card!
Enjoy, and don't forget, that if you want to become an authour read the "Authours Needed" post :)

A message from Perapin...

Dear penguins who really want to meet Gary: Gary will be on Club Penguin world at the server Rainbow on May 25th at 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time, 4pm British Summer Time, and 4pm Pacific Daylight Time! :) This is so nice of him so the penguins who haven't met him get a chance! I will talk to my Australian friends and see if they know what time Gary will be on in Penguin Standard Time! :) Please, try not to stay too long if you have already met G to give other penguins a chance to add him and get his background. This will be a VERY crowded event, so try to arrive early to make sure you have a chance of meeting him.

Authours Needed!

If you're looking for something to do to pass the time by, then why not help me publish some posts? I've been very busy lately and haven't had much time to post. I can play Club Penguin, but taking photos and writing posts can be quite challenging at times. That is why I would like some penguins to join me! I have two authours already, Woddylan and Penguiin23 so I'm looking for a few more! If you've got the skills to take on the job, just post a comment below which explains why you want to become an authour, what you will post about, and any other information. You will need to include your e-mail address so that the authour form can be sent to you. Do not forget this, otherwise you will not become an authour. I will accept all entries that are good and have high qualities, so try your best! None of the comments will be published therefore your e-mail address will not be known to other penguins. Thank you :) Once you have been sent the e-mail, you can start posting about any of the happenings on Club Penguin.

Logout Screens

I've been looking out for things I haven't seen on Club Penguin before when I came across a cool login screen! Explore something new every week!
I love the different penguins and costumes with the puffles wearing hats. This advertisement shows that there's always something new!

Scorn Is Defeated!

Spread the news, fellow penguins. Scorn, the Dragon King, has been defeated! REJOICE :) Victory, at last!
Stay on guard, Scorn could rise again...

Featured Fashions

As many of you know, the Medieval Party is here! We've seen some pretty sweet styles out there. Here's a few we really liked:

Money977 is ready to defend the island in her elven warrior outfit.

I wonder whose side Evanator116 is on? Ours or Scorn's?

New Fun Activities!

Seems like Echo006 is going through adventures with his puffles! Today Happy77 wanted to remind us about the NEW Fun Activities they have put up over the Community Page!

As you may have noticed, we've posted a few new Fun Activities on the Club Penguin website. Check out the new Fish Dog Recipe on our Community page!

Here's a photo of the Fish Dogs we made:
Fish Dogs.jpg

And the gluten free cake recipe from last week. We used blackberry jam in the middle.
Vanilla Cake.jpg
What's your favourite Club Penguin Activity? Leave a comment and let us know!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

O.o! I'm hungry right now! I want that cake, but with sprinkles! Hmmm, that's a tough one! I would like to choose the Stamp Book activity as it gives me something to do while I'm bored! So what are your thoughts? Leave your comments!

Sky Kingdom

Spy Phone Message!

ALERT! There is a new Spy Phone Message from Jet Pack Guy :) But, this was sent on May 17...

The Magnificent Tree ~ My Stories and Adventures

I have created a new story, about my puffles and myself. We have found a magical tree and I am keeping it in my igloo, there's only one problem. The puffles are trying there best to destory it! I've got to stop them, but I have no idea how :)
I've been so busy lately, that I haven't blogged for a whole weekend! I have been very busy defeating dragons and waddling around having fun that I forgot to visit my puffles. This means that they have had no food to eat at all! Look, I have got 2 messages from my puffles :)