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The Magnificent Tree Part 2 ~ My Stories and Adventures

The magnificent tree is a story about my puffles and I. We go on crazy adventures, build new igloos and much more things. The important item of the story, is the magnificent tree. The meaning of this story is about the different seasons and how the tree changes :)
While I was up in the Tree Forts, I was thinking about a new igloo decoration! How about a lovely treehouse? That would be an AWESOME hangout. So that is what I decided to do. My puffles and I moved into a treehouse igloo just like the one at the Forest...
...My treehouse would have lots of decorations inside and loads of rare items. I started to decorate the treehouse, when my puffles started to jump up at me. I couldn't understand puffle language, but I tried my best and I thought that they wanted to help. Colourful started to make some sketches :)
 ...I looked at them and thought for a moment. Perfect! Now just to move all the items from my inventory into my igloo. Just like magic, everything appeared :)
 ...There was one very important thing missing! The Magnificent Tree had not got many leaves. How can I get it to grow more? I know, some potions from Gary's lab. Surely he wouldn't mind me borrowing just a few. I tried pouring the potions onto the tree, but nothing happened.
 ...Hmm, maybe the tree is hungry! After all, it only drinks water from my watering can. Let's find some biscuits from the Palace. Oh yes, these will be perfect! I gave the biscuits to the tree, but still, nothing happened.
 Maybe the tree wanted new styles to grow? I headed over to the Market but then I got distracted by the magnificent fire above my head! Wow, the new fashions didn't work either. Why won't my tree grow more leaves?
 ...Then I finally found the answer! MAGIC :) Yes, that would work. Magnificent Magic. Oh, I can't wait to see the results of my tree. I got some magic from the Sky Kingdom and headed back to my igloo...
To Be Continued...

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