There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Secrets Of The Wilderness ~ The Puffle Hotel

Quickly, the rainbow puffles managed to bounce up and down, alerting us of something nearby. We were close to the back of the Plaza by now, and we had come a long way! Polo Field told us that we should see what the puffles did and then follow them. Cliky Minty was the first to go with them, as they liked her more. Perapin followed, and then the rest of us. As team leader, I made sure that nobody was about in the Plaza. When we got there, we were amazed at what we saw! The Plaza was decorated with puffles and everything - but non of the rainbow sort. As I looked up, I found myself staring at a Puffle Hotel!
...The rainbow puffles were gesturing us to follow.
"I think they want to go inside that Puffle Hotel," whispered Perapin.
"You're right," said Brownie, "Let's follow them!
The team moved quietly and quickly like ninjas. Polo Field smiled and I knew what he was up to. He wanted to go up in the elevator! We all got in, and then pressed the top floor button. It seemed to be where the puffles wanted us to go. When we got there, we found ourselves surrounded by clouds! We were on the roof of the Puffle Hotel! Yet the puffles seemed to be waddling slowly towards the...clouds? Was this really there natural habitat?
"They want us to walk in the clouds!" exclaimed Airplane.
"Well, penguins can't fly, so I don't think we'll be heading in that direction," said Pen Que.
"Look! A rainbow! It's so beautiful!" shouted Polo Field
"I wonder where it leads to..." I replied softly following the rainbow.

Brand New Stuff!

So im pretty much getting ready to post since I haven't posted in a looong time. Oh and I wanted to say that the blog is getting some new stuff at the sidebar because like....the Pages widget has some errors! Updating some other stuff so get ready!! Here I come...

Just To Let You Know...

This week's Club Penguin news is BIG! Let's start over at the Puffle Party. The Play Zone (where you can transform into your own puffles) is located at the Ski Village! I can't wait to turn into my rainbow puffle :) Next, there's three brand new rooms added to Club Penguin at the Plaza - The Puffle Hotel! There's an elevator (not a room), a spa and gym (both together in one room), the lobby, and of course - the roof. The Cloud Forest will appear after you have completed all 4 quests to get the rainbow puffle and become a puffle expert. More importantly, here's the news of my penguin: I decided to return 10 of my puffles (whose names were the same as their colour) and change a few names of my other puffles. It was becoming too many to look after, and they were slowing me down in my igloo! I had some more fun with Pingu Pingey, and he adopted a brown puffle! Plus, my red puffle magically disappeared when I adopted a new brown puffle (called Chocolate) and I got really worried! But when I logged back on, he was there :)
...I've got 5 unlockable wigs at the moment too, one which you can see above ;) Here's the blog news: nothing much has really been happening. Things are going pretty smooth. The stats are raising higher than ever before, and hopefully we'll beat the score of 6,000 last March 2011. You most likely know, I'm going on holiday on April 1st (NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE!!!) and Penguiin23 will be taking over my place. Remember to give him a virtual high-five or something, because he makes this fabulous blog what it is. Without him, it would just be a plain and simple everyday Club Penguin blog - but it's not :P

The Club Penguin Times

Yes, the Club Penguin Times is back, and the news is bigger than any story told ever before! The rainbow puffles are being adopted - yes, that's right! Complete the challenges and you could get the rainbow puffle in a minimum of 3 days of your starting time ;)
 ...The 4 challenges that you face are located at the BRAND NEW puffle hotel!
 But what's coming up? Well, for a start, the puffle party is ON NOW! You've got till April 2nd to enjoy and party - and on the 5th I think we'll be seeing the return of a few super hero and villain costumes, as well as watching Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal! Yes, thats right - the superhero party is coming next month, but don't tell your rainbow puffles!
 And if there's a secret you didn't already know, here it is!

Puffle Party 2013 Catalog

The annual Puffle Party is here, but your clothes are out of date! Quickly, run along to most rooms and select the catalog in the bottom right hand corner! Grab all the puffle costumes (if you haven't got them from last year) and then...
...make sure you get the rainbow puffle costume, the rainbow puffle heart t-shirt, the rainbow hair and everytyhing rainbow! I can't wait to discover what the rainbow puffle is really like!

Rainbow Puffle Pin

The Puffle Party is on now! You know what that means. The rainbow puffle is here! Yes, that's right. But, of course, there has to be a pin. Do you remember the 10 pins released back in 2011? They were each a different puffle colour. So now, the rainbow puffle pin has arrived... the beach! You've got two weeks to get it, and it appears that an old pin (the golden award statue) has re-appeared at the Mountain -  get that too if you've missed it ;)

The Puffle Hotel

By now, you most likely know that you can't get the rainbow puffle for a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) from beginning your first challenge. This means that some insanely addicted penguins will most likely go on it after each 18 hours, complete the challenge, and then get the rainbow puffle as soon as possible. I will most likely get the puffle next week, so it's not actually very fun, waiting. After all, we have been waiting since the rumours started! Anyway, here's the Puffle Hotel from the Plaza. As you can see, all the buildings are beginning to look a lot squished. Considering the size of the other buildings, the puffle hotel should be really thin...
 ...But on the inside, all the buildings are the same! There's a reception, a coat check, puffle hats and food, a wonderful fountain, a door to the pet shop and of course the elevator! Don't forget to relax on those comfortable chairs, or become a worker at the hotel!
 ...The only thing I would say is - it's not much of a hotel if it doesn't have any rooms to stay in. But, anyway, here you can run on the treadmill with your puffles at the gym, or soak them in bubbles with the spa!
At the rooftop you can eat your food (remember you can click on the plates at the bottom to get them to change to pizza, cookies and all sorts!) and play in the pool. Plus, you can have a snooze and launch the cannon to get into the Cloud Forest and adopt the legendary RAINBOW PUFFLE!
And remember, these rooms will stay FOREVER!

Puffle Party 2013 Fact File

Echo006: Here's the Puffle Hotel Fact File! First, we'll answer some questions...

Is Hotel Puffle is permanent? Yes. The hotel will remain after the Puffle Party. You can get a bite or swim on the roof with your puffle whenever you want!
Are we able to adopt rainbow puffles after the party? Absolutely. You can continue to adopt these new puffles majestic and magical when the party is over, at the Pet Shop.
The rainbow puffle is only for members? Yes, it is. After completing the quest for the rainbow puffles, members can propel themselves through the clouds and adopt a puffle rainbow sky. Other players can pamper their red and blue puffles in Puffle Hotel or even work to earn coins!
Does PH come for the party? Of course! PH will be there for the opening of the Hotel Puffle. She will help you to become experts and also help find the rainbow puffles!

Where and when PH comes? For the moment I do not know the exact dates of her visits. But I know she will spend much time at the hotel. There will also be many arranged meetups too, if you're lucky enough to get hold of any of them!

Next - here's what is happening!

The Puffle Party will start in a few hours. The puffle hotel will be built, and all penguins can enter the hotel. There is a lobby, spa, gym and a rooftop! Remember, it will reach the clouds! All penguins will be asked to do four different challenges before adopting the rainbow puffle from the cannon. Members will be rewaded with coins, and items, however non-members will only earn coins. After you have completed the 4 challenges (which will include running at the gym, and all sorts), you will earn a bag of o-berries and then become a Puffle Expert. Travel up to the rooftop, launch in the cannon, and enter the special party room - THE CLOUD FOREST!

After you've pampered your rainbow puffle, you'll discover that it can fart mysterious purple stuff and you can figure out it's favourite activities, and what it does when it dances! Take it home, walk it, put a hat on it. There are so many options - remember to watch it have a bath, and see what happens when you brush its hair! But the most important thing is - after receiving a new puffle, NEVER ever forget your old puffles.

Puffle Care Quest

Although this picture is in another language, it's a sneak peek of what's instore at the Puffle Party! Can you remember what challenges Businesmoose had to face? Well, you're going to have to do them all, before you can get the AMAZING Rainbow Puffle!
You'll have to complete 4 different challenges, and if you are a member - you'll receive a special item with each challenge. Non-members will get coins too! After you've completed all the activities, EVERYONE will receive a bag of o-berries which will come with a special dance. Last but not least, you'll reach the rooftop and be able to adopt the legendary Rainbow Puffle. That's pretty much the whole puffle party summed up in one post! Remember - you gotta have a wingman, tommorow!

The Club Penguin Magazine

Want to read a little bit about the Club Penguin Magazine? Well, now you can!
Free download!
...If you're in the UK, you can buy the magazine now! I really hope Club Penguin makes the magazine available for all countries soon.

Goodbye From Businesmoose

This post is dedicated to Terryon. Hopefully, I will have a treasure book giveaway maybe in April.
Hello Penguins,
Can you believe that the rainbow puffle is almost here? After years of waiting, this week you will be able to adopt your very own. Exciting stuff!
I wanted you to hear it from me first that I will be leaving Club Penguin for new adventures. I'll be around helping the team until the first week of April. Moose Monday is still happening so you'll have a lot of chances to say goodbye - hope to see you there!. :)
Since I started in 2007, my favorite part about working at CP has always been the community. I've always been blown away by your imagination and ability to make the best out of any situation. Remember that YOU are the reason why Club Penguin is so special!
Now onto some exciting news! As you can probably imagine, there are a few blogger/moderators eager to take my place. Polo and I thought it would be awesome if you helped us make that decision!

Here are our four nominees:
  • Tour Guide
  • Ninja
  • Smulley
  • Robo Bird

Whoever you choose, make sure you give them the same warm welcome you gave me. I know it will mean the world to them -- it did for me!

It's very sad that moose is leaving. I mean, Hapy77, Billybob, Rsnail, Screenhog and now Businesmoose! The old original Club Penguin team is leaving, but people do move on. It's time we welcomed someone new to take his place. I think, although we haven't really heard of him, Robo Bird should take Businesmoose's place. Do you know why? Because they both have something in common - they are both animals not on club penguin - bird, and moose. Plus, one of them is a robot and the other means business - well, his business is over now, so I guess we'll just have to call him moose ;)

Moose and Polo At The Puffle Hotel

Businesmoose and Polo Field have made an awesome new video! You can see how the puffle hotel will look like from the Plaza, and inside the lobby - did you know there's a fountain there?

Wow, that video is awesome! I'm now super excited for the Puffle Party!

The Secrets of The Wilderness ~ The Search

The puffles were on the other side of the lake. We would never be able to cross it, so we had to waddle down to the river nearby. After that, we jumped over and then began to explore the area. We all split up and I was left exploring some bushes with Polo Field, on the other side of the river. He kept on searching while I sniffed the air. Something had been here - we were going in the right direction. We carried on moving, not knowing what the others were up to. They were also exploring, some ahead, some behind and some searching in the middle of the mysterious forest. We had to find those rainbow puffles, and discover if there were any more. Suddenly, we appeared in a maze of corn and I recognised the area. We decided to jump back over the river using a wooden plank that we had found. The others were still searching.
Bubsey, Airplane and Brownie caught up with us and we saw it. There they were, making their way into the corn maze. If we lost them now, then we wouldn't ever find them again. Perapin called out to us, and Cliky Minty followed behind. I could see flippers waving in the distance and realised that it must be Pizzapuffy and Pen Que. Quickly, we waddled through the corn maze to find them, in hopes that the rainbow puffles would be somewhere here as well. Once we found the other penguins, Polo Field asked something.
"Have you found the rainbow puffles?"
"No, sorry. But we did here some noises coming from that direction." Pen Que said, pointing East.
"Let's carry on moving and split up again, ok?" I said and everybody agreed and split up into different groups of twos and threes. I ended up being with Cliky Minty and Perapin, the kindest penguins in the group. They whistled softly and it caught the attention of the puffles and they slowly bounced towards us.
"What food do they like?" Minty asked.
"Um, O-Berries!" replied Perapin, grabbing some from his pockets. The rainbow puffles bounced over to us, and I snapped a picture with my gadget. We had found them, and had proof!

Server Jumping and Magical Puffles

On the server Sleet (rare penguin alert!) I met Pingu Pingey again today, and we played two rounds of Card-Jitsu Fire (which I won, again alert) and then he had to leave! Meanwhile, over on the server Fog, Businesmoose was having "Moose Monday". Before I left, I managed to find a penguin (and report them) who had a magical puffle. By that, I mean he could change it into another colour, without being in his igloo. Then, he showed us server jumping. I don't know how he did this, but it was pretty cool anyway, even though it is actually cheating!
...It was pretty strange, but I'm now really eager for server jumping to come out! Maybe Club Penguin should beta test that too?

More Fun With Federflink1

As you may know, Federflink always has lots of meetups and here is a few pictures about what they got up to last time!

I love his meetups and I hope he does another one soon!

A Few Featured Igloos

Hey there Penguin Pals!

This month’s igloo nominations were the most colourful I’ve seen! For todays featured igloos blog, I found not three, but FOUR beautiful igloos that I just had to share with all my feathered friends! Check out all these puffle-tastic igloos below:

I stumbled upon Riyita’s igloo whilst online this week and was instantly impressed with the amount of detail and thought put into this lovely Puffle Day Care Centre. So bright and colourful, if I were a puffle, I’d want to visit all the time! smiley

Sunshine6774 said: “I think Cutie24pie’s igloo should be featured, because it has an area for each different type of puffle and it even has room for a puffle walk way! Check it out!”

Katty017 said: “Hello CP, I hope you could look at my best friend’s igloo Narcissak99. It is really amazing with a puffle salon, chill out zone, puffle hanging lanterns, puffle music, disco floor and puffle feeding area! She has a great artistic flare!”

Sylvia35 said: "Cool igloos gyus! I think my friend Sylvie32 should be shown! It’s an epic igloo for puffles! It has puffle beds for all the puffles (20 different types- Sylvie32 is puffle-mad!) and puffle houses for all the puffles and all the puffles toys and a puffle cannon in the middle. It has a puffle bean bag (with the puffle pattern on- naturally) and 2 puffle chairs and some puffle guards at the entrance. You should seriously check it out! Sylvie32 doesn’t have many likes, because no one comes to her igloo. Anyone who goes there is guaranteed to like it. (Her clothes are also covered in puffles)."

I'd like to thank everyone for all the awesome nominations sent through this week! It’s really got me so excited and looking forward to the Puffle Party starting this week! Also, I thought I'd do things a little differently, so for next week I’d love to hear why you think your own igloo design (whatever it may be!) should be featured in our next blog. Let us know in the comments below and keep a look out for our next featured igloos blog- you’re igloo could be in it!

Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

Fun With Friends ~ Pingu Pingey

Recently, I discovered that Pingu Pingey (an old friend of mine) started his blog back up again! The way I found that out was by meeting him on Club Penguin. Today, we played tons of different games. Firstly, I started by showing him the cool mascot trick where they appear in your igloos. Then, we played Card-Jitsu! I won all the time, and won again in Card-Jitsu Fire. Sadly, my computer is very slow and when we played Card-Jitsu Water, the game had already started by the time it had loaded for me.
So, Pingu Pingey kept on winning until eventually, my computer started to load faster and I won, once! Next, we played mancala and find four and I told Pingu Pingey how to move when playing manacala (by clicking your postcard, then moving) and we sat making newspapers, playing the game. Find Four was awesome, and we also played Dance Contest, which he won again. Last, but not least, we played Sled Racing at the top of the Ski Hill. Then, we discovered that we had played all the multiplayer games possible, so he decided to work on his site, and I posted this :)
~Echo006 (Aunt Arctic's Friend)