There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Gluten Free Vanilla Cake!

This particular recipe is Gluten Free! This means that children and adults who cannot eat wheat or gluten products can eat this cake :)
Vanilla Cake

Medieval Party 2012 Sneak Peek

Fun With Friends ~ Spigos and Echo006

Today, I have had a lot of fun with my friend Spigos! Firstly, we got into our armour ready to look for dragons! I had heard a rumour of these mysterious shadows appearing and I got curious. Spigos came to help me...

Medieval Gift with Purchase at Australian EB Stores

Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way, I now have 25000 hits! I couldn't of done it without you. As a thank you gift, I will be doing a giveaway sometime soon (not sure when.) Anyway, for those of you who are Australian, you might want to check out this video...
Quick, buy your membership quick while stocks last!

Medieval Party ~ The Town EXCLUSIVE

There seem to be an awful lot of sneak peeks about with this new Medieval Party! The dragon king is arriving, and more clues are popping up :) Now though, with the help of Trainman1405, here is the Town!
Looks pretty fancy, eh? I'm very excited and I just can't wait any longer for the party to start...

Medieval Party Clues #7

Wow! There seem to be millions of clues about on the Community Page!
The Kingdom of Heaven is a detestable place. At the first opportunity, I will imprison and guard the entrance. I’ll never be defeated…

Medieval Party Clues #6

With the thanks of Trainman1405, I have found some more clues!

Here! The way to the Mountain Empire Earth is called “Ruthless Mountain!” From the top, I rule all that happens on the island. The heroes can not do anything…

Medevial Party Clues #5

Another clue has been posted in Portaguese. These "relatives" must be the dragons from Quest #3...
Any hero daring enough to try to get me up barriers, I’m found in the Dragon Kingdom. Even though I have relatives, these dragons are not reliable.

Medieval Party Clues #4

There's more to the story, Happy77 has posted some more in Portaguese!
The Mushroom Kingdom is not a place where the wise men go, the beings are mostly weak and cowardly. However, this one requires a cautious Gary…

Medieval Party Clues #3

And the story continues here...

Here's the 3rd part of the Medieval Party story!


Hmmm... Who do you think is writing all these letters?

I know for a fact who is writing these lovely letters.

Medieval Party Clues #2

Greetings Lords and Ladies! 

Here's the next piece of the story -- a hint of what's to come!


Field-Op #81

Look! My Spy Phone is on red alert, although I am still stuck in the past. Maybe this will help me transport back to normal times. Ooooooh....

Club Penguin Medevial Log Out Screen

Club Penguin have added another log out screen! This one is about the Medieval Party, members can defeat the Dragon King!
This means that Non-Members are not allowed to particapate in defeating the Dragon King! Oh well, atleast they can explore and complete Quest #1.

Club Penguin Igloo Catalog ~ May 2012

There's no point in decorations, if you don't have a fabulous igloo. Why not get one with the May 2012 Igloo Catalog?

Club Penguin May 2012 Furniture Catalog

The May 2012 Furniture Catalog has arrived. A week before, Club Penguin accidently released this catalog too soon in Spanish servers. Now, we are able to buy these awesome items and place them in our newly decorated igloo...

Medieval Party Story Clue #1

As you know, the Medieval Party is just around the corner! And I've got the first story puzzle piece to share with you:

Heroes will play a big part in this quest... Check back soon for the next story clue.

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

Fan Art

A message has arrived from Gary...
Hello penguins. According to my calculations, Echo006 is trapped somewhere in a different time period. I am planning the Medieval Party but now I must rescue this poor penguin! For now, I will be on Club Penguin trying to find a way to rescue Echo006. Thank you for understanding ~Gary

Hey, penguin pals! I've been asked to help out while Echo006 is away somewhere. I'm sure he is enjoying his lovely holiday. This blog is now under my control until he arrives back safely. I will be sure to post some updates and news and even the Medieval Fan Art. Penguiin23 will be helping out!

A Note From Echo006

...Fellow penguins, if you can hear me, please help! I'm stuck in the future and I have no idea how to get back. Shadow Ninjas and Rainbow Puffles are EVERYWHERE :) Help me, quick before it is too late. The Mysterious Ninja is getting closer and I have no idea what to do. I wish I was at the Medieval Party, please help me. Ask Gary for help so he can get me back into the future. Thanks buddies :) I won't be able to post in the past since there is rubbish connection! I've left this note on my blog, come looking for me! I am in the year 2008 and I'm stuck here. Ask Gary to help me post about the new updates coming to Club Penguin. If anybody can find me, I'll give you a Coin Code. But it might be impossible... HELP! He's heading towards me----

EXCLUSIVE Medieval Party Map Sneak Peek

Below is a little bit of information about the map...

Featured Igloo ~ Hope1169

I love featured igloos! Hope1169 is a very talented penguin, look at this beautiful garden decoration and a lovely libary inside. Beautiful scenery...
Every detail in every igloo is fabulous, decorate your igloo and it could be featured :)

Club Penguin Medieval Party Quest #3 Guide and Walkthrough

Why have I posted the quests guide, when the Medieval Party isn't on yet? Because, I am preparing for the party, if you know how to complete the quests BEFORE the party you will be sure to be excellent when you complete them in two weeks time. I will post the links to the quest guides when the party starts.
Once completed Quest #2, you can now enter the third gate where you will have to challenge three different hydra dragons and get through the Puzzles. You will arrive in a room where you will play a game. Keep your eye on two colours, blue and red. When they change keep watching them. If it asks for yellow, just click on the one that isn't red or blue! If it is too fast, just have a guess and hope for luck!

Club Penguin Medieval Party Quest #2 Walkthrough and Guide

If you have completed Quest #1, you are only a step closer to becoming a Medieval Master! Quest #2 is awaiting you, so step through the second gate and be prepared...

Club Penguin Medieval Party Quest #1 Guide and Walkthrough

There have been rumours that Club Penguin have made Quest #4 for the Medieval Party. Defeat the Dragon King, Scorn. But first, you'll need help on completing the first Quest if you haven't already. Enter the gate to the quest room. Credit to Club Penguin Wiki for the unavailable rooms which I couldn't find in Club Penguin's files on my own.  Please note that these pictures were all taken from Club Penguin Files by either me or Club Penguin Wiki. The inverted coloured pictures belong to me.

Stuck In The Past With Shadow Ninjas Part 2 Sneak Peek ~ My Stories and Adventures

Stuck In The Past with Shadow Ninjas Official Sneak Peek!
This is just the beginning of a very special story. Where the legend says, Shadow Ninjas and Rainbow Puffles will rise to the sky. This is how it all began...

Featured Igloos

I've been searching for some more awesome Featured Igloos and I've found these three incredible igloo decorations! This igloo is perfect for puffles and lovely to relax. Well done, Eurynome...


...If you've completed the Veggie Garden activity, don't forget to be creative with the new Terrarium activity. Remember to ask an adult for help!

Veggie Garden

It's great to be back and posting again :) Here's a fun outdoor activity for all penguins and puffles to complete!
Veggie Garden