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Fun With Friends ~ Spigos and Echo006

Today, I have had a lot of fun with my friend Spigos! Firstly, we got into our armour ready to look for dragons! I had heard a rumour of these mysterious shadows appearing and I got curious. Spigos came to help me...
...We needed to prepare our snowballs just in case he got too close!
 ...We looked for him and prepared ourselves
 We headed over to the dock and I heard strange noises!
 ...All of a sudden a dragon shadow swooped down in front of us and then far away into the mountains.
 We looked for the shadow everywhere! We thought about the Plaza, but we knew he wouldn't come there.
 Then we headed to the Town where we heard noises again! I looked for a shadow, but none could be found...
 Spigos looked in the newspaper and then realised that the article said he would appear at the Ski Village! Back to where we started...
 Are you ready? Do you have your snowballs? Let's do this...
 ...Just then a dragon shadow swooped by the mountains. We both heard noises but it was so quick that I wasn't able to get a good shot of the dragon.
 We both discussed what had happened and what noises he had made...
 Then we figured out a plan! When he arrived for the Medieval Party, we would hunt him down.
 ...Sadly I had to leave, but we had a lot of fun. Got to go, Waddle on!


  1. You made a mistake in your header. It should be cheats at their best. Cheats at it's best = cheats at it is best. Cheats at its best doesn't sound right since cheats is PLURAL!

  2. CP Graphicsss Delivery!

    Crosshatched Stripes Icon:

  3. I didn't make the header for a start. And who cares about punctuation? Seriously, this is on the INTERNET! What are you, a nerd?


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