There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Can we make it?

Come on now. How did Herbert suddenly take over the island in just one night? Yesterday it was peaceful and now the island has plunged into darkness. It's so sad. But either way ~ we'll make our way through it. Dot, Rookie and Jet Pack guy will be captured. It's no use. Even the director will be captured. Penguins and puffles are trying their best to make it through this horrible tragedy. Atleast in my igloo the stars are shining and there's no storm to see :) Look at all my helpless puffles...
 ...Atleast we have caring penguins who look after the sick and homeless. They are providing food until Herbert leaves the island forever.
 We even have a hospital ~ this means that Club Penguin is in TERRIBLE danger. We haven't ever had to send a patient to a hospital ~ now penguins are beginning to feel ill.
 ...The snow is piling up on the Mine Shack. What can we do?
 Nobody can go swimming because the ice has frozen at the Cove. This is terrible!
 Herbert statues, posters, catalogs, stage plays are everywhere. We have to put a stop to this, before it's too late!

Super Sneak Peeks!

Warning: This post contains two pictures of the upcoming blackout. Look away if you don't want to ruin it :)
If you just can't wait to get to Herbert's Base (like me) then you will obviously want to take a look at what is going to happen. We're going to have to shut down another computer maybe :) We'll have to pass through lasers to get to the next room! I think it's a whole tunnel of computers ~ we'll have to get past each door every time we get new orders from the Director (Aunt Arctic)
 Then, when you pass through those rooms you'll get to see your old friend Gary again! We'll have to figure out a way to stop Herbert's contraption. Will we be able to meet Herbert here? This is so exciting!
You can use the pictures on your blog or website too :) If you use the pictures, please give credit to me!

The Blackout ~ Part 1

As you may be aware, Herbert has taken over Club Penguin and named it Club Herbert. We all knew this day would come ~ and now we have to face it. Where should we start? Ah yes. Aunt Arctic is very busy at the moment (the rumours are true! The Director is Aunt Arctic as it gives a big clue in the official Club Penguin Magazine!) So she will be giving you your orders for the next week or so until we defeat Herbert (I've got some great spoilers ~ but they're for later) So let's get moving...
 All you need to do is get a disguise on ~ head to Herbert's base and shut down a computer :)
 Let's start at the Ski Village now we've got our orders. Hmm, looks like it has to be through that forest...
 ...Woah! This place is EPIC! Herbert's slippers are here too! I guess he must of taken them when he escaped from his hibernation ~ they were at the top of a snowy mountain :) Let's go through that door...
 Hmm, some lava and a underground place! But we can explore later...uh oh! Will I get past those security cameras? Disguises on!
 ...Check this place out! Head over to the computer and switch it off and job done :)
 ...Let's go back down that ladder. Oooh ~ it's those crabs I saw in the Adventure Party :) I was one of the first to spot the legendary BLUE CRAB!
 ...And this is our secret training base! We can teleport without our spy phones!
Operation Blackout sure is awesome :) I can't wait until Herbert escapes AGAIN... Who do you think we should blame it on? Hey, where's Rookie?

Operation Blackout Logout Screens

Everyone is busy preparing for the blackout! Gary has been captured ~ and soon all of the EPF will fall down. We're going to train in our underground base and all sorts :) But before you can do all that ~ you've got to be ready. What's the EPF motto again? Ah yes ~ the three Rs. Reading, no that's not it. Be resourceful, be remarkable, be ready. Yeah, so be ready I guess ;)
 ...Well ~ you're going to need to return to Club Penguin on November 15th to get your disguise. Non-members can grab a Kluzty disguise and members can get a Herber-whoops! I'll save the spoilers for another post ;) Seems like this operation is working in stages! On the 18th we'll have to get a plasma laser to cut through Herbert's door!
Well then what will happen? I think we will return again and find some lav-nope! Too many spoilers, I wouldn't want to ruin it for you or me.