There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Operation Blackout Updates

Here's some quick updates for Operation Blackout. Herbert has taken over the login screen and the homepage! Check it out ~ in the trailer, the Phoning Facility was destroyed and if you look on the homepage, you will see that there is a giant jungle (which we have seen in the sneak peek, somehow we have to cross it to get to Herbert's Lair which is where our base used to be!) Uh oh! These are just little details that we need to know before we enter...
 The homepage even tells us that the blackout will END! Big mistake, Club Penguin. Herbert will be mad if you've got a set date to stop him. The login screen tells you to gear up! You need to quickly!
 And so does the logout screen. You can get these new items from the Penguin Style Catalog.
Are you ready for Operation Blackout? It's going to be quite spooky ~ will the sun really go out? There's lots of questions to be asked but this has been planed since August 2011 and now it has finally arrived! It's going to last about half a month ~ so be prepared ;)

The Field-Op ~ Some Scans

Helpful Tip: If you can't see an image on my blog clearly, then just click on it to see the bigger version ~ but no copying without my permission ;) Yes! Gary's Uncle has finally left the island (or is he hidden in the mountains?) but anyway, now we need to report to Gary to find out our orders! Those ghosts caused security breaches everywhere. Uh oh! We actually have no defences right now ~ I guess Gary was so distracted by his uncle he forgot about the EPF. Now we have to scan the mainframe to check if anything is wrong. Hmm, I hope Herbert has nothing to do with this ~ but he will do as this is the lead up to Operation Blackout.
 ...In case you don't know where the mainframe is, waddled over to the peice of equipment by System Defender. There have been other Field-Ops by the mainframe before :)
 ...Now you've found the location, you have to bypass the system by using your left and right keys to match data! It's simple, but the system will speed up quickly.
 To complete this field-op, simply match the two pictures together using the arrow keys. To make it easier, when you have matched one pair, go back to the middle so it takes you less time to get from one side to another side. The system is very fast ;)
 And once you've done that, we find some horrific news. Someone (or polar bear) has accesed our top secret files during the halloween party. I told you ~ we can't trust Gary, the Director should give us our orders from now on ;) Herbert was looking at Gary's inventions maybe for the Time Trekker or his light ray as stated in an earlier issue of the newspaper ~ Herbert asked Gary how to block the sun!
...Operation Blackout is just beginning. Well done Herbert, you're winning so far!

EPF Penguin Style Catalog

We all know that we're going to win the Blackout otherwise Club Penguin wouldn't of clearly stated on their login screens and logout screens that the blackout begins on November 15th and ends on December 4th. Hasn't time gone fast? So, after the blackout ends, most likely the new rooms will be constructed. The EPF Phoning Facility could be built again, and I'm sure it will. We'll fix everything and then it will all be back to normal and Rockhopper will arrive with his gifts just in time for the Christmas Party :) Simple! But before all that happens, you can just sit in your igloo and let everyone else do the hard work, or you can join in on the adventure. But first, you need to gear up! Even the Gift Shop know what equipment we will need ~ can someone predict the future here? Has the name "Penguin Style" changed to "Clothing Catalog" because I feel that I'm a bit behind!
 ...Pick up two of the new backgrounds and I'm sure most of you won't of seen the other backgrounds, so pick them up too! Then get your tuxes on, wait what? The island is in danger and we are getting into our best suit? Holding our purse, in high heels! I guess this must be for the non-EPF penguins.
 ...Here we go! Proper equipment to keep warm ~ turtlenecks (my favourite) and some nice fashionable wigs that are waterproof and burnproof :) Grab a bag to hold your items in like your walkie-talkie and your watch to tell the time! All very good equipment ~ but I'm pretty sure some new penguins are going to need a torch, don't ya think? Maybe that's included with the bag ;)
 ...Now, by wearing this stuff I can easily tell that you're an EPF Agent ~ it's what the gear is these days. Sunglasses or high-tech glasses ~ Not so sure they will be helpful in the blackout. More new wigs ~ one is called the impossible. Then grab your shoes able to climb, run and jump for you with your new EPF disguised warm shirts :) They're not really shirts ~ just in disguise!
 ...Like I said before, there is going to be fire and uh, rain. So get warm with this cozy jumper and grab an umbrella too. Then squirt everybody when they burn :) Simple!
Seems like we are going to go through some harsh weather conditions if we need all that equipment. I thought penguins were used to the cold. But have you actually ever seen the sun on the island? I've only ever seen the moon at the Halloween Party.

Club Penguin Operation Blackout Sneak Peek Video

Club Penguin has added a new video to their channel! This shows the upcoming event (Operation Blackout) that starts on November 15th (I'm so lucky to be off school on that day!) Watch the video below to get ready for the awesome things to come :)

Ruby and The Ruby ~ At The Stage

Seems like the Blackout has already started over at the Stage! I mean, everything I look at is in black and white :) Now, if you are successful, then you will find the square ruby. Over the years, this play has come and gone with a different ruby every time. I have all of them in my collection :) To get yours simply click on various objects around the room. Lift up the vase and the trash can. Turn on the light, flip a page of a book and open the doors and a draw. Then lift the painting off the wall, and open the vault to find your ruby!
...The catalog is the same as usual, as is the play except for the pin. I'm getting quite bored of these plays that keep on returning ~ we haven't got a new play this year, have we? They are all old ~ there are never any new items, but I guess generation 3 need to get their items. Let's hope when the big update finally arrives, some more plays will come with it ;)

Let's Save The Pizza Parlor

Like I posted earlier, the Pizza Parlor music has changed and I really don't like it. I did say that the room needed an update, but the music has gone way too far. Lebron Jr 23 totally agrees, and if you would like the Pizza Parlor's music to stay, then copy this post and tell everyone :) This is the post from Lebron...
Hey penguins. As you may or may not have known, Club Penguin has changed some rooms in Club Penguin. One of them, happening to be the Pizza Parlor. Although, I do think that the room was in much need of a face lift and I think that the new room looks phenomenal! But, I am not crazy about everything that is going on. I have been playing Club Penguin for over 6 years! Logging onto Club Penguin always reminds me of great times growing up because a lot of the game is still the same as when I first started. But, one thing recently struck a sensitive nerve for me. Club Penguin changed the music located inside of the Pizza Parlor!
Jokes aside, this is a serious concern for me. The continuing growth of Club Penguin is very important and new things are essential, but we are losing all of the preserved history that still remains in Club Penguin! Not much is left except for some of the classic music. The only reason Club Penguin is doing this is because they are trying to appeal to new users and get more members. BUT, if they truly care about US, they will listen to us. They say our voice matters, let them prove it. THIS IS OUR GAME TO PLAY. We can change this and fix this horrible situation. Change the rooms, change our friends list, change how our penguins look on the playercard, but DO NOT change ALL of our music. At least give us the Pizza Parlor music. Is that too much to ask?!
I am very open to change. I just want ONE thing to stay the same. The Pizza Parlor represents a special place in Club Penguin history. It is a place where people go to have fun, hang with friends, and enjoy a slice of pizza. It's soothing yet cozy atmosphere makes it a perfect place to still represent old Club Penguin. And trust me, there is a reason "Old" Club Penguin was so good! I would even go as far as to say that the Pizza Parlor music IS THE CLUB PENGUIN THEME SONG. That song represents Club Penguin in every way possible. Music change is nothing new to me thouh. Club Penguin has changed important music for me all the time and I have gone quietly into the night. Not saying a peep. They have changed the music to Ballistic Biscuit, Bean Counters, got rid of Dance Mix 1 and even the music in my OWN igloo! I have a tradition where I play Christmas music year around in my igloo. When Club Penguin did the big igloo update, that music was removed from my igloo. After 3 years of tradition! So why do I want this so bad? Because, I think it's important to a lot of people! Why don't we just change the room and keep the old music? Music hits a very special sense in every person and I think that music holds a special place in every persons heart. Even more so than "visuals". Music evokes special memories and good times. Let's do the right thing Club Penguin. Let's update things, but let's at least keep the Pizza Parlor music. From all of us in the Club Penguin community, PLEASE! I have been quiet on all other occasions, for this one, I am going to stand up as a whole for the community. We need this!
As you will notice, the Pizza Parlor music is playing right now on the blog and I take pride in that! If Club Penguin continues doing things of this nature, I have to be honest with you, I'm kind of on the verge of quitting. I just want at least a statement from Club Penguin so I know they heard our voice. If they ignore us when there is an obvious demand for the old music, I may have to move on from Club Penguin everyone. I don't want to do it, but I have a feeling they will hear OUR VOICE!
If you would like to help the cause, send an email to Club Penguin telling them you want the old pizza parlor music and why it means so much to you. Also, if you are using Twitter, you can send tweets to Club Penguin, Polo Field and BusinesMoose. Really explain to them how much the old music means to you! Also, put the hashtag #SaveThePizzaParlor at the end of every single tweet you make! Another thing, put this post on your blog. Spread the word! Let's do this for players everywhere. We are the Club Penguin community, and it's time we take a stand! :)

- Lebron Jr 23
So, do you agree or do you love the new changes?

The Recycling Plant ~ The Pin's Location

Looking for the pin? Look no further, I'll give you a clue. The pin is near a garden, with a strange statue in it, and two buildings in it. In one of those buildings is your brand new pin :) The Recycling Plant! This pin doesn't look too good, I think I'll just throw mine in the Recycling Plant ~ it could be made into something much more useful like a...anvil! It won't go in, so I guess I'm stuck with it. Looks kind of creepy...
It's a ghost, with a tie and some gears. I think it looks just like Gary's Uncle. Wait, I've got it! The recycling plant created the ghosts out of old materials :) Problem solved! That's just a guess, but Gary's Uncle is so strange. I mean, he's a ghost, right?

Part 1 of the Big Update ~ Three Re-Decorated Rooms

Happy November! Check your mailbox, and spend some of your hard working coins :) You earned it! Anyway, like I said earlier, Club Penguin will be updating the rooms over the next month. Before they can update the Town and Plaza, they need to update the rooms like the Night Club, Gift Shop and the Pizza Parlor or whatever they are called now. So, first of let's take a look at the Pizza Place ~ there is lots more seating and this will make penguins very happy instead of having to eat on the floor. It is going to be far harder for the robbers to rob the pizza and the cash till, as they are futher away from the door and they are guarded by the manager. The double doors have been updated to match the Plaza when the room is updated. If you like Hot Sauce, then head over to the counter because there's a giant bottle of it! Sit in a booth, or at a table ~ whichever suits you! The piano is great if you're a music penguin and you might not like the music, but it sounds ok. In my opinion, the older music was better but the room's decorations now are better by far as should all the updates be like :)
 ...Next, we move on to the Gift Shop. Fluffy the fish (my worst enemy) has been caught and hung up at the side of the Gift Shop :) Aqua Grabber will be so much easier :) If you liked the Fashion Show (I certainly did) then you'll love this update. Walk down the aisle with your new outfit, and get ready in front of your mirror and dressing table :) Get new outfits in the changing room. Club Penguin really should invent a system where you get to wear the clothes that you want to buy (ONLY IN THE GIFT SHOP) to get a feel for how it looks :) Then, if you try to leave before paying then it will give you a message saying however many coins you have to pay :) Have you noticed that there is so much more seating everywhere?
 ...Here at the Dance Club, the night club keeper has moved his speaker into storage and is now sitting on top of the entrance to the Boiler Room. There is a wide range of seating in this room, too. Why do we need so much seating? I guess penguins were complaining alot about this. Everything is very similar, except for the dance floor which is a different shape and the DJ3K Mixing Music and the lighting. I don't like the new dance club music, it will take a while to get used to.
What are your thoughts on this new update? This is the first part of the journey, I would give it 8 marks out of ten, I love all the rooms except the music for the Pizza Place and the Night Club (or dance club, or whatever name it will be called)

Trick or Treat?

There are 365 days (and a quarter, that's why we have a leap year) and only on one of those days people dress up like monsters, vampires, skeletons and everything horrible and ask people for candy. It's a weird kind of holiday and loads of people do it. Why? I have no clue, I think it's just for the candy :)
 ...It's so weird, people put up decorations with Jack-O-Lanterns, and there's always a good storm :) But why? I have no idea, but it's always going to be spooky. There's no point scaring people, it's a horrible time of year and I hate it :) But if you want free candy, just go ask for it!

LEGO Club Penguin & What's in Store for Club Penguin

Hey guys! Great news for everyone...specially LEGO and Star Wars fans (that's me). Anyway, let's start with the small news and save the big for last...ok? Yesterday Disney acquired Star Wars, yes Star Wars, also Lucasfilm and they also have the right to do with Indiana Jones. Anyway, Star Wars is now by Disney's side, and you know Club Penguin is ALSO by Disney...LETS HAVE A STAR WARS PARTY!!! XD No official news have been said but Lane Merrifield is also thinkin' the same:p

As I said nothing has been confirmed, neither it would be a good time to have a Star Wars party since the new episode is coming on 2015, so it's a long way down there!!

Now the best for builders, do you know the company LEGO? Where you get brick-like stuff and build with your imagination or just build with instructions? Over the past 5 months someone has created an amazing idea...LEGO Club Penguin!! No one knew about it until now, well, Monchocho said about it then it went to other blogs like Trainman1405, isn't that a GREAT Club Penguin community? I love you pplz! Anyway, if you have a Twitter, Facebook or a LEGO account go to this link and go to the big SUPPORT button then sign, then put why do you want it and tada! Anyway, see ya!
P,S: We are on the way to 200, if it gets to 10,000 it will be revised by LEGO SO IT CAN BECOME AN OFFICIAL LEGO PRODUCT!!

What's In Store For Future Rooms

Happy Halloween :) Well, it isn't one of the happy times of the year, but it's just a saying. Now, before Club Penguin updates most of the rooms let's see how the updates have worked so far. One of the first updates was the Pet Shop, it really did need a new look but what did it used to look like?
...Two double doors, some pet food, Puffle Roundup, puffle beds, catalogs and some puffles in a container. There was tons of space in the middle, like most Club Penguin rooms. Then, in March 2011 the real change came. This was the first step of the redecorating rooms.

...Now, we have puffle tubes, a dog kennel for the puffles, two brand new games, a carpet that changes, pet food, skateboards and tons more! This improvement was excellent and we all loved it. The Coffee Shop was another change that happened quite recently. Like the Pet Shop, when the room was redecorated, a new game was introduced called Smoothie Smash. The old Coffee Shop, was very simple and had rubbish graphics, check it out.
...When the room was redesigned, there was more seating for the penguins, the counter was more modern, the Smoothie Smash game had its very own counter, and the door was updated rather then being tall and thin, it was given a more modern look. The staircase became less steeper, and the employee door was made in the corner. There was far more lighting too :)

The Arcade Room, also known as the Lounge, was one of my favourite rooms. I loved the tables that you could sit at and the two arcade games to play. It was very cool and made a great workshop for Santa ;) There were some curtains, and a plant and that was it. As you can see by now, the old rooms have far less detail then the new rooms. The seating is better, the positing is better and everything is modern.
When the arcade room was updated, a target game was placed at the end and two arcade games either side. A new game, like all the other rooms again, was made named Bits and Bolts. This is one of the first Club Penguin educational games, where we actually have to think :)
...There's seating and you can see through the floor at penguins dancing! Speakers are all around and puffles and stars brighten up the room. There are other rooms that have been changed completely, like the library. You might be thinking, where was the library?  It was the Club Penguin Times Office. Soon, the Pizza Parlor will change and you can see the extraordinary difference that this modern new look makes. Then, the outside rooms will be updated like the Town, Plaza, Forts, Beach, Dock, Forest, Cove, Iceberg and others :) Then, the whole island will be modernised and the old graphics will be forgotten.

Let's Just Wait and See

When November finishes, I can truly decide on what generation 3 holds in store. There's no point quitting Club Penguin now, after everything that we've seen so far. Club Penguin is really only just beginning ~ In about 10 years or so, it'll be very high tech and everything will be modernised again. Our playercards will be differnt, there will be loads more rooms, more islands including Club Penguin, more igloos, and the population will of been doubled twice in size! All of us will be bored of the island by then and almost nobody will ever see a beta or one of us unless it's on October 24th (That's when all the penguins come back together to celebrate) and things will be much more complex. CP was meant to grow, it was meant to become big and a great island for children to play on and that's what it has become. From being a small, unknown virtual world, Club Penguin is becoming new and refreshed. This "big update" will wipe a few thousand penguins away from the island but it will bring more new penguins. Generation 2 was never any good. It was pointless, and there are no rare items from it, but hopefully Generation 3 will be a whole lot better. Let's just wait and see, maybe Club Penguin won't turn out to be as bad as we think. I feel like the old Club Penguin will be lost forever and nobody will remember it, everybody will leave and flee after another 7 years and then the old CP will be forgotten. Enjoy your Halloween Party.

The Beginning Of Operation Blackout

...Now we have the first sneak peek of the brand new mission: Operation Blackout! This is how the mission will began ~ Gary's glasses are on the floor, he's just invented the Time Trekker. Next Herbert grabs Dot ~ two of our agents are gone. We get into the Time Trekker, hoping we can fix whatever Herbert has done (make the island dark) and we end up wearing these costumes that we voted for and we end up in a jungle. Then, we reverse whatever happened and then head back to the present day which is totally reconstructed because the old Club Penguin got destroyed. That's something how it is going to go ~ so take pictures of all the old rooms before they are destroyed and redecorated ;)
I have no clue where Gary actually is ~ but if it was the PSA I'd guess he was in the Gadget Room, however thats gone now. Can you see Herbert grabbing Gary (Herbert sneaks up on him and then we're called for help!) This is going to be awesome!

Club Penguin's 100th Video

Club Penguin have created yet another pointless video that means nothing!
It's only 15 seconds, and it means nothing but it's pretty cool that Club Penguin have reached their 100th video :)

Introducing Spike Hike

Another Club Penguin member has joined the Club Penguin blog! His name is Spike Hike and here is his first post:

Hey Penguins!

Spike Hike here. My real name is Chris Heatherly, and as you may have heard last week, I'm stepping into Lane's big shoes. You probably don't know me, but I've been working and playing on Club Penguin for a long time!

I first met the Club Penguin Team in 2007 when I worked for Disney Toys. When I first came to Penguin, I fell in love with what the team was doing. Together we worked on the first Penguin toy line. Billybob and I got to launch the toys in the biggest penguin party ever in New York City! We had Club Penguin projected onto the Jumbotron so that kids from around the world could join the party.

As a dad, I've been playing Club Penguin with my three kids for years. My twins even had a Club Penguin birthday party and I dressed up as Herbert. Herbert had stolen the puffles and the kids had to throw "snowballs" at him and get him to drop the sack of puffles. The kids tackled me to the ground and pelted me with snowballs!

Lane and I became really good friends and talked a lot about his vision for Club Penguin. When he asked me to join Club Penguin it was a dream come true! For the last year and a half, I've been able to work on parties, penguin shorts and music videos. As a long time player and as a dad, Club Penguin is very special to me.

As Billybob said in his farewell post, one thing about Club Penguin will never change – it has always been about you guys and always will be.

Until next time… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team