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LEGO Club Penguin & What's in Store for Club Penguin

Hey guys! Great news for everyone...specially LEGO and Star Wars fans (that's me). Anyway, let's start with the small news and save the big for last...ok? Yesterday Disney acquired Star Wars, yes Star Wars, also Lucasfilm and they also have the right to do with Indiana Jones. Anyway, Star Wars is now by Disney's side, and you know Club Penguin is ALSO by Disney...LETS HAVE A STAR WARS PARTY!!! XD No official news have been said but Lane Merrifield is also thinkin' the same:p

As I said nothing has been confirmed, neither it would be a good time to have a Star Wars party since the new episode is coming on 2015, so it's a long way down there!!

Now the best for builders, do you know the company LEGO? Where you get brick-like stuff and build with your imagination or just build with instructions? Over the past 5 months someone has created an amazing idea...LEGO Club Penguin!! No one knew about it until now, well, Monchocho said about it then it went to other blogs like Trainman1405, isn't that a GREAT Club Penguin community? I love you pplz! Anyway, if you have a Twitter, Facebook or a LEGO account go to this link and go to the big SUPPORT button then sign, then put why do you want it and tada! Anyway, see ya!
P,S: We are on the way to 200, if it gets to 10,000 it will be revised by LEGO SO IT CAN BECOME AN OFFICIAL LEGO PRODUCT!!

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  1. I LOVE STAR WARS! I want it to be the original LUKE SKYWALKER star wars.


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