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Ruby and The Ruby ~ At The Stage

Seems like the Blackout has already started over at the Stage! I mean, everything I look at is in black and white :) Now, if you are successful, then you will find the square ruby. Over the years, this play has come and gone with a different ruby every time. I have all of them in my collection :) To get yours simply click on various objects around the room. Lift up the vase and the trash can. Turn on the light, flip a page of a book and open the doors and a draw. Then lift the painting off the wall, and open the vault to find your ruby!
...The catalog is the same as usual, as is the play except for the pin. I'm getting quite bored of these plays that keep on returning ~ we haven't got a new play this year, have we? They are all old ~ there are never any new items, but I guess generation 3 need to get their items. Let's hope when the big update finally arrives, some more plays will come with it ;)

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