There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Penguin Times Issue #312

There is a new issue of Club Penguin Times! Written by Aunt Arctic.

Halloween Is Coming...

Igloo Contest

Upcoming Events

I can't wait for a new stage play! Is that where they get the costumes in the latest Get Connected Video?

Field-Op #51 Message From Director

EPF agents check your spy phone! :)
There is a new field-op! Its at the hidden lake! Once you've completed it, dot will tell you something...

And a message from the Director!

I think we should move him to the EPF Command Room!

Better Igloos Catalog - October 2011

There is a new Better Igloos Catalog out now! We can buy loads of cool halloween things!
Trick-Or-Treats - 100 Coins
Swamp Slime - 230 coins
Wall Bats - 75 coins
Wall Pumpkin - 75 coins
Wall Ghost - 75 coins

The Spooky Surprise - 120 coins
The Laughing Lantern - 120 coins
The Glowing Grin - 120 coins
Stone Wall - 300 coins
Spooky Penguin Statue - 550 coins

Antique Clock - 575 coins
Hant Mansion Cut-Out - 850 coins
Jack-O-Lights - 100 coins
Dangly Spider -75 coins
Spooky Tree - 200 coins
Iron Gate - 650 coins

Thats alot of new items! I'm going to start decarating right away! :)
Remember, there are a few secret items too!

Igloo Upgrades - October 2011

Wow! There are some AWESOME new igloos for halloween! Have you seen them? :)

Theres loads more igloo flooring! I love the black carpet
There is a new igloo! And some old igloos...

The old tree house

Have you noticed the text has been updated! And it shows a new message at the bottom

Thats all for this month! I wonder what the catalog will be like next month... Waddle on!

More Puffle Updates

This is a message from Happy77:

Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here! The team is still hard at work on the new puffle updates. They're taking a little longer than expected, but they should be here by tomorrow!

In the meantime, I grabbed another sneak peek for you:

Remember PH the Puffle Handler? We thought she'd be a big help for new puffle owners. You'll see her the first time you care for your puffles tomorrow.  

Speaking of PH, what do you think her name should be? The team had lots of different ideas (everything from Paige to Penny to Polly), but we'd love to hear what you think. Let us know what you'd name her if you had the chance. :)

-Club Penguin Team
I wonder what we should call PH? I'm so excited for the new puffle updates! :)

New Penguins Around The World

Wow! Penguins have been busy going all over the world this week!
Lots of things to see! Waddle on!

New Fan Art

There is some NEW fan art!
Club Penguin Fan Art Pictures
Wow! There are lots of cool Puffle Hats and some Halloween things! :)

Puffle Update!

This is a message from Happy77:
Greetings Penguins!

Happy77 here. Those of you that saw Billybob's video blog may remember that he mentioned an updated Puffle experience. Guess what? It's coming this Thursday!

I wanted to get you the inside scoop, so I asked a programmer a few questions about the new improvements:

What improvements has the team made to the puffle experience?
The biggest thing is that we've added stat bars back. Other than that we've added notifications and puffle emotes. If your puffle needs something, a little notification will pop up in-world to let you know you need to take care of your puffle. And if you go to your igloo and your puffle really needs your attention, a little icon bubble will appear over his/her head to let you know what to do.

What's your favorite thing that's coming out this week?
Stat bars! They really help you understand how different items affect your puffles and what you need to do to keep them happy. They work way better than the original stat bars.

A few people have asked me why penguins are bigger in igloos now. Why are they bigger in igloos?
When we updated the igloo puffle art we noticed that the igloo puffles had really grown in relation to penguins. In fact, they were almost the same size as their penguin owners! It didn't look right, so we decided to make the penguins a little bigger to match the new puffle size. We also think that an igloo is a penguin's home, so it should feel a little cozier than being outside in the world. Having bigger penguins seemed to help this.

What's your favorite puffle hat? ;)
The sombrero hat, it looks pretty funny!

Hope that was helpful! I'm really excited about the new puffle stat bars. Let me know what you're most excited about in the comments below!

Waddle On! :)

-Club Penguin Team

AWESOME! I can't wait for the new stats! :) But what is pufflescape? Waddle on!

Club Penguin FREE Pumpkin Head Code

Club Penguin have given a FREE pumpkin head code for everybody to use on CP!
All you have to do is go to unlock items online and type in PUMPKIN1

Club Penguin Pumpkin Head Item Free Code

Remember, this is available to ALL players!

Thanks to Cloroxlean for telling me about this! :)

I do not blog on Wednesdays

Just to let you know... I don't blog on Wednesdays! :) Its the day I have a blog break! Bye for now!
See you on Thursday!

Echo006's Puffle Hat Igloo

Recently, CP gave our puffles, Puffle hats! So, I have decided to decarate my igloo with puffles! :)
They have bean bags to sit on and posters on the wall. Ballons, toys, food and gold!

How lucky my puffles are! Whats your igloo like?

Unlock Items Online New Design

Many of you have noticed that if you click the NEW unlock items button you will come to a NEW unlock items page. It is all in this awesome treasure chest!

Then you will be logged in and the chest will open! You can now choose if you have a book or a code.

You might have the new code for a pumpkin head!

I wonder whats inside...

And the awesome new logo. With a padlock, instead of a coin.

Do you like the new design? :)

Old Spiked Fur?

Do you remember the old spiked fur. In the night club, the green puffle hasn't been updated!

He still has the cute spiked fur! I wish Club Penguin would let our puffles have spiked fur AND the updated fur. 

Waddle on! :)

The Mystery Part 1 - My Stories And Adventures

It was a dark stormy night in Club Penguin. I was waddling through the caves then I stopped. I looked at the Puffle Rescue desk. Nobody was there. I found the newspaper. I read it.
I was wearing my faviourite Halloween costume. Suddenly, the lights flashed off. Something was wrong...
I waddled through the cave to see a shovel. What was it for?
As still as a stone, I quickly slipped away. It seemed much brighter in the next room because there was so much gold gleaming in my eyes! I saw a ladder and rushed to climb to it. I could smell pizza...
I rushed to the Pizza Parlor. To my surprise, I found it locked. Hmm, I thought. I turned around and waddled on to the town. It was dark now. Everybody was asleep. I opened the coffee shop door...
It was open! I quickly waddled up the stairs. I removed a book from the shelf. A large door opened.
 I waddled through it and scanned the computer.

I asked a simple question...

The voice replied no. The lights went out.

This was a mystery. A strange mystery indeed. I needed to find out who was messing around.
I tried to get out of the lair. It was locked. Pitch Black.

I closed my eyes.

I could feel the boiler.

To Be Continued...

Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Handbook

Many of you know that there is now a Card-Jitsu Handbook! You can unlock coins from it too! All you need to do is buy it from a store and enter your code!
Club Penguin Book Codes: The Card Jitsu Hand Book Codes

Have you got the book yet? :)

EXCLUSIVE Pumpkin Head

Many of you might of seen some penguins wearing a pumpkin head. They will be coming out this Halloween, yet some penguins already have them! How is that possible?
Have you seen this item? Is it a glitch? What do you think? This year it is GLOWING! But wouldn't it burn your penguin's head? Hmm... not good thinking cp.

This is a picture of LAST years pumpkin.

Waddle on! :)

UPDATE Some penguins have used a code to unlock it!. It may be available to all players soon...

Still more puffle hats to come...

There are more puffle hats coming to Club Penguin. If you are in the Beta Team, a few months ago they showed us lots of puffle hats. Only a few are available to buy so far. :)

Treasure Book Items

There are lots of treasure book items! Like the elephant... And exclusive Items!
And the car...

There are tons of items to collect from the treasure book! Have you got any yet? :)