There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Club Penguin Puffle Party Login Screens

Because of VERY slow loading, I have not been able to login to Club Penguin! Finally, after days of trying I STILL CANNOT LOGIN! Therefore I cannot blog about the Puffle Catalog or Newspaper! I can view the login screens, so check out this awesome one with the brown and black puffle talking. Umm, weirdz! I know right! You can see puffles playing in the background at the Spa :D

Club Puffle VIDEO

Penguin Poll - Remix

Club Penguin are going to remix a song, you can vote on which one they will remix! I'd love to hear Flipper Jig remixed as I haven't heard it in ages!

Puffle Party Banner Update

The Puffle Party Preperations are taking place, so Club Penguin has updated the banners once again. Check out how the smaller one looks animated :D
Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!
...And the bigger one looks just as good! I love how the two puffles blink every few seconds and smile. We're Puffles? PUFFLE PARTY :D
...I can't wait to transform, this will be so fun! What colour will YOU be?

Featured Fashions - March 8

As well as Featured Igloos, Happy77 has also posted some epic fashions....


Arr, these be sweet fashion nominations ye made! Here be some of me favorites:

Starwarsru said: "Hello, I have a quite adventurous penguin in my buddy list! It's Boba 126. He loves to use his background and pins to show off his new style! If you're looking for a stylish, adventurous penguin, Boba 126 is one! :)" 

Boba 126_2.jpg

Featured Igloos - March 8

This is a message from Happy77 about Featured Igloos YOU have chosen!


Thanks for the igloo nominations last time! Here are some of my favorite pirate-themed ones for the week: 

Sillyboy102 said: "Hi, I really LOVE my friend Katie4666's igloo! She always changes her igloo. For example, her igloo can be anything from a secret island, a fashion show, a dance place, or even just a home sweet home! I love her igloo because you never know what she will do next!"


VIDEO: Disney Magazine In Australia

Check out this Video from Club Penguin's Youtube Channel. Kristina talks about the Disney Magazine in Australia! It looks awesome and comes with a few free gifts. Click the video below to watch it...
...Looks good, I'd love to be in Australia! The UK Club Penguin Magazine Issue 2 has just launched and you can buy it in stores now! It might take your mind of all the bugs that are going on.

Bugs and Loading

Currently, I cannot blog about anything on Club Penguin as I am stuck with that forever animated loading BUG! That is why I haven't got round to posting the Club Penguin Times, and other various things. Remember when Billybob told us in a blog post about faster loading, well he lied! Loading takes about a whole hour and I am not preperared to wait that amount of time! Sigh, I will refresh the page and try again! Sorry for any inconvience this has caused anyone, but I shouldn't be saying sorry, Club BUG should! I am PAYING to access a virtual world which will not even load. Funny, eh? And sorry for all the short posts without pictures, it is mainly because of BUGS and slow loading! So in the meantime, I've updated the Blog Theme with a whole new edition to dark colours!

Club Puffle Homepage

From now, Club Penguin is no longer as it has finally been transformed to Club Puffle! Check out the homepage, with millions of puffles messing around! Transform and Party :D
I wonder what colour puffle I will be. Time will tell...

Some More Unreleased Items EXCLUSIVE

Check out these awesome Puffle Hats that could be released as free items for the party. Who knows?

Mini Polka Dot Puffle Hat
Jingle Jangle Hat
Knight Helmet
Sherwood Hat
Wizard Hat
Princess Braid
Surf Swoop
Sundae Swirl
All Star Curls
Shock of Hair

Club Penguin Youtube Channel Background Update

Check out the new updated Club Penguin Youtube Channel Background! It features tons of puffles playing over at the Puffle Spa. Every time I take a photo of the youtube background it reminds me of my first friend copying the image, Miki5258. That is the penguin who made me watermark all pictures!
...Looks good, right? I just can't wait to explore at the Puffle Party! Only a week of anticapation left...

Puffle Party Preperations

As usual, many strange boxes have arrived on Club Penguin! PH has stored various things for each puffle inside the boxes, here at the Ski Hill we have the White Puffle box. Last year, it was at the Mine and transformed into a skating rink!

Puffle Sneak Peek and Reviewed By You!

This is a message from Happy77:


It's time for a new Reviewed By You! Earlier we asked you what your favorite part of Rockhopper's Quest has been. Check out Skittlez527's comment: 

Hello, Rockhopper's Quest was really fun. My favorite part of it was when all the penguins worked together to make the Migrator sail on the water. We got to throw our snowballs at the targets to work different parts of the ship like the fan or the rockets. We can all accomplish anything with teamwork. Good job penguins!

Thanks, Skittlez527! :) And now... an exclusive Sneak Peek from the Puffle Party! 
Happy77 - puffle.jpg
You've probably heard that the Puffle Party begins on March 15th! With puffles in mind, I'd love to know your favorite puffle color. Let us know in the comments below!

I'll pick one of your comments to feature on the next Reviewed By You post. If your comment is selected, you'll receive a 10,000 coin bonus on your account! These coins could help you buy your puffle a special treat for the party...

Waddle On! :) 

-Club Penguin Team
So we will turn into puffles! AWESOME! But I wonder how, and which colour puffle we will change to. Happy77 looks strange with her cucumber eyes at the Spa.

Field-Op #72

All EPF Agents, report to the Command Room for your orders!

Cheese Pin

Over at the Boiler Room, you can find a Cheese Pin! I've always wanted one of them and now is my chance! I just can't resist the taste...


Yup, the first TOP SECRET links of the year! This time, ye can all access the Migrator and three other islands again, while the Puffle Party is still going! It's simple, just use this link

Think it's a hack to get your penguin's name and password, well think again! See on the Club Penguin Login Screen, if you click on the puffles check out the address bar.

That takes you straight to the Pet Shop! So just change the number 310 to 851 and you will be aboard Rockhopper's Ship! IF you are going to post this stuff on your blog or any other place, you MUST give credit to Echo006 In Club Penguin, otherwise that would be ILLEGAL of copying! As you can see by the time options, I am the first penguin to post about it. I have told Trainman1405 and it is already spreading, enjoy exploring once again!

Club Penguin Furniture Catalog March 2012

Puffle Preperations are being prepared, in a week the whole island will be transformed! This week, decorate your igloo, Puffle Style! Check out this awesome front cover:

Tracking Rockhopper

Finding Rockhopper may not be as easy as it sounds. There are a ton of servers and a five different languages to choose from! Luckily, we have an awesome Tracker powered by the Club Penguin Community (Perapin and his friends)!

Some penguins say that trackers are no good because you just end up at a server with loads of people wanting to meet Rockhopper, that is wrong! They also say that the penguins hack into Club Penguin's files to find out where the mascot is going! Wrong again, the penguins search and when they find him they update the tracker! Simple as that, and when he leaves they update it again.

Here are some of Perapin's awesome tips which he let me share!
Who is Rockhopper?
A friendly pirate who sails the seas on different islands with his red puffle Yarr!
How do I know if he is on Club Penguin?
You can look through the Beacon, read the Club Penguin Times or look at the Beach to see if he is docked there.
How do I find Rockhopper?
Check every server which is 2-5 bars, he should usually be there and always check on the three different islands, his ship, the Beach and the Pizza Parlor

EXCLUSIVE Puffle Party Rooms

Check out these awesome Puffle Party rooms that Trainman1405, Nene and iCPblog found! They aren't very good quality, but its some good exclusives! I can't wait for the Puffle Party to start. The ball pit at the Forest is not as big as it was last year, but has some awesome decorations as well!

The Mysterious Ninja Part 3 - My Stories and Adventures

This story is quite short, but all will be revealed :D I have been quite ill so I haven't had much time to plan it, so it isn't my best but it has a some scary suspense at the end! Make sure you have read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading!
A strange mysterious alien was making funny sounds at the Ice Rink. A mysterious ninja had changed all the colours of Club Penguin around. There was a giant whole being dug up at the Plaza. But all I could think about was food. I needed to tell the EPF about this so I headed to the Command Room...

Missing Map Peice? EXCLUSIVE - My Predictions

From the fantastic work of Saraapril, she has spotted a missing peice of the map! This could of been torn off and just of been sea, or it could of been a secret island! Who knows? Check it out:

A Complete Review

At the moment, some of my blog posts do not include any pictures! I am very sorry for this, as I always love to include pictures, but I have been very ill this weekend and I am starting to get better thanks to this AWESOME review from Woddylan. Check it out:

This blog is an awesome site. It has great graphics. When he takes pictures sometimes he changes the colors to be super bright which is creative. He also has really creative headers, and he is a really nice guy. This blog has some really great widgets. It also has really interesting stories he writes which I really like. This blog is a fun hangout. If you're bored, you can go to this site! Then you won't be bored. If you don't want to play Club Penguin at a time, read one of his stories. I really like this site. Please keep up the good work, Echo006!

Thanks Woddylan! Want your awesome blog reviewed as well, just click this link!

Rockhopper's Quest Tour Guide

Here is a complete guided tour of Rockhopper's Quest. Since you become a crew member at the Beach, thats where the Tour will begin. This is the Beach. As you can see the Migrator is here. Rockhopper is looking for pirates to join his crew. If you enjoy danger, adventure and treasure get on board right away and speak with the captain.

Gleaming Light - A Short Story

Here is a quick short story about a gleaming light...
I waddled to the Lighthouse today, and looked out through the Telescope, as Gary had sent me orders of a suspicious gleaming light that could lead to Herbert's location...

Rockhopper's Quest Safe Chat Messages

The penguins who use Safe Chat, cannot talk to others with freedom of speech, instead they have Safe Chat which gives them a list of phrases, like questions and other various subjects. Club Penguin have updated the Safe Chat Messages for Rockhopper's Quest...
Avast me hearties!
What are me orders, Captain?
Aye aye, Captain!
Arr! Hit those targets to speed things up!
We be needing supplies
Watch out! Dinosaurs!
He's going to chomp me!
Let's build the beacon
What be in this mysterious cave?
ARR! We be Viking pirates now!


Thanks to the work of Trainman1405, I have some EXCLUSIVES of stamps!

System Defender
Energy 9999 – Reach 9999 energy (hard, for members)
Strategic Expert – Destroy 1000 enemies without upgrading (extreme, for members)
Debug Herbert – Complete the level ‘Debug Herbert’ (medium, for everyone)
Unknown – User completes Scenario 7 (hard, for everyone)
Track Herbert – Complete the level ‘Track Herbert’ (extreme, for everyone)
Herbert Attacks – Complete the level ‘Herbert Attacks’ (medium, for everyone)
Aqua Grabber
Bubble Master – Collect 20 pink puffle bubbles (hard, for everyone)
Squid’s Secret – Follow the squid to the secret room (easy, for members)
Treasure Hunt
Jewel Skills – Play 10 games of Treasure Hunt (easy, for everyone)
Party Stamps (currently not given a proper name by Club Penguin)
Party Stamp 11 – Group participation (easy, for everyone)
Party Stamp 13 – Have 5 friends dress like you (hard, for members)

A new secret room in Aqua Grabber? I love these stamps and I cannot wait for them to come out :D