There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Post 1008 ~ Another ULTIMATE Sneak Peek!

Happy77 has another sneak peek from Twitter! This shows the Plaza and how the room will look like :)
The stage will be transformed into Auditions :) Just like what happened at the Marvel Party!

Post 1007 ~ New Puffle Hats

Let's spin some tunes! But first, DJ Echo has got to show you some AWESOME new puffle hats! Very special thanks to Gpumpkin for these fabulous pictures :)
Rainbow Fro:

Post 1006 ~ A Fun Activity

Below is a fun activity for you to enjoy! Make some rock star hair...

Click the image above to print it :)
Rock Star Hair

Post 1005 ~ Ultimate Jam Preparations!

The Ultimate Jam is less than a week away so penguins are busy preparing for the party! Here's a few of the decorated rooms like the Town :)

Post 1004 ~ Field-Op Location

Are you stuck trying to find the Field-Op? Don't worry ~ Gary said that the protobot could be hiding in a computer! Gary said to check all electronics, either high in the sky or low in the ground :) It could be anywhere but a powerful source is the underground lights powered by snowballs...
...Stand where the red circle is to find the field-op :) I wonder where Herbert is...

Post 1003 ~ Dubstep Puffle Pin

Looking for the pin? Look no further, because it is at the Hidden Lake! It is called the Dubstep Puffle Pin and is available on Club Penguin now :) I think the Dubstep Puffle is getting more and more popular everyday. First, he was in a video; then he appears on the island and now he is a pin!

What's a Dubstep?

Post 1002 ~ The Warehouse

What's the point in buying a ton of cool new items when you have nowhere to perform? There are plenty of igloos that make the perfect studio. In fact, there's a brand new igloo!

Post 1001 ~ July 2012 Ultimate Jam Igloo Catalog

You can't have an Ultimate Jam without items for your igloo! Why not grab some from the brand new catalog featuring new items and old items from last year :)

1000th Post ~ WOW!

Wow, I cannot believe it! I've been posting since October 2011 and since then I've made 1000 posts :) This is a brilliant achievement and I am really happy :) I couldn't have made this blog without all of my friends and supporters! I'd like to give a shout out to all the penguins that follow this blog and all of my friends who have helped me. Thanks Penguiin23, Perapin, Woddylan, Saraapril, 1aredrocka1, Crazytiger, and everybody else who has done something for me :) Without you, I couldn't have made the blog how good it is now. WOW! Finally, four digits! And to celebrate, I'm giving one lucky reader a code to unlock something ~ I don't know if it is coins or a treasure book item. Type in the code below before your chance is gone :) Underneath the Code, is three very special puffles of mine! THANK YOU!

999th Post ~ The Dubstep Puffle

Have you seen the Dubstep Puffle recently? He comes to the Dock, Mountain and Ski Village every 10 minutes just like the orange puffle does at the Box Dimension! I caught a few snapshots of him while he was around...

998th Post ~ "The Party Starts Now" Full Version Different Languages

Cadence's hit new song will be available to buy on iTunes next Tuesday! For now, you can watch the full version of the video in three different languages ~ just not english :) I think it sounds quite strange in French, but I can recognise a small amount of what Cadence says...
...Are you looking forward to the party? I can't wait to spin some tunes with the Dubstep Puffle!

997th Post ~ Club Penguin Fan Art

Since the Ultimate Jam Party begins soon, Club Penguin Fans like you have drawn some awesome pictures. Click the thumbnails below to see a bigger version of the picture :)
Club Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan ArtClub Penguin Fan Art
I think it is wrong that Disney are turning Club Penguin into a big advertising machine! Why don't they stop and bring back the old  parties ~ everybody enjoys them much more :)

996th Post ~ Innocent Smoothies

Club Penguin have decided to advertise another company on Club Penguin once again! This has gone too far, first we had the Marvel Super Hero Takeover; now we have Shake It Up and in August we will have to put up with more advertising from the Innocent Smoothies! Club Penguin is no longer fun with these new promotions! Read more to discover some extra information about what will happen in August. Atleast Rockhopper will be there :)

995th Post ~ The Ultimate Sneak Peek

It's time for a little sneak peek of the next party coming to Club Penguin... the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam!

There's a bunch of rooms with all-new decorations, and a few favorites from past Music Jam events. Check out the new Night Club (you might recognize it from the Cadence music video):

Dance Club.pngFor those of you wondering, the Penguin Band will also be making a few rare appearances at the party. We'll keep you posted with some times to give you a better chance to meet them.

So what are you most excited about at the Ultimate Jam? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!