There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

Rockhopper's Flowerplants are growing and dieing...

Rockhoppers Flowerplants aren't looking good!

BUT... The other two are growing a little! :)
I wonder if, one day, Rockhopper will bring MORE flowerplants! :)
Waddle on!

Login or Next?

A few days ago, club penguin updated their login page. But, when they did that, they updated the login button. It now says "next" instead! :)

Waddle on!

Club Penguin Times Issue #311

The latest issue of the Club Penguin Times is out now! :)

Puffle hats are here!

Ghost Catchers Needed!                                 And the return of Aunt Arctic!

Upcoming Events

Thats it for this weeks newspaper! Check back next week! :)

Halloween Music :)

As it is halloween, I found some old club penguin halloween music for you to listein to! :)

Halloween Party
Halloween Party Inside
Halloween Party Lab
Halloween Jam

And remember, they will be here at the Halloween Party this year!

Club Penguin Youtube Design

On clubpenguin's youtube channel, they have updated their design to Halloween! There are two ghosts, a pink one and a yellow one. I wonder if these will be available on club penguin?

Thanks perapin for the picture! :)

Waddle on!

Featured Igloo Nikert14

There is a NEW featured igloo! This week it is Nikert14

Club Penguin Featured Igloo  Nikert14

Congratulations! :)

Club Penguin Fan Art

There are some NEW fan art pictures! :)

Club Penguin Fan Art Pictures

I love all the drawings. Lots of cool puffle hats... Waddle on!

New EPF classes?

Are there going to be any new EPF classes, where we can trade medals for items? The answer is NO!
BUT there will be new items in the same class. If you look closely in the picture above you will see it says "Basic Set". That means that there might be "Advanced Set".

I wonder when the new items will come out? Waddle on!

Spy Phone Message from G!

Check your spy phone! Gary has sent us a new message! Here's what he says:
 Update: new Field-Op training is coming this week. Suspect #1 is still secure. Good work agents.
I guess suspect #1 is herbert! But didn't Kluzty get away? I'm sure he will find a way back! Time will tell...

Text Update

If you login with your club penguin name, you will notice the text is a little bit bolder! :)

Penguins at work October 2011

This month, penguins who would like a job, can be...


Sounds fun? All you have to do is put on the costume and dance!

I can't find any ghouls here... I must try a darker place...

Fence Pin Bug In Stampbook :)

There is yet again ANOTHER bug in the stampbook. The fence pin has the date of the October 3rd 2011. But it came out today which is October 4th 2011. There are LOTS of pin bugs in the stampbook. I think most of them are wrong anyway. So there is no point looking at the dates! :)

Penguins can grow!!!

I noticed, in your igloo, you are MUCH bigger. Thanks to my friend who told me about this. I think a brown puffle made a potion. Could this be true? LOL!

Treasure Book in the gift shop!

We now have a new Treasure Book, but this time, its in the Gift Shop! Cool, right?

If you want to see what items you could get one day. Just stop by at the gift shop and check it out! :) Waddle on

Club Penguin TOP SECRET links #2

Are you bored on Club Penguin? Do you want to play a fair game again? Do you want rockhopper's rare items back? Well you can have ALL of that!

To get to the bonus room on Club Penguin use this link:

To get to Rockhopper's ship use this link: ( it works when he isn't here )

Now you can have endless fun! Play treasure hunt with your friends! Play the bonus games! AWESOME! :) Waddle on!

Field Op #50

Gary has given us a new field-op! Some penguins might be able to earn a special stamp...
I searched around the island...

HERE IT IS! :) At the snow forts
Yay! I completed it! Lets see what Rookie has to say...

Thanks Rookie for the info! :)

Penguin Style Catalog October 2011

The penguin style catalog October 2011 is here! It is filled with Halloween costumes and backgrounds! There are even a few secret items...

There are lots of new costumes!

And a unicorn...

And a few old items too...

There are lots of items this month including a horse that we voted for. Can you find them all?
Good luck! And happy halloween costumes! ;) Waddle on!


Puffle Hanger

If you click on your puffle in your igloo there will be a new feature. The puffle hanger. This has all your hats in it for your puffle to wear! :) SWEET!

Fence Pin

There is a new pin on Club Penguin! It is at the beach! It is the fence pin! :) It is a great pin to have on your stampbook! :)

Puffle Hats are HERE!

Puffle Hats are here! :) BUT... If you try to buy one you will end up with a FOREVER loading bug!
UPDATE: Bug fixed :)

There are lots of puffle hats to choose from! I have one of each! :)
Sadly you cannot dance with the hats! I can see why Cp couldn't do this, because it must be too hard!

Anyway, they look really cute! Until next time... WADDLE ON!


The fair has sadly left. As i came out of the puffle circus, I noticed that I couldn't go back in and the fair had gone. Rockhopper has gone too! But... atleast puffle hats will be here...

Fair Music Bug!

While I was watching the Great Puffle Circus once again. I heard the music was wrong! It is from the Mountain Expedition! I waddled away to find that there is NO music in any other rooms! I think the yellow magician puffle might help!  :) Waddle on!

Puffle Hats Login Page :)

Club penguin have updated their login page with THREE new puffle backgrounds! :)

The green puffle with a Jestar Hat

The purple puffle with a Princess Hat

The orange puffle with a Frankenstine Hat

These are great login pages! I can hardly wait for puffle hats to come out! :)

Penguins Around The World

The Club Penguin Team have gave us MORE Penguins Around The World! :)
These are really cool! My faviourite is Cadence with her puffle Lolz. And it looks like Rockhopper is going to Mexico. Good Luck with that, Rockhopper. LOL :) Waddle on!

Club Penguin Fan Art

Club Penguin have updated the Fan Art! There are a few pictures of puffle hats and some of the fair! :)
Thanks Club Penguin team for these new pictures! Waddle on!
Club Penguin Fan Art Pictures

The Fair 2011 TOUR GUIDE

Welcome to the Fair 2011 Tour Guide.  Where should we start? At the cove of course! 

There's LOTS going on at the Cove Watch out for flying popcorn! Earn tickets at them for prizes (Psst, if your aim is can earn a special Stamp!)

 Here we are at the Forest Let's check out the prizes at the booth...then head to the Great Puffle Circus!

  We're outside The Great Puffle Circus Inside, you'll see amazing feets...even though puffles have no feet! The brown puffle performs this year!

 Welcome to The Great Puffle Circus! Prepare to be dazzled by the performers! Bring your puffle and join the fun!

Welcome to the Plaza! Adopt a puffle at the Pet Shop...and take it to the Puffle Circus! Let's grab some pizza at the booth

 Welcome to the Pizza Parlor! Let's enter the pizza eating contest! Hope you're hungry

  These are the Snow Forts Wait, make that candy castles! You can enter the Bonus Games Room here...  

This is the Bonus Games Room! We can earn more tickets to trade for prizes! Let's try a round of Puffle Soaker...or test our skills in Balloon Pop 
 Here we are at the Dock Show your strength at Ring the Bell...or test your memory at Puffle Shuffle!

Here we are at the Stadium Or should I say bumper cars arena?! Put on your bumper car costume...and try out the track
Welcome to the Town Center Make your own magic show! Or cheer for your favorite performers! Watch me make this cream soda disappear!
 Welcome to the Night Club If you like to disco...this is the place to be We can play Dance Contest...or head upstairs to the Lounge

 Step right up to the Coffee's looking fabulous for The Fair Let's cool down with a snow cone!

  And now we're at the Beach Have you seen The Migrator? We should climb play Treasure Hunt!

 This is the Beacon It's brighter than usual for The Fair! Test your skills on Jet Pack Adventure

This is the Iceberg... woah! Looks like the 'berg turned into a ball pit! Zoom down the slide...or jump right on in Don't lose your puffle!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Until next time... Waddle on! :)