There's a message in the snow from the past! Looks like Gary will be taking us back in time to the prehistoric era. Check out those fashions in the Clothes shop, and get excited because on January 22nd, backyards are coming to Club Penguin!To read the first few parts of "Secrets Of The Wilderness" click here!

The Penguin Of The Day

Hiya! Daffodaily5 here with your POTD!
Honeypup34 has been nominated for hosting ace igloo parties! I took a peek at her igloo and it looks like an EPF training camp. Epic isn’t it? Love the outfit too! Total fashionista ;)

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-Club Penguin Team

The Club Penguin Times ~ 400th Issue Special

I remember back when the Club Penguin Times celebrated 150 issues. Now, they're celebrating 400. I would've thought that they could've changed the style and layout of the newspaper, howevever they didn't. Even so, it's a great issue with some awesome articles to read! Which team will you join? Rawr and head over to Club Penguin to read the full article ;)
 Here's a nice poem from Aunt Arctic to celebrate 400 issues!
 And here are the upcoming events!
Sadly, I had to cut short our newspaper articles because I was auto-disconnected for being idle for not moving in 10 minutes as I was taking pictures and reading the news :)

The EPF's New Look

Back in November 2012, Herbert blew up the EPF base. It has taken many many many months of repairing to fix up the EPF and it still isn't done. But, we have managed to fix up and decorate the outside of the Everyday Phoning Facility, even though the inside still needs a lot of work. Can you notice the new main difference?
Yes, that's right. The EPF now has two floors, as well as the underground command room. Does this mean that we will be able to go upsatirs? Or is this just the Director's new EPF office? It will remain a mystery for now, but the Sports Shop had two floors before, so it makes sense for this building to have two floors as well!

Puffle Digging Is Here!

Puffles can now dig coins! Read this post for more information on "Puffle Digging"
A few weeks ago, it seemed that nobody was walking their puffles. Why? Because there was no point. It wasn't fun, and it was just an extra thing to carry around with you. However, Club Penguin thought about this and eventually decided to give us rewards for walking our puffles! But it's not as easy as walking your puffle and getting 1,000 coins - it's much harder!
To do this, you've gotta be patient. Just waddle around all the rooms and eventually your puffle will dig up some coins at some point! There's also 5 activity stamps for this, so make sure you earn them all :)

The Final Stages

As the Monsters University party draws closer and closer, I am preparing for new stories, pages and guides! Once this month is over, you should expect to see all these things appearing as pages on the sidebar and more! I'm going to start the next mini-game tips. I've only done 1 so far, and that has been pizzatron 3000! I'm looking forward to making these guides and I hope you learn something from them! Next up: Puffle Rescue! With tips for using it with the iPad.

Aunt Arctic Will Be Waddling Around On Thursday!

Great news! Thanks to Riffy8888, we've got some interesting news! Aunt Arctic is going to be waddling around on Thursday to celebrate 400 issues of the Club Penguin Times! This is a special event so be sure to watch out for her, as she is an extreme stamp to get!

Thanks Kingboo8884
I hope you get to meet AA :) I've already met her loads of times, but it would be nice if you could meet her too!

Star Wars Party This Summer!

Thanks to DavidP81 and Perapin and Chase F for this awesome information :) Club Penguin is going to be hosting a Star Wars party this summer! As I am on holiday around the summer, I may not be able to post everything about this party, but I hope I'll get to see the party atleast for a day or two! Here's the information...

Wow! That means that there will be a Star Wars Party! Thanks Chase F for this information :)

Puffle Digging

Next month, a brand new feature is coming to Club Penguin - Puffle Digging! Polo Field has some more information, with a short video clip!

Hello Penguins!

The team and I wanted to give you a little sneak peek of a brand new update coming to Club Penguin this week! Last week I gave you a sneak peek of some new Stamps coming to the island.

Here's a hint on how you'll earn them!

Check out the Club Penguin Blog to see the video :)

Now puffles will be able to dig up coins around the island! The team is also working on a huge update for next month where members with puffles will be able to dig up some RARE ITEMS! I don't want to say too much just yet, but I will say that there's a classic pair of glasses up for grabs that only your puffles will be able to find...

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! :)

Until next time... Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

It sure does look awesome! Forget about the MU party, I want my puffle to dig! This feature looks awesome - especially as we can earn RARE items and stamps :DCheck out the blog to view the video!

A few blog updates!

Here are some more blog updates!

Talia2020 has been a brill pal to go shopping with and helps her buddies design their igloos! Well, I checked out this fashionista’s igloo and hers is pretty sweet. Waterfall in a penthouse? Ace!

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-Club Penguin Team

The team and I are always proud of our players, especially when they like to help others. Agenco did a 3km walk to raise money for kids in his local area, which is so inspiring! Great work! (smile)

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-Club Penguin Team

I can't wait for the Scare Games!

I'm ready. Ready to scare. I just can't wait - this party looks so good :D But it doesn't come out THIS thursday, it comes out on the next Thursday :( Why? Anyway, keep practicing those scaring skills! Remember - you'll be a monster when you scare!

More Monsters University Sneak Peeks - The School Will Stay

Guess what I've discovered? Since I got a new email that works, I sent an email to the fan mail of Club Penguin asking about sneak peeks of Monsters University! Mia was happy to tell me three and here they are...
Great news! The school will be staying around after the party like the Puffle Hotel! Now we can teach young penguins the secrets of our island! Thanks Mia for taking your time to reply to me :D I can't wait for this school, and these costumes!

Monsters University Sneak Peeks and POTD!

Here's a few blog posts from Spike Hike, Polo and Daffo about sneak peeks and the POTD!

BOLD = Polo Field
Italics = Spike Hike
Underline = Daffodaily

I hope you're all as excited as I am for the upcoming scare games! Here's an update from the Club Penguin Times on what you can do to prepare your scare tactics.
To earn scare points, you'll play a sneaky scaring mini game. And you'll want to use your loudest, scariest scare! Just be careful not to get scared in the process.
There will be items for everyone. And members will get to use their scare points to purchase even more monster wear!
As rival teams scare each other for the win, new costumes will be unlocked!

Hey guys,
The party's getting close! Hope you've all got your scare strategies ready!
I'm joining the JOX! Who's with me?!
Here is a sneak peek of our team's house.  Let me know what you think!

Until next time...Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team

Check out Midnight Emo’s igloo! I love the cosy area by the fire, makes me want a hot chocolate! Brill player card too, balloons AND pink bunny slippers? That’s all kinds of awesome.

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- Club Penguin Team